Perfect-Privacy No-Log Audit Report Released

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In today’s age, complete anonymity on the internet seems impossible. Several VPNs claim to be ‘no-logs’ in their privacy policy. But, they had no verification to prove their point or stance. In other words, users have to take their word at face value.

However, some zero-log VPN service providers have collected users’ data and provided the collected data to concerned authorities and law enforcement agencies. Here are three examples in this regard:

  1. HideMyAss provided logs to authorities to solve a hacking case.
  2. IPVanish also collect logs of their users and later provided the information to the FBI.
  3. PureVPN also helped the FBI by logging customer data.

There might be many other cases of such happenings which have not come to light. Because of all such reasons, the no-log policy has emerged as a customer standard for selecting the best VPN provider service.

To maintain worth in the market, many VPN services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Pure VPN, and VyprVPN have undergone a no-log audit by various audit companies. They do so to provide proof to their users that they don’t keep any records of their online activities. 

Like other VPN service providers, Perfect Privacy also tested their VPN to demonstrate that they don’t store activity logs. Let’s read more about it. 

Perfect Privacy VPN:

Perfect Privacy is a well-known name in the VPN industry. It is a Switzerland-based VPN service provider which aimed mainly at users who value anonymity and security. It is not a big name like other popular providers, but still due to its exceptional service is compared to some competitors and has been in the market since 2008.

It offers many advanced features such as online anonymity as well as other security features. It is no logs service provider that does not limit the user’s account in any way. Users get an unlimited number of connections with their subscriptions along with advanced privacy features and unlimited bandwidth. The privacy features include multiple VPN configurations, sophisticated advertisement, port forwarding, and a tracking blocker known as TrackStop.

Perfect Privacy server gets held in the Netherlands:

Back in August 2016, the service providers made it public that the Dutch authorities had captured one of their servers in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The main reason behind seizing the servers was not revealed; however, the company confirmed to the users that no kind of data was obtained. 

The company states that they were not logging any data, and user’s data has not been compromised. After testing their VPN, they concluded that no customer information was compromised and the replacement servers will operate in Rotterdam location.

To protect customers’ data in the event of any server seizure, Perfect Privacy runs their all servers in RAM-disk mode like Express VPN do. The log policy page states that:

Perfect Privacy is a high-priced service. But, it remains an excellent option for both privacy and security within Switzerland’s jurisdiction and a proven no-log policy.