Perfect-Privacy VPN Review: Reliable, but Is It Worth the Money?

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The experience with this VPN is relatively good. It uses robust and secure encryption protocols and follows a strict no-log policy. Moreover, it protects against VPN leaks and enhances online security. It has impressive privacy features like TrackStop, and neurorouting still lacks several other advanced privacy-focused features.



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The increasing rate of cybercrimes and the need to protect personal data has encouraged people to use VPNs. Every other VPN service claims to be secure. And with all of them marketing themselves to be the best, finding the perfect VPN has become a struggle. The primary purpose of a VPN is to protect confidential data and bypass censorship. 

Today we will review Perfect Privacy VPN to find out if the VPN is worth it. It is a well-known service and has been providing security for many years. It is a Switzerland-based privacy-focused service that offers advanced security. The VPN is known for its unique features like NeuroRouting, and MultiHop. 

However, there are some serious drawbacks to the VPN. In this review, we will go over the security features, streaming, and torrenting capabilities. Moreover, we will check out if the VPN puts up a challenge with other rival VPN services. Keep reading to find out!

Who owns Perfect-Privacy VPN?

There is very limited data about the parent company of Perfect-Privacy VPN. The VPN was founded in 2014 under Vectura Data Management Limited, which is based in Switzerland. Other than the mentioned details, there is no such detailed information about the owners of Perfect-Privacy, even on the VPN’s site. 

Is It Secure? Speeds and Privacy Policies.  

While searching for a VPN, the essential requirement is high encryption and security. However, not every VPN is built the same; some offer better privacy and features, while others simply don’t. Perfect Privacy VPN is a Swiss-based service with strong security features and reliable speeds. 

Besides, the unique features of the VPN are not good at unlocking geo-restrictions, and with distant servers, the speed decreases. This review will revolve around the features of Perfect-Privacy VPN and what the service offers. 

  • Online privacy: it has AES-256-GCM encryption for a fast encryption rate and maximum security. 
  • Safe jurisdiction: Switzerland is a privacy-friendly country with no data-saving laws. 
  • No-log policy: the VPN follows a no-log policy and keeps no tabs on users’ activity. 
  • Streaming: it does not support streaming and fails to unblock streaming sites. 
  • Torrenting and P2P: you can perform P2P sharing and torrenting with the VPN. 
  • Gaming: it is a reliable choice for gaming but not the best as the speeds are not the fastest. 

This review aims to provide a better insight into Perfect Privacy VPN. We used the VPN for ourselves and passed it through various tests. To further authenticate our research, we researched online forums about customers’ experiences, and then with the results of our own experiences, we formatted this review. Read further to know more!

Security Features of Private Privacy VPN. 

A VPN is supposed to offer security, and  Perfect-Privacy VPN is privacy focused service and provides various privacy features. For robust security along with advanced encryption, extra features are required. It offers new and unique features described in the table below. 

  • Multi-Hop VPN: The data is cascaded through multiple servers for better protection.
  • Kill Switch: It prevents IP leaks during connection drops. 
  • NeuroRouting: The data is routed through the shortest server route and then again through a new server for maximum security. 
  • Perfect forward secrecy: This encryption style increases privacy to protect data. 
  • RAM-only servers: The data is not stored on the VPN’s hard drive, maintaining users’ privacy. 
  • TrackStop: It blocks ads, trackers, and malware. Phishing attacks, fake news, inappropriate content, etc. 
  • Stealth VPN: It has obfuscation tools that make VPN traffic look like regular traffic. 

Log policy- does it keep logs?

One of the major concerns while choosing a VPN is the logging policy. Most VPNs claim to be secure, but they log users’ data which is a big red flag. Perfect Privacy VPN is a popular VPN service, and we tested its no-log policy claims. 

Perfect Privacy VPN has a no-log policy and saves no data on its servers. The RAM-only servers play an essential part in this. They do not store data on the servers, thus maintaining users’ privacy. Users’ IP addresses or website traffic is not logged by the VPN. 

However, email addresses and account information like expiry are saved for privacy. Even though the policy is not audited yet, the VPN kept its promise of keeping no user data logs. In 2016, the Dutch authorities seized their servers. The VPN confirmed that no data had been compromised in its blog. So, in a way, the VPN did pass a no-log policy test!

Jurisdiction: Swiss-Based VPN. 

A VPN’s jurisdiction plays a vital role in its privacy. Users’ privacy can be at risk if a VPN is located in a country with data retention laws. The Five, nine, and fourteen eyes Intelligence have made alliances with numerous countries, and a VPN based in any of these regions is definitely not the most secure. 

Perfect Privacy VPN is located in Switzerland, not part of international surveillance alliances. Moreover, it has a no-log policy which further amplifies the security. 

Past Records.

Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company owns Perfect-Privacy VPN. One of the servers in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was seized by the Dutch Government in 2016.

Fortunately, as the company follows a no-log policy, no data was compromised. 

Since we are not logging any data, there is currently no reason to believe that any user data was compromised.

The VPN company ensured users of their security through the above statement. 

Advanced Encryption. 

A VPN encrypts your data by changing it into unrecognizable codes. The most advanced encryption is AES-256, known to be the safest. If a VPN uses outdated encryption ciphers, it can easily be cracked. 

Perfect Privacy VPN also uses the same AES-256-bit and IPSEC encryption methods. The VPN has no dedicated IPs, which all users of Perfect-Privacy VPN share. The DNS servers are anonymous; you may connect to the same IP twice in a row, but it’s nothing to worry about. 

Tunneling Protocols.

Protocols decide how the data will travel through a network. All the tunneling ways are different; some are faster than others, while others are more secure. Perfect-Privacy VPN offers these tunneling protocols; 

  • OpenVPN: it is one of the most secure open-source VPN protocols. It can easily bypass firewalls and offers reliable speed. 
  • SSH2 Tunnel: it is fast and secure, definitely more advanced than SSH. 
  • Squid Proxies: they reduce bandwidth and provide fast speed. 
  • SOCK25 Proxies: it is not the most secure protocol, but very fast. It helps in torrenting. 
  • PPTP: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is not the best choice as better options are available. It is fast but not very secure. 

That is all for tunneling protocols. Choose protocols according to your needs; we recommend using OpenVPN as it is the most secure and reliable. 

Streaming compatibility of Private Privacy VPN. 

Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy VPN does not support streaming. It cannot unblock any streaming site, which is quite disappointing. All Perfect-Privacy VPN servers are blocked by streaming sites, including Netflix. So, if you want a VPN for streaming, we recommend opting for an industry-level VPN service with obfuscating servers. 

Torrenting with Perfect Privacy VPN.

Torrenting is restricted in many countries, and torrenting without a VPN is unsafe. Many VPNs have dedicated servers for this, but it is challenging to select the right one. We tested Perfect-Privacy VPN for torrenting but didn’t have much hope after a failed streaming attempt. 

However, Torrenting with Perfect-Privacy VPN is possible. We tried using dedicated P2P servers, and they worked well. The speed was not the absolute best, but it was still good. The kill switch prevented IP leaks. Here is what the VPN offers for torrenting;

  • P2P optimized servers: It offers servers that support P2P file sharing.

Here is how to set up Perfect Privacy VPN for torrenting;

  1. Launch the Perfect Privacy VPN and choose your subscription plan. 
  2. Enable the kill switch from the settings. 
  3. You can choose the UDP or the TCP protocol. 
  4. Connect to a P2P-optimized server. 
  5. Start torrenting. 

Remember that the VPN is not the best choice for torrenting; you won’t get much faster speed with limited servers. 

Gaming: Ping time and Speed overview. 

Gaming on Perfect Privacy VPN is not the most preferable. The VPN lowered the ping time, but with Windows, the ping time increased. So, if you are using Mac, then a perfect Privacy VPN might be a good choice regarding speed. Otherwise, the speeds are below average. The kill switch is a great feature and protects IP while gaming online. Moreover, we used the neurorouting feature, and it increased the speed. 

Gaming features of Perfect Privacy VPN;

  • Kill Switch: it prevents IP leaks during connection drops. 
  • Neurorouting: The data is routed through the shortest server route and then again through a new server for maximum security.

Here is how to set up Perfect Privacy VPN for gaming.

  • Launch the Perfect Privacy VPN app and select your subscription plan. 
  • Select a nearby server.
  • Enable the Kill Switch and neurorouting feature. 
  • Open the game you want to play. 
  • start gaming. 

It is very easy t set up Perfect Privacy VPN for gaming, but the performance was not our favorite. We used the UDP protocol for fast speed, but still, the performance was not even close to other industry-level VPNs. 

Does It Work with Tor Browser?

Perfect Privacy VPN offers various security features, and we tested the VPN to see if it works with Tor Browser. Surprisingly the VPN worked pretty well, we used the Kill Switch feature to secure our IPs, and the trackstop blocked malware and tracker. Moroever, as it is a stealth VPN, we experienced no connection drops, and the overall performance was amazing. 

  • TrackStop: It blocks ads, trackers, and malware. Phishing attacks, fake news, inappropriate content, etc. 
  • Stealth VPN: It has obfuscation tools that make VPN traffic look like regular traffic.
  • Kill Switch: it prevents IP leaks during connection drops. 

In short, the VPN is a great choice for using Tor Browser safely. The fast encryption and tunneling protocols help secure your data and prevent your ISP from monitoring your activity. 

Pricing Plan. 

The VPN has the following pricing plans. There is no free plan and but it has a 7-day money-back policy. So if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can get your money back within a week. 

1 month. $12.99/m
1 year. $9.99/m
2 years. $8.95/m

Perfect Privacy VPN offers warriors payment methods, including;

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • American Express.
  • Mobiamo.
  • UnionPay.
  • PayPal.
  • Paymentwall.
  • Alipay.
  • EasyPay.
  • MegaLink.

It also allows users to pay anonymously through bitcoin

Customer support: Is Perfect Privacy User-friendly or not?

Customer support decides if the service is serious about their customer’s quires sot not. We were disappointed to find no live chat or call support. Live chat support is the quickest and most easily accessible way of customer support. However, they offer the following support options;

  • Email support.
  • Online contact form.
  • FAQs.
  • Manuals.
  • Forum.

The FAQs section is also very helpful in terms of answering basic questions about setting up the VPN or server locations. 

Pros and cons

We listed all the features we liked about the VPN alongside the features the VPN lacked; 

It has AES-256-bit advanced encryption. No streaming support. 
It follows a strict no-log policy. Less server fleet. 
It has specialized P2P servers that help in torrenting. The speed is very low on Windows. 
The VPN offers unlimited device connections. It has no Smart DNS. 
It is based in Switzerland, a privacy-friendly country.The logging policy is not audited. 
Users get a 7-day money-back guarantee. It is expensive compared to other services. 
Customer supports available 24/7. No live chat or call support is available. 
Users can pay via cryptocurrency. 

Final Words 

Perfect Privacy VPN is a good service with high encryption and fast tunneling protocols. The AES encryption ensures privacy, and the P2P-optimized servers are good for torrenting. The RAM-only servers are a unique security feature with other features like neurorouting and TrackStop. 

However, the VPN is not compatible with streaming sites, and the performance with Windows is below average. Besides, it has no live chat support, and with only 55 servers, the speed is not very fast. Overall, it is a good choice, but in my opinion, a better option is available on the internet. 


Yes, the VPN has a no-log policy, and the RAM-only servers ensure that they save no user data on their servers. Moreover, it has advanced AES-256-bit encryption which secures your data, and with jurisdiction in Switzerland, there is no risk of the government monitoring your activities. Switzerland is free from data retention laws and eyes intelligence. 

No, it does not have a free version, but it offers a seven-day money-back guarantee to its users. The basic one-month plan starts at $12.99.

The VPN is a little expensive compared to other services; 

  • 1 month- $12.99/m
  • 1 year- $9.99/m
  • 2 years- $8.95/m

It offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Unfortunately, Perfect Privacy does not support streaming. It is blocked by all streaming sites. 

Yes, it is a good choice for torrenting; the P2P servers help in fast torrenting. The SOCKS5 proxy ensures secure torrenting. However, the downloading speed is not very fast and keeps decreasing when you connect to servers away from our location.