About VPNInsights

Been around since 2015 VPNinsights is a comprehensive solution to all your online privacy and security troubles. It is an independent platform built by a team of privacy advocates and cybersecurity journalists who aim to spread online privacy and security awareness. This also includes uncovering the truth about various online security tools, especially VPNs. We aim to provide much-needed insights regarding the prevalent online privacy and security issues plaguing our online presence.

Our Mission 

The mission behind VPNinsights is to provide our readers with a reliable platform dedicated to research and spreading awareness regarding online privacy, cybersecurity, and VPNs. To achieve that, our experts and researchers spend hours digging through papers, and researchers and testing various VPNs and online security issues to bring you raw truth. 

Our Values

Being passionate about online privacy and security, we built VPNinsights on honesty and transparency. Your trust is paramount to us, so we stand clear and transparent on our review process and whatever claims we make within our content. 

Every VPN we review goes through a rigorous process based on a series of tests and in-depth research across several platforms and forums. You can also read out the review process and gain confidence that our reviews are honest, open, and up-to-date. 

Apart from the review process, we are also honest and open about how we run our website, earn money, and manage to keep our site a free source for our users. We don’t accept money for posting pensive reviews or rating our best VPN services. Our loyalty is only to our readers’ privacy and security; we always keep them first and foremost. 

Ethics Statement and Editorial Policies

At VPNinsights, we aim to provide the truth and only the truth. To fulfill this aim, we ensure that our content is of the highest quality beyond industry standards, along with laying significance on making editorial independance a priority.

Since at VPNinsights, we cover a wide array of topics; we ensure our writers work under clear ethical guidelines to produce quality content that our readers can rely on. Along with that, we also ensure that our writing and advertising teams remain at a considerable distance so that all the content available onsite remains objective and free of commercial influence. Our editorial policies consist of the following:

  • No paid endorsements 
  • We do not do paid content. 
  • We do not accept any form of conditions for covering news stories; all news stories are neutral and unbiased. We don’t cover stories under demands laid by the provider. 
  • We are not investors in the firms we cover on the site. 
  • During areas of conflict among our writers, we deal with the matter with neutrality and objectivity.
  • When any of our writers represent or attend industry events, we manage all the expenses, including hotels, food, and transportation. 

We have designed these guidelines to maintain our content’s reliability and our readers’ trust. 


Ads are intrusive, annoying, and a violation of users’ privacy which is why at VPNinsights, we frown strictly on displaying advertisements. We only have specialized affiliate advertising groups that deal with affiliates on the website. 

Since we share your annoyance with intrusive advertisements, if we ever have to accept advertisements from a brand, advertiser, or company, the content will be labeled as “advertiser content”. It will not be representative of our site’s views. 

Our Investors 

VPNinsights is an independent platform, and unlike other blogs that several investors usally fund, we are funded by a sole privacy enthusiast and affiliate commissions that the site earns. 

In the event we decide to bring any investor on board, these circumstances will not influence our editorial team. We value editorial independence, and our editorial team will remain neutral and independent. The investors won’t be able to influence our creative process unless there is a prior contract with the investor regarding the partnership for content creation. Under such an event, we will disclose such partnerships to our audience.