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Our Editorial Team..

We’re a passionate team of privacy enthusiasts, cybersecurity journalists, and VPN experts dedicated to spreading awareness about online privacy and security. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research on cybersecurity tools, with a focus on VPNs. We also address critical cybersecurity issues to help you stay safe online. Meet the faces behind VPNInsights:

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Iam Waqas

Editor-In- chief

Waqas is a cybersecurity journalist and technical writer. He has over six years of experience covering and analyzing various prevalent cybersecurity issues. He is the core strength of VPNInsights and has managed to build this platform from the ground only because it is his lifelong aim and passion to spread awareness regarding cybersecurity. He spends his free time watching movies and tech documentaries or mulling over some new security issue. 

Shigraf Aijaz


Shigraf is a cybersecurity journalist and writer who has over four years of experience covering prevalent cybersecurity issues and technological developments. She has a keen interest in VPN testing and contributes on VPN research specially in VPN backgrounds and censorship capabilities. She has a Masters degree in English Literature and she is responsible for all the creative process at VPNInsights.

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Kenneth G Aranda

VPN Expert

Kenneth has an experience of over ten years of testing VPNs, particularly their privacy, security, and streaming capabilities. She specialises in keeping track of the past histories of the various VPN providers and further testing their claims of privacy and security through several tools. She is responsible for our rigorous VPN review process and has also contributed to our research on our VPN comparison pages. 

Fatima Jamshaid

VPN writer & Journalist

Fatima is an experienced technical writer who specialises in covering our VPN reviews and Best VPN articles. She has an experience of over three years and contributes to VPNInsights by covering our research into creative articles, reviews and blogs. 

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Farwa Sajjad Avatar

Farwa Sajjad

VPN Writer & Journalist

Farwa is an experienced InfoSec writer and cybersecurity journalist skilled in writing articles related to cybersecurity, AI, DevOps, Big Data, Cloud security, VPNs, IAM, and Cloud Computing. Also a contributor on Tripwire.com, Infosecurity Magazine, Security Boulevard, DevOps.com, and CPO Magazine.