Why Is Verizon So Slow All of A Sudden? Here is The Quick Fix

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If you are looking for the reason why Verizon is so slow all of a sudden, no matter whether you are using a 5g or unlimited data plan. Verizon throttling confirmed reality. But there is a way out of this!

Verizon promises to deliver fast connection speed, but the internet connection is slowed down purposefully to regulate the internet traffic or reduce bandwidth congestion. The entire process is called Verizon throttling and violates individual rights to internet freedom. 

The ever-increasing use of streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and others requires high bandwidth. To optimize the network, Verizon started to throttle your connection on these sites. The continuous slow connection speeds result in incredible frustration among the users.

So, have you ever wondered how to boost your internet speed? You can benefit from a VPN to get rid of throttling. A VPN is a valuable tool to bypass Verizon throttling. Check out our guide for bypassing throttling and learn about the VPNs that work well with Verizon throttling.

Quick Tip

There are various options to stop Verizon from throttling your connection, like using the fastest VPN. Based on the user’s experience, the best VPN to avoid Verizon Throttling includes:

  1. CyberGhost (9.9 ratings) is the most recommended.
  2. NordVPN (9.9 rating) has fastest severs
  3. Surfshark: offers better support for streaming and downloading.

Using the fastest VPN, you can easily change your IP and get around the ISP throttling filter.

Why Is Verizon Slow Or Throttle Your Internet Speed?

Verizon is one of the US carriers that is involved in throttling users’ connections. In 2012, the FCC caught Verizon for blocking users from using the tethering apps on their phones and violating Net Neutrality. It uses special filters that throttle connections at a specific web activity or when you hit a bandwidth limit. Their bots and software continuously monitor your online activities and analyze the data packets later

For example, if you’re streaming, the ISP bots filter out your IP address, and the connection limits your speed. As a result, you experience frequent connection lags and buffering while you stream or browse the web.

It won’t if you think switching your data plan can help you. It’s because Verizon had announced to throttle your connection even if you’re using the Verizon Unlimited plan.

In 2017, Verizon started to throttle all videos in its unlimited plan as part of the paid prioritization practices. It makes some changes in its unlimited plan to set a bandwidth limit on all video streaming apps. Verizon users complain about slow speeds whenever they stream videos on Netflix and YouTube on their community forum and Reddit. Unfortunately, users have to experience speed issues even in the unlimited data plan.

Verizon has been throttling users’ connections even before the repeal of Net Neutrality. In 2014, Verizon announced the introduction of network optimization practices that affected the 3G network and unlimited 4G LTE users. The company said that “they’ll throttle connections that are connected to websites that experience heavy demand.’’

Reasons why Verizon Throttles your connection?

Throttling is done purposefully, and there are several reasons behind it.  Verizon throttling your connection is also because of some reasons. Below is an insight into the most prominent reasons for Verizon throttling, so here you go:

Net Neutrality

The repeal of net neutrality causes internet users to experience internet restrictions.  The ISPs and the telecom providers now act as internet gatekeepers who enjoy more control over users’ bandwidth and connection. Thus, if Verizon detects any of your activities against their terms of service, they start throttling your internet connection. 

Exceeding Bandwidth Limit

You can get throttled for not paying your bills on time or exceeding your bandwidth limit. For example 2018, Verizon throttled the Santa Clara Fire Department as they exceeded their allotted 25 gigabytes of bandwidth. The event happened when the department was combating a wildfire. The department, in anger, also filed a complaint against the telecom provider, and the company apologized for its actions.

Verizon can also throttle your connection when using specific websites like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. The primary purpose behind this is that the telecom companies want some companies to pay for priority treatment on the broadband networks. Moreover, Verizon has its own streaming service in competition to YoutTube and Netflix and wants users to use their service.

Decongest the Network

Another reason for Verizon throttling is to unclog the network. During peak hours, when the network is crowded with users, the ISPs use the data throttling technique to regulate the internet traffic. They want all users to have access to the network, so they throttle it. In this way, all users get equal and limited data. 

Streaming and Torrenting

Streaming and torrenting consume a lot of your total bandwidth. Verizon limits your bandwidth because your activity might strain their network. Also, they don’t want power users to use all the bandwidth, so; they throttle your connection. For this reason, you might experience buffering, and you won’t be able to watch videos in HD quality.

For all the reasons mentioned above, Verizon throttles your connection. Luckily, you can prevent throttling by changing your ISP provider. But as of now, almost all the service providers are involved in bandwidth throttling, so this won’t work. Therefore, the best solution is to use a reliable VPN provider and enjoy fast internet connection speed.

How to Tell if Verizon is Throttling You?

If you’re a Verizon user, then there’s a great chance that your internet connection is being throttled. You might experience frequent buffering while you stream on Netflix or continuous connection lags as you watch a video on YouTube. Although there are several reasons for the internet slowdown, it is mostly because of throttling.

You can perform a speed test to confirm that Verizon is throttling your connection. Head to speedtest.net and run a speed test. Repeat the test for a few days and compare the results. If the speed varies significantly, it confirms that you’re being throttled. 

How to Bypass Verizon Data Throttle? 

Your broadband company is the main culprit behind slowing your internet speed and ruining your browsing experience. But now, you can easily avoid this problem by connecting to a VPN first and then surfing the web. 

Using a VPN is the best way to bypass Verizon throttling. It is the best-known anonymity tool that hides your IP address and encrypts the entire data traffic. When you first connect to a VPN, it replaces the IP Address and ISP, then routes your data traffic into an encrypted tunnel. The traffic goes to the remote VPN server, which decrypts your data and then sends your request to the destined website. 

All your data contents are encapsulated into deep data packets that are difficult to identify, and this way, you can prevent being throttled. 

With several VPN providers available, we’ve compiled the best four VPNs that help bypass Verizon throttling. The following mentioned below are the VPNs you can consider using for data throttling:

1. CyberGhost VPN

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CyberGhost is the best VPN for Verizon throttling, offering over 7000 servers in 91 countries. All these servers offer unlimited bandwidth that ensures fast and consistent connection speeds. The VPN provider also uses secure encryption, OpenVPN, and WireGuard protocol that maintains security and speed and helps overcome bandwidth throttling issues. 

It is a private and secure VPN offering a range of security and privacy-boosting software that maintains digital protection. Also, it allows you to stream and download torrents without worrying about speeds.  

2. NordVPN


NordVPN has been in business for many years and is quite reliable when it comes to bypassing throttling. With unlimited bandwidth, an extensive server network, and fast connection speeds, you can easily enjoy fast connection speeds with NordVPN. It consists of more than 5000 servers spread in 60+ countries. The VPN provider also uses the Nordlynx tunneling protocol and OpenVPN protocol, guaranteeing speedy connections. 

NordVPN uses a range of features to safeguard your data traffic from snooping eyes, so your ISP cannot track you. It also allows users to download torrents and stream US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming sites. 

3. ExpressVPN


Because of its fastest servers and for providing excellent security, ExpressVPN is yet another best VPN to bypass throttling. It offers several advanced features like DNS leak protection; private DNS serves and uses secure encryption and strong ciphers to protect your data from surveillance. Another impressive thing about ExpressVPN is its Lightway protocol which promises fast connections and doesn’t compromise your security level.

 The VPN has a decent server network that includes more than 3000 servers in 94 countries. Besides this, it offers unlimited bandwidth and allows you to torrent and stream without the fear of getting caught.

4. Surfshark VPN


Surfshark VPN is yet another ideal choice for bypassing throttling. Though it is a low-priced VPN compared to other service providers, it provides top-notch security and protection. It has a range of security and privacy-enhancing features that keep you well-secured and protected throughout your browsing experience. 

The VPN has more than 3200 servers in 65 countries, all promising fast and reliable connection speeds. It also uses OpenVPN and WireGuard protocol that further boosts up your speed and helps prevent throttling. 

All the VPNs mentioned above are the best for bypassing Verizon throttling. It is now up to you to select according to your need and get rid of slow speed. 

Why is my Verizon 5G so slow?

Your Verizon 5G connection might be slow because of throttling. Throttling is when an ISP (internet service provider) intentionally slows down your internet connection. They can do this for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones are:

  • To reduce congestion on their network
  • To manage bandwidth usage
  • To save money on infrastructure costs

ISPs throttle connections for different reasons at different times. For example, they may throttle all connections during peak hours to reduce congestion or only throttle certain types of traffic (like video streaming or gaming).

There are a few ways to tell if your connection is being throttled. The most obvious is if your speeds are consistently slower than what you’re paying for. You can also run a speed test and compare your results to what your ISP promised. If you’re getting significantly lower speeds than what you should be, throttling is likely happening.

Unfortunately, you cannot do much about throttling if your ISP is doing it. You can try contacting them and asking why your speeds are slow, but they’re not likely to give you a straight answer. In some cases, switching to a different ISP may be the only way to get around throttling.


Does Verizon Throttle Netflix?

Verizon throttles the video streaming apps in its unlimited plan, and Netflix is no exception. A study revealed that Verizon throttles 66% of connections on Netflix, 49% on YouTube, and 38% on the Amazon Prime Streaming app. However, using reliable VPNs like those mentioned above prevents Verizon from throttling your connection on a particular site and ensures a hassle-free streaming experience. 

Does Verizon Throttle Torrenting? 

Sharing and downloading large P2P files is a significant reason for Verizon’s throttling. Torrenting requires a lot of bandwidth and can result in network congestion. Thus, to decongest the network, Verizon throttles your connection and makes it difficult to download torrents. They can easily filter out the IP address and know who is involved in torrenting. As a result, you’ll experience slow internet speed. 

Why is my Verizon data suddenly so slow?

There are a few potential reasons why your Verizon data might suddenly be slow. One possibility is that you are experiencing internet bandwidth throttling, which is when your ISP (internet service provider) intentionally slows down your internet connection.

Another possibility is that there is an issue with your router or modem. If you have recently upgraded your router or modem, it may not be compatible with Verizon’s network. Or, there could be a problem with the settings on your router or modem. If you’re unsure how to troubleshoot these issues, contact Verizon customer support for help.

Finally, it’s possible that the slow data speeds are due to problems on Verizon’s network. If this is the case, you cannot do much except wait for Verizon to fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

Throttling is a deliberate act of slowing down the internet speed. All popular internet service providers, including Verizon, throttle users’ connections for various reasons. Most of the time, these reasons are legitimate, but it violates the individual right to access the internet freely. Whatever the reason, it is always frustrating for users to experience slow internet speed while streaming, torrenting, or simply browsing. 

However, using a reliable VPN can prevent speed throttling issues. Subscribing to any of the VPN providers mentioned above and enjoying fast speed is recommended. 

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