How To Disable WebRTC on Your Browsers

WebRTC is a browser flaw that could not be avoided with the alteration in your networking system or to your VPN. Therefore, you need to deal with the browsers setting in order to disable WebRTC feature. Unfortunately, none of the browsers except Firefox provides setting tweaks option so, check out the ways to turn off WebRTC in various browsers and the manual method of Firefox.

For enabled WebRTC, you must change your browser’s settings to disable it. there are different methods for WebRTC settings for different Browsers.

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Disable webRTC On Your Devices

How To Disable WebRTC on Firefox

In your Firefox browser, you could disable WebRTC via manual settings or by installing an add-on. However, it is the only browser which provides you the WebRTC disabling by setting changes.

  • To disable WebRTC on Firefox, head to the Mozilla Firefox browser. Here, enter the text “about:config” into the browser’s URL text box.
  • After this, you will be given a warning message and you must click on the option 'I accept the risk'.
  • Just below the URL box, you have a text box for search where you should type “media.peerconnection.enabled” and hit enter.
  • Now double click the preference and change the preference value to “False”.

Finally, your WebRTC is disabled from the Firefox browser.

However, most people find the plug-in method easier as compared to the manual setting changes.

Through Installing Plug-in

  • On your Firefox browser, go to the menu which is at the top right shown with three vertical lines.
  • Now, click the option of “Add-on”.
  • At the left side of your screen, press “Search”.
  • After this, enter the name of the add-on “WebRTC control” and click Install.
  • Finally, activate the plug-in from the toolbar of the browser. Remember that the plug-in icon should display a blue color to block the WebRTC.

How To Disable WebRTC on Opera

To disable WebRTC on Opera browser, you must install a right plug-in.

  • Go to the menu button at the top left and open the extension gallery.
  • Now, enter the plug-in name “WebRTC Control” into the search bar.
  • Press the displayed extension and click “Add to Opera”.
  • Finally, turn on the plug-in and it will show you a blue color than ensures to prevent WebRTC leak.

How To Disable WebRTC on Chrome

On Desktop

If you are using the Chrome browser on your desktop you could not disable it from the browser’s setting. Due to the absence of built-in settings, WebRTC on Chrome could be disabled through downloading an extension.

  • Go to the extension section of the menu.
  • Now scroll down and press “Get more extensions”.
  • Into the search bar at the left side of the page, type “WebRTC Leak Prevent”.
  • You must select a right extension to prevent WebRTC leak and for this WebRTC Leak Prevent could be an efficient one to go with.
  • After this, click “Add to Extension”.
  • Press “Add extension”.
  • You must activate the plug-in into the browser which should display blue color to ensure WebRTC leak prevention.


On your smartphone, you could easily disable WebRTC by typing a URL chrome://flags/#disable-webrtc on your Chrome app. Now disable the option of “WebRTC STUN origin header” from the displayed list. However, an option of WebRTC Hardware Video Encoding/Decoding could also be disabled for an additional safety precaution.

How To Disable WebRTC in Yandex Browser

Similar to another browser, Yandex also doesn’t provide the browser’s manual setting changes for WebRTC leak prevention. Therefore, to disable the WebRTC in Yandex browser, you should install an extension.

  • From the menu of the browser, go into the Extensions section.
  • Scroll down and press the option of “Yandex Browser extension catalog” at the bottom.
  • Now, enter the extension name “WebRTC control” in the search box of the page.
  • Click the displayed plug-in and press “Add to Yandex Browser”.
  • Finally, press the displayed option of “Add extension” and activate the add-on in the browser. The plug-in icon should turn blue to ensure WebRTC leak prevention.

How To Disable WebRTC in SRWare Iron

The SRWare browser is Chrome-based browser and therefore, the WebRTC could be disabled into it through following the same method as of Google Chrome. Look the instructions for Chrome browser.

How To Disable WebRTC in Safari

Fortunately, the users of Safari are secured from WebRTC leak as the browser doesn’t support WebRTC technology and it is disabled into it by default.

How To Disable WebRTC in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

Fortunately, the users of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are secured from WebRTC leak as the browser doesn’t support WebRTC technology and it is disabled into it by default.


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