Why Is Spectrum (Warner Cable) So Slow? Might Be Throttling 

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Are you facing congestion while streaming and downloading? And wondering why Spectrum Internet is so slow. You are being throttled, but there is a way around it.

The modern world demands a high-paced internet, and while several ISPs promise to provide an uninterrupted online connection, the reality stands on par with this claim. The online world brings a hoard of privacy and security-related issues, and the abolishment of Net Neutrality laws has brought on another problem that most users now face: bandwidth throttling. This practice refers to the deliberate slowing of bandwidth speeds over certain activities and times of the day. And since all ISPs are involved in throttling, you might be an unsuspecting victim of Spectrum Throttling, too. 

Spectrum is one of the most popular bandwidth providers; acquired by Time Warner Cable, it has over 27 million subscribers. Although the service promises high-speed internet, many users experience slow connectivity with Spectrum while streaming and browsing the web. With Spectrum throttling becoming a standard and prevalent issue, we have compiled this guide to give you insights on how to get rid of it.

Quick Summary

ISP throttling worldwide issue, whether you like it or not, it’s there. Sometimes, it is the name of peak hours, bandwidth loads, extensive torrenting or streaming, or the net-neutrality bill. There are many ways to get around this issue, but the fastest VPN service is the most effective and quick way.

  1. CyberGhost (9.9 ratings) is the most recommended.
  2. NordVPN (9.9 rating) has fastest severs
  3. Surfshark: offers better support for streaming and downloading.

Using the fastest VPN, you can easily change your IP and get around the ISP throttling filter.

Is Your Spectrum Internet Slow?- How to check 

While throttling is a common issue, sluggish internet speeds do not always mean your ISP is throttling your connection. There could be several reasons; therefore, checking before jumping to conclusions is best. There are several ways to check if your Spectrum internet is slow, and here is how:

  • Test for speed using a VPN: A VPN helps bypass ISP throttling issues. Connect to a VPN and run a speed test to determine if you suspect you are a victim. Once done with that, disconnect the VPN and rerun a speed test. If the values of both tests are different, you are a victim of throttling. 
  • Visit Spectrum’s speed test portal: Run a speed test on the portal and compare the results with the speed plan you pay for. Your internet is slow if the speed is slower than what you paid for. 
  • Run a speed test: You can check the internet upload and download speed through different apps. It will help you ensure the ISP is not throttling your connection. Some popular speed test websites are Speedtest.net, Fast.com, and CloudFlare.
  • Check signals in your area: Ensure you have strong internet signals in our area. It will allow you to determine if the problem is from your end of the ISP. 
  • Run a speed test on your router: If you have a wireless router, run a speed test on the router app. Although not all routers have this capability, you can only run a speed test if you have Eero, Linksys, Google’s Nest Wi-Fi, and Asus ZenWifi. 

These methods can help you identify if your Spectrum internet speed is slow due to ISP throttling or if the issue is from your end alone. 

Why is Spectrum so slow?

Spectrum has grown immensely in the past years and gained millions of users. However, this does not mean that it is free from issues. Recently, users have taken to online forums and social websites to complain about the poor service of Spectrum. From jittery internet to bill hikes, Spectrum has disappointed many users. 

This is mainly because of the gaping absence of Net neutrality in the US, which has given ISPs significant power over their users. The US Senate abolished the broadband privacy laws in 2017, after which ISPs now enjoy extra rights over user’s data. 

While Spectrum may be one of the most popular bandwidth providers, it has tarnished its reputation by throttling users’ connections. There have been several instances where users have complained about slow speeds while performing specific activities, such as streaming on Netflix. Moreover, in February 2017, it faced a lawsuit for providing slow internet and faced defeat. However, despite these allegations and lawsuits, Spectrum continues to throttle users. 

Does Spectrum throttle your connection- A history

Spectrum has a history of throttling users’ connections. Online forums like Reddit and Quora are filled with users’ posts complaining about slow speed and ISP throttling. In 2018, Spectrum was accused of throttling Netflix and Riot game users until Riot paid the fees. 

Charter owns Spectrum, and in 2017, a lawsuit was filed by New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. The lawsuit accused Spectrum of throttling popular streaming site Netflix and online games like Riot. The throttling was not stopped until Riot paid for faster speed.

“Charter’s non-compliance and brazenly disrespectful behavior toward New York State and its customers necessitates the actions taken today seeking court-ordered penalties for its failures and revoking the Charter merger approval,” Rhodes added.

It shows how Spectrum has previously throttled users for money and wavered on its promises to its customers.  

Why does Spectrum Throttle your Connection? 

Unfortunately, Spectrum is known for throttling users’ connections. It has no data caps. Thus, it throttles users’ connections when needed. Moreover, there are other reasons why Spectrum throttles users’ contacts, such as

  1. Bandwidth Caps: If your data limit is consumed, your ISP might throttle your connection. 
  2. Repeal of Net Neutrality: which allows ISPs more control over their users, leading to throttling  
  3. Congestion: Traffic congestion can also result in ISP throttling. When a lot of users are consuming the internet at the same time, they tend to throttle their connection. 
  4. High P2P activity: Large downloading and sharing of files takes a lot of bandwidth, so ISPs throttle that activity to provide everyone the same speed. 
  5. During streaming: Since streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth, throttling ensures every user gets the same speed. 

The following are the significant reasons why Spectrum might be throttling your connection. While Spectrum might have justifiable reasons for throttling users, from a user’s perspective, throttling is an unfair practice. These ISPs charge users a significant fee, especially for super-fast internet. Amidst this, it’s frustrating when people get average speeds, so opt for various ways to bypass it. 

Spectrum Throttling Policies 

Charter Communications merged with Time Warner Cable and became Spectrum in 2015 with the approval of the FCC. A merger that the FCC only agreed to after banning Charter to stop putting data caps on its users for the next seven years. Spectrum included a throttling policy in the fine print, mentioning there will be no data caps, but they will throttle connections whenever required. The fine print states;

“Charter uses a variety of reasonable network management tools and practices consistent with industry standards. In the event the periods of congestion necessitate such management, Charter has available the following tools and practices (without limitation and as may be adjusted over time): 

(i) use of an upper limit of bandwidth allocated for uploading of files during congested periods; 

(ii) Subscriber Traffic Management (STM) technology to temporarily lower the priority of traffic with the greatest impact on peak congestion; 

(iii) spam filtering and detection techniques; and 

(iv) measures to protect the security and integrity of its network, resources, and subscribers. In limited instances, if employed, these techniques may affect the throughput rate at which subscribers may send and receive data, the ability of users to establish session connections within the network, or result in the delay of certain traffic during times of peak congestion.”

While this policy allowed Spectrum users to stream Netflix without any throttling issues, the company filed a petition with the FCC back in June 2020 to drop these bans two years early. This petition is based on a clause in an appendix by the FCC, which allowed Spectrum to file it two years before. As of May 2021, these bans on Spectrum dropped, allowing the ISP free reign to throttle its users. 

Signs of Spectrum Throttling 

Although throttling is a common practice, identifying it is somewhat tricky. That is mainly because slow internet could be due to reasons other than throttling, such as having a slow Internet plan. However, you can still pinpoint if you are being throttled if you look out for the tell-tale signs such as:

  • Slow and reduced internet speed. Speed is slower than the plan you pay for. 
  • Blocked ports and websites. 
  • Slow upload and download speeds. 
  • Streaming issues, i.e., lagging videos. 
  • Websites take longer than usual to open. 
  • The WiFi connection is broken. 

You need to look out for these signs to identify if you are facing ISP throttling. If you are facing such issues, then you can easily bypass them. 

How to bypass Spectrum Throttling and Slow Internet?

Spectrum throttling is when Spectrum intentionally slows down users’ connection, resulting in slower internet speed. Because of this throttling, users face numerous hindrances in their online experience. Here’s How to bypass Spectrum Throttling 

Connect to a VPN

One of the most reliable ways of bypassing Spectrum throttling is to connect your device to a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your IP address and prevent ISPs from spying on your online activity, making it challenging for ISPs to throttle your connection. Thus resulting in faster internet speed.

Contact Customer Support 

If you are facing a slower internet speed than the one you paid for, you can contact customer support and get rid of the issue. Send an email or contact through a phone call, and Spectrum will respond almost immediately to help you eliminate the problem. 

Restart the internet

Restarting your internet can regain a faster intercity connection, as the previous throttling will stop automatically. When your ISP is throttling your connection, the basic thing to do is to restart your Wi-Fi router. Most of the time, it’s the wifi device that can be the cause of the problem. Restart your router, and this will likely solve your issue. 

Use a wired/ethernet connection

For faster internet, bypass wifi and directly connect your device to the modem with an ethernet cable. This will prevent ISP throttling, and this wired connection will offer a more stable and faster internet connection.

Scan device for malware

Throttling can be caused by malware or virus in your device. For extra precaution, run a malware test and scan your device to remove any harmful threats. After this, you will surely see a difference in your internet speed. 

Relocate your router

Try relocating your router closer to your primary usage device. Make sure that there are minimal instructions between the Rorer and your device for a stable connection. 

Disable unwanted devices

When multiple devices are connected to the wifi simultaneously, it can lead to congestion and slower speeds. To prevent this, identify the devices that are no longer in use to free up bandwidth for primary usage devices. 

These are the few strategies that can be used to bypass Spectrum throttling. 

Reliable VPNs that work with Spectrum 

VPNs are the most efficient way to prevent Spectrum ISP throttling. Here are some reliable VPNs that work with Spectrum;

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a user-friendly and reliable VPN service. It prevents Spectrum ISP throttling and has several servers in various locations, which helps offer fast speed. The VPN has a strict privacy policy and has no-spy servers for maximum security. CyberGhost provides several robust features for reliable browsing, such as Wi-Fi protection, a Security suite, and Private Browse mode. 


NordVPN is a popular VPN service that offers fast speed and a comprehensive set of features to its users. It is considered a great choice to prevent ISP throttling as it has 5200+ servers in 65 countries, which ensures quick connections. Not only that, but users get obfuscating servers, which helps in avoiding Spectrum ISP throttling and offers a smooth experience.

 Some important features with NordVPN are Threat protection, Obfuscated servers, and CyberSec. Moreover, NordVPN can easily bypass all geo-blocks, censorship, and other restrictions. The proprietary NordLynx protocol is specially designed to ensure high-speed and quick one-click connections.


When it comes to reliability, ExpressVPN stands tall. The VPN offers fast speed, quality features, and a vast range of servers. ExpressVPN lets users connect to their servers manually and get the best speed possible. They also provide a Lightway protocol, which ensures quick speed and connections. It is one of the best VPNs to prevent Spectrum ISP throttling. Some other features of ExpressVPN are Threat Manager, IP leak protection and Stealth Servers.

ExpressVPN has a network lock feature, meaning when the internet is disconnected, the VPN will automatically disconnect itself to prevent IP leaks. Moreover, it allows users to conduct speed tests beforehand to ensure the connected server suits their task. 

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is another reliable VPN to prevent Spectrum ISP throttling. It has a wide range of features and servers in various locations. The VPN is known to be one of the fastest services. This speed is maintained with the help of 3200+ servers in 99 countries. On top of that, users get robust security and quick connection with Surfshark VPN. Some features that help Surfshark users bypass ISP throttling issues are DNS leak protection, Camouflage mode, and Multihop.

Additionally, the VPN has an obfuscating tool called camouflage mode. It makes your connection look like the regular HTTPS traffic used to bypass the content filters by hiding your IP address to establish a secure connection. This way, you can stay private as no one, including your ISP, can trace your online activity.

The VPN stands to be a popular choice to prevent ISP throttling. It is easy to set up and offers fast speed to ensure a smooth experience. However, it has a DNS leak protection, which prevents your IP address from being leaked. 

These VPNs are a reliable choice to avoid Spectrum throttling and offer other excellent features. 

How to use a VPN to bypass throttling on Spectrum?

A VPN is a reliable way to bypass ISP throttling issues. It hides your IP address and your internet traffic through encryption. If you want to gain fast speeds through a VPN, you can follow the steps:

  1. Subscribe to the fastest VPN that promises reliable speeds, such as Surfshark VPN, CyberGhost VPN, and Nord VPN. 
  2. Download and install the VPN’s client or browser extension from the VPN website. 
  3. Open the VPN client or browser extension to connect to your desired VPN server. 
  4. Clear your browser cookies and cache to remove the older IP address and location. 

These steps can help bypass ISP throttling issues and gain super-fast speeds. 

Choosing the best VPN to bypass Spectrum Throttling- our methodology?

ISP throttling is a tricky ordeal; therefore, using a VPN that is easy to use, secure, and provides fast speeds is crucial. While compiling our list of the best VPNs, we look into the following features: 

  1. An extensive server network: the VPN should have a large server network, especially within the US since Spectrum is a US ISP. 
  2. Security: the VPN must provide security through strong encryption ciphers. 
  3. Privacy: it must promise a strict no-logs policy to ensure user privacy.  
  4. Speeds: the VPN should use fast encryption protocols to provide high speeds.  
  5. Obfuscation mode: since many ISPs tend to block VPN traffic, using a VPN that hides VPN traffic through obfuscation technology is crucial. 
  6. Geo-Unblocking features: ISPs often practice geo-restriction, so it is best to have a VPN that helps unblock such restrictions.  

Looking into these features can help ensure you choose a reliable VPN that will provide a secure online browsing experience. 

Can free VPNs bypass Spectrum Throttling?

Although using a free VPN sounds enticing, it is not ideal to bypass Spectrum throttling. That is primarily because free VPNs do not offer the privacy and security features needed to bypass throttling. These VPNs don’t have obfuscation technology, and they use poor encryption protocols which are not secure. Moreover, most free VPN IP addresses are known, so ISPs tend to block them. Additionally, these VPNs have bandwidth limitations, which means excruciatingly slow speeds. 

Does Spectrum block VPNs?

Fortunately for users, Spectrum does not block VPNs. It allows users to access and connect to VPNs easily. VPN is used for multiple purposes, such as to access confidential files, online banking, and other privacy-focused tasks. Spectrum is a US-based ISP, and most ISPs in the US allow VPN usage. 

However, if you are facing issues with accessing a VPN with Spectrum, there could be several reasons. Traffic congestion and technical difficulties are the prime reasons. Users can easily contact Spectrum’s customer support for assistance.


Spectrum is a US-based ISP and many users often complain about slow speed and ISP throttling while using Spectrum service. There are various reasons for slow internet speed, including bandwidth caps, traffic congestion, etc. However, one main reason is ISP throttling, which angers many users. 

Users can easily bypass Spectrum ISP throttling by using a VPN. It is one of the easiest ways to restore fast internet speed. Popular VPN services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the top choices of many users to prevent ISP throttling. 


Use a VPN while using Spectrum Internet. It will immediately mask your IP and prevent ISP throttling, increasing your internet speed. 

Your ISP can be throttling your connection, or there might be some issue from your end. Run a speed test to determine if your internet is slow or has another problem.

Spectrum might be slow during peak hours. During the night, most users are streaming and downloading. Therefore, this results in slow internet at night. 

There could be various reasons why your WIfi is slow, such as ISP throttling, poor signals, malware, etc. 

Spectrum throttle for many reasons, such as bandwidth caps, traffic congestion, etc. Use a VPN to bypass Spectrum throttling. 

Run a speed test if you suspect a slower speed than what you paid for. Then, there is a high chance that Spectrum is throttling your connection. 

Yes, Charter does throttle Internet speed. However, they do not throttle all Internet speeds equally. Instead, they throttle certain types of traffic more heavily than others. For example, they may throttle video streaming more heavily than web browsing or emailing.

Yes, Charter does throttle Internet speed. However, they do not throttle all Internet speeds equally. Instead, they throttle certain types of traffic more heavily than others. For example, they may throttle video streaming more heavily than web browsing or emailing.

Your Internet service provider (ISP) might throttle your connection for a few reasons. One reason is to reduce congestion on their network. If everyone is using the same amount of bandwidth simultaneously, it can cause the network to slow down for everyone. Your ISP can help keep the overall network running smoothly by throttling certain types of traffic.

Another reason why your ISP might throttle your connection is to save money on infrastructure costs. Bandwidth-intensive activities like video streaming require more expensive equipment and infrastructure than lighter activities like web browsing or emailing. By throttling these types of traffic, your ISP can avoid investing in expensive upgrades to their network.

Lastly, some ISPsthrottle certain types of traffic to comply with copyright laws and regulations. For example, many ISPs will throttle BitTorrent traffic because it is often used for illegal file sharing.

There are a few signs that you may be experiencing throttling from Spectrum. These include:

-Increased latency or “lag” when gaming or streaming online
-Constant buffering or loading screens when trying to stream video
-Web pages taking longer than usual to load
– general slowdown of your internet connection

If you’re noticing any of these issues, it’s possible that your ISP is throttling your Wi-Fi. To confirm this, you can run a speed test. If your results show that your connection is slower than it should be, then throttling is likely the culprit.

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