Why Is Netflix So Slow? Let’s Load Quickly And Stream Faster


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ISP mostly involved and throttled the Netflix and cause it forever to load. you can avoid being throttled and watch with good quality and speed.

Speed Up Netflix Loading & Avoid Throttling

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Because of Net Neutrality, the ISPs now have more rights and power than ever before. They can track and log your data but, most importantly, throttle your connection. Yes! You heard it right. Your ISPs are behind, making your web browsing experience worse.

Some popular ISPs, including Verizon, Comcast, Century Link, and AT&T, perform bandwidth throttling. These companies are throttling the entire connection and throttle your speed when you access certain websites. The most popular ones are streaming sites like Netflix. A study revealed that ISPs do throttle selective streaming websites, and Netflix is one of them. Despite having 195.15 million paid subscribers, Netflix users experience throttling.

Whenever you stream your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix so, either you face slow speed, connection lags, or there’s buffering in the content. All these things spoil your Netflix experience. There are instances when your internet speed is fast, but Netflix is buffering so, it’s merely Netflix throttling. Your ISP’s are throttling your connection when you stream on Netflix to maintain a stable internet connection. 

Netflix has also made it clear on their Help page that while streaming, you can experience buffering. You should always check your connection speed, restart the device, check if your network supports streaming to resolve the issue. However, there’s another quick way to prevent Netflix buffering and slow speed, and that’s using a reliable VPN.  

Here in this article, I’m going to share how to avoid Netflix buffering with a VPN. Also, I’m going to share some other quick ways that can speed up the Netflix connection. But before we get into this, let’s first discuss why you experience slow Netflix speed.

Why Netflix Load Slow?

Several reasons cause Netflix to buffer or lag. Let’s overview the most prominent ones.

ISP Network Congestion

Suppose it’s time for your favorite show on Netflix. You and your neighbors are all accessing the streaming site at the same time. During the entire course, you’ll compete with your neighbors to get the same bandwidth, but it can’t happen and results in network congestion. 

If the situation continues, your ISP doesn’t have any option left other than throttling your speed. They do so to decongest the network, but it significantly impacts your browsing experience. When ISP wants to make less traffic, so you experience slow Netflix speed. Either your video stops playing, it takes a long time to load, or it plays with buffering. All this spoils your Netflix streaming, and you can’t think of a better option other than getting angry at your ISP.

It is quite evident that you can’t control what your neighbors do while being online. But to ensure a buffer-free Netflix experience, you can keep in mind a few tricks. For instance, try to watch your favorite shows and movies during the off-peak hours when there isn’t much load on the network. Also, in extreme cases, look for some other provider with fewer subscribers as then you won’t face any speed issue while streaming on Netflix.

Exceeding Data Caps

Internet providers like CenturyLink and Comcast slow down your overall internet speed once you hit the monthly data cap. Now imagine you are streaming on Netflix, but the video you want to watch takes a long time to load. You try to reload it multiple times but face the same issue. 

When you check the internet speed, it’s okay, but there’s a lag while accessing the streaming content. From here, it is clear that you experience slow speed while streaming Netflix despite having a fast internet speed.

ISPs impose data caps when the allotted data amount reaches its limit, and for extra data, the users need to pay an amount. It is also a rule that when the user exceeds the data caps, they’re charged with a higher rate. But, instead of charging the users, the ISPs start throttling their speed. 

Most ISPs does so; the users can switch to an expensive subscription plan. It is one of the cheapest stunts any service provider can adopt to trouble their users. 

Netflix Throttling 

Well! To a great extent, we can say that Netflix throttles your connection. To prove our point, there’s a study reference that discloses shocking revelations about Netflix throttling. Also, during the lockdown period, there was news circulating about Netflix’s service being unreliable.

Back in March, Netflix users experienced a brief outage that lasts about an hour. It affected the users in Europe and the US. Netflix decided to minimize the streaming quality in entire Europe to prevent the internet’s excessive use during the lockdown period. 

The service continues to throttle Netflix users’ speed in Europe but doesn’t take any action in the US. It is clear from here that the slow speed or buffering you experience while streaming can sometimes result from Netflix throttling its users. 

However, you can always adopt some measures to prevent such issues. And the most effective one is to use a VPN.

Speed Up Netflix Loading

A VPN is the most effective solution when it comes to preventing throttling and maintaining fast speed. It comes with obfuscated protocols that circumvent all sorts of bans and restrictions without your ISP knowing about it. The privacy tool uses encryption to encrypt the user data and hide it from the ISP’s eyes. However, your ISP knows that you’re connected on a VPN, but they can’t recognize your activities.

All you need is a trustworthy VPN to increase your Netflix speeds. You should always keep in mind a few things while choosing the best VPN for streaming Netflix. These things include:

  • Fast speeds
  • Kill switch
  • No-log policy
  • Server size
  • Unlimited bandwidth

5 Ways to Fix Netflix Buffering Despite Having Fast Internet Speed

Slow speeds and buffering are hell annoying. They waste your time and spoil your streaming experience. Sometimes it happens that using a VPN doesn’t even work to make Netflix speeds more suitable. 

The following are some steps you should take to fix Netflix’s slow speed and buffering.

Switch Off Hardware Acceleration

At times outdated hardware is one fundamental reason for buffering and slow loading speed when you’re streaming on Netflix. If your hardware is the main trouble, then turn off the hardware acceleration by configuring the Adobe Flash Player setting. Disable the option which says ‘Enable the hardware acceleration’’. 

Upon turning it off, you can enjoy a buffer-free Netflix video with fast speeds.

Update Your Software

Updating your software is another way by which you can fix the Netflix slow speed issue. It is one of the cheapest and easiest methods that doesn’t require any extra charges. When you update hardware, it takes both money and time, but you can update the software within a few minutes. Make sure you’re doing it at regular intervals.

Besides updating software, also update your graphic card and web browsers. Updating them cleans up any malicious content or caches that interrupts the connection. Also, it fixes security flaws and ensures a safe streaming experience. 

Decrease Video Quality

Undoubtedly streaming on Netflix consumes a lot of the regular bandwidth. Most of the time, you set your video at a high quality, which is one reason for slow Netflix speeds. You should always set your video quality as this trick does great wonders for the users.

Close Unused Apps in the Background

When you’re streaming so, it’s always a great idea to close all the applications you are not using. It is essential to do because open apps consume a lot of your bandwidth, and you don’t know much about it. By doing so, you can watch an increase in your streaming speeds. 

To focus the internet bandwidth on your streaming service, it’s necessary to close all the apps in the background.

Change Your Router Device

Your device’s quality is vital when you are using the internet—using an outdated router results in a poor internet connection. Also, you experience low WiFi signals that aren’t enough to load Netflix and affect your video streaming quality.

The weak the WiFi signals will be, the lower will be your streaming experience. Thus, it’s essential to change your router device from time to time. You should change the device every six months. You can also go with the wired connection on your desktops as these are ideal for video streaming.

Ending Note

To sum up, ISP throttling is still effective. Almost all popular names are behind this act. Great services like Netflix also throttle their users’ connections. As a result, users experience slow speed and buffering throughout their streaming experience. 

By using a VPN, one can always address the throttling issue. If you’re facing significant troubles while streaming on Netflix, you should opt to use a reliable VPN. However, sometimes other external factors slow down your Netflix speed. Hopefully, all the points mentioned above are clear to you, and you have learned how to fix Netflix buffering issues.