PrivateVPN Review- A basic VPN or game changer?

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After a detailed PrivateVPN review, I do recommend it to others. If you are looking for a VPN service that allows decent privacy and is even compatible with streaming Netflix, then PrivateVPN is the solution. With strong encryption levels and US servers, it sure seems like a complete package!



Encryption Type

Third-Party Audit

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Smart DNS



Dedicated IP


Double VPN

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Malware Blocker

Password Manager


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63 countries.




30-day money-back guarantee


Ultra-fast servers

Secure up to 10 devices



PrivateVPN is a Sweden-based VPN company that may seem basic but has various unique features. Moroever, it offers unlimited bandwidth, high security, and support for P2P sharing. It is designed to unblock geo-blocks which is an excellent feature if you want to stream with the VPN. 

However, the speed is not the fastest compared to other popular VPN services. With far-away servers, the speeds drastically decrease. in 2022, Miss Group officially acquired the company, which was a surprise to many users. 

Users are now skeptical if the ownership change affects the privacy and security of the VPN. We tested PrivateVPN to learn about its privacy policies, encryption, features, etc. Continue reading to know more!

Who owns PrivateVPN?

Martin Mülle, in 2009, started PrivateVPN, a Sweden-based VPN company with over 75,000 customers globally. However, in 2022 Miss Group acquired the company and became the new owner of PrivateVPN. It is an international web-hosting company established in 2014. 

Perwyn is a private equity business that acquired Miss Group n 2020. Since then, Miss Groups has completed 12 complete acquisitions. After acquiring PrivateVPN, the company’s CEO gave out these statements,

Fredrik Björklund, Co-founder and CEO of Miss Group, said: 

“The opportunity to invest in PrivateVPN presented a unique situation to acquire the fastest-growing private VPN product worldwide and is an important addition to our growing portfolio. Alongside the Group’s other licensed security product offerings, this acquisition provides a foundation for building out a broader security product portfolio within Miss Group to support our growing international customer base.”

Martin Müller, Founder of PrivateVPN, said:

 “We are very pleased to welcome Miss Group as new owners and investors of PrivateVPN. The investment by Miss Group in PrivateVPN will strengthen not only the organisation, but also PrivateVPN’s global footprint. With a rapidly growing market where the need for secure internet connections is greater than ever, I am convinced that with Miss Group PrivateVPN will be able to provide stronger VPN services to the market.”

Miss Group has headquarters in Manchester, US., which is a member of the five eyes intelligence. However, the company operates from different locations, such as Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, the USA, Mexico, and India.

Is PrivateVPN compatible?

There are hundreds of VPN options on the internet, and finding a good one can be a struggle. Looking for a reliable service, we decided to check out PrivateVPN. 

We are looking for a VPN service with high security and fast speed at economical prices. The unique security features and its capability to unblock geo-blocked sites encouraged us to attempt this review. It offers dedicated IP and supports Torrenting. 

However, there is no WireGuard protocol, and the speed is unsatisfactory with far-away servers. We focused on the following thing in this review;

  • Strong privacy: it has robust encryption of 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 for data protection. 
  • Jurisdiction: the VPN is located in Sweden, a safe jurisdiction with no data retention laws. 
  • No-log policy: it has a no-log policy, and users can anonymously browse on the internet without worrying about their privacy getting compromised. 
  • Streaming: it unblocks major streaming sites like Netflix US and prevents ISP throttling. 
  • Torrenting and P2P: the P2P servers help download and support torrenting. 
  • Gaming: it is not the best choice for gaming as the servers are not fast enough. 
  • Tor Browser: features like Kill Switch and DNS leak protection help access the Tor browser safely. 

This review will contain information regarding encryption, speed, and features offered by PrivateVPN. Our review is based on deep research collected through surfing online forums like Reddit and Quora. We also tested the VPN by using it for months. 

Is PrivateVPN safe? Security and Privacy features.

Security is a VPN’s primary purpose; for strong security, a VPN must have high encryption and fast tunneling protocols. We tested PrivateVPN’s security features and cross-checked its privacy policies. PrivatVPN offers the following privacy features;

  • Dedicated IP: it helps in private browsing and keeps your identity anonymous. 
  • Port forwarding: it improves internet speed and increases security by hiding internet traffic.
  • DNS leak protection: it prevents DNS addresses from becoming vulnerable to hackers and 
  • Kill Switch: this helps prevent your device from reverting to a regular internet connection if the VPN connection drops. 

It has strong encryption and follows a no-log policy. There is more to the VPN besides these security features. To know more about PrivateVPN, keep reading!

Jurisdiction- is it privacy-friendly?

As for jurisdiction, PrivateVPN is based in Sweden. It is a secure country with no data-retention laws and, fortunately, not a part of five eyes intelligence. The reason we look for a safe jurisdiction is that some countries have data retention laws, and if a VPN company is located in it, there are risks of a data breach. The country’s government can ask the VPN company for user details anytime. 

Sweden protects individual rights, and PrivateVPN has been operating from the country since 2009. So, it’s safe to say that PrivateVPN is a secure service, and users don’t have to worry about their confidential data being compromised. 

Logging policy of PrivateVPN. 

It is essential to know about a VPN’s logging policy. A VPN is supposed to offer security and privacy, so it is not supposed to log users’ data. Meaning it does not keep logs of users’ activity. We checked PrivateVPN’s logging policy. It promises to follow a strict no-log policy.

However, the no-log policy is not audited. Most VPN services get their policy audited to ensure users about the authenticity of their claims. It would be the cherry on top of the VPN company getting audited; it would only increase customers’ trust. 

Past Records.

PrivateVPN is a well-known service and has been operating in Sweden since 2011. In June 2022, Miss Group acquired PrivateVPN. It is a web hosting company and has a clear record. Other than that, we have found no records of PrivateVPN. 

Encryption ciphers. 

Encryption keeps your data secure by changing it into unreadable codes. The AES encryption is the hardest to crack and most secure cipher. It uses high encryption of AES-256-bit, which is used by industries and the government. 

Aside from AES-256 encryption, Private VPN also uses 128-bit encryption. The longer the encryption, the more secure they are, as longer potential encryption is harder to crack. Moreover, the VPN also has an option between GCM and CBC; the CBC is less secure than GCM. It’s up to you what encryption you choose, but we recommend using AES-256-GCM. 

What Tunneling protocols does PrivateVPN offers?

The VPN offers a limited range of protocols and a Stealth VPN option. Here is what it offers; 

  • OpenVPN(UDP/TCP): you can choose from UDP and TCP. By default, you will get the UDP protocol, which is much faster than TCP but less secure. So if you prioritize security, opt for TCP. 
  • L2TP: it has average speed and reliable security but is definitely not the best. 
  • PPTP: it is fast but outdated in terms of security. 
  • Stealth VPN: it disguises VPN traffic as regular traffic, which helps in bypassing censorship. 

Users can choose which protocol to use, but the most reliable choice is OpenVPN. PrivateVPN does not have WireGuard Protocol, which is a shame as it is one of the market’s most secure and fastest protocols. 

PrivateVPN for streaming- can it unblock streaming sites? 

PrivateVPN is a good choice for streaming as it is a Stealth VPN; it can bypass geo-blocks and protect your data simultaneously. The VPN has numerous streaming-optimized features, such as; 

  • Prevents ISP throttling: the high encryption masks your IP and prevents your ISP from throttling your connection. 
  • Stealth Mode: this helps disguise VPN traffic as regular traffic to bypass geo-restrictions and firewalls. 
  • Kill Switch: it prevents your device from connecting to a regular internet connection during VPN connection drops. 
  • Netflix: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand, the UK, and the US.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK.
  • Hotstar: Blocked. 
  • BBC iPlayer: London, Manchester, and Nikolaev.

The speeds are not impressive with PrivateVPN, as it has limited servers. Significantly with far-away servers, the speed decreases drastically. We tried unblocking streaming sites with PrivateVPN, and this was the result.

Unblocking Netflix with PrivateVPN. 

We know it can be a task to unblock Netflix and bypass geo-blocking. However, PrivateVPN worked smoothly with Netflix and unblocked 14 Netflix libraries. We could easily unblock Netflix US, and although the speed wasn’t very fast, we could perform HD streaming. 

The Stealth mode helped in bypassing geo-restrictions, and we used the Kill Switch to prevent IP leaks. Besides, the streaming quality was good, and we experienced no lags or buffering. If you are curious about how we set up the VPN, here’s how;

How to set up PrivateVPN for Netflix;

  • Install and launch the PrivateVPN app.
  • Login and select your pricing plan. 
  • Enable the Kill Switch from the settings. 
  • Enable the stealth mode. 
  • Choose a server of the region you want to access Netflix from. 
  • Open the Netflix app and Start streaming!

Users must have a Netflix subscription to unblock the site. 

Can PrivateVPN access Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming site with geo-restricons. These restrictions are due to copyright issues. We used PrivateVPN to check if it worked with Amazon Prime and were pleasantly surprised to see it did!

Although the speed was a bit slow, and the picture quality wasn’t the same as with Netflix. However, it wasn’t too bad either. There weren’t too many lags, and if you have a stable internet connection, these issues are nothing to worry about. Just enable the Kill Switch for added layers for security and use the Stealth mode to bypass geo-blocks. 

How to set up PrivateVPN for Amazon Prime Video;

  • Install and launch the PrivateVPN app.
  • Login and select your pricing plan. 
  • Enable the Kill Switch from the settings. 
  • Enable the stealth mode. 
  • Choose a server of the region you want to access Amazon Prime Video from. 
  • Open the site and Start streaming!

Enjoy streaming without restrictions!

Can PrivateVPN unblock BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer has a vast library of streaming content, but not everyone can access it due to geo-blocks. A VPN can bypass these restrictions, and we put PrivateVPN to the test. It is a Stealth VPN and claims to bypass the strongest geo-blocks. 

Fortunately, it easily unblocked the site, and we got good picture quality. Similar to other streaming sites, the speed wasn’t satisfactory, but it wants too bad. Remember to use the Kill Switch in case of connection drops. It will protect your IP and prevent getting blocked from the site. 

How to set up CactusVPN for Hulu;

  • Install and launch the PrivateVPN app.
  • Login and select your pricing plan. 
  • Enable the Kill Switch from the settings. 
  • Enable the stealth mode. 
  • Choose a nearby server. 
  • Open BBC iPlayer and Start streaming!

Now you can stream all your favorite BBC iPlayer shows with ease. 


If you have difficulty accessing sites with PrivateVPN, try these methods; 

  1. Re-connect to the VPN servers. 
  2. Try using stealth mode. 
  3. Clear the cache. 
  4. Change the connection protocol.
  5. Try using the private mode of your browser/go incognito. 

Hopefully, you can unblock streaming sites now; if not, contact customer support ASAP!

Is PrivateVPN suitable for Torrenting?

To test the capabilities of PrivateVPN, we used the VPN for torrenting. It also mentions torrenting on its website and has a SOCK5 proxy. The SOCK5 proxy helps in offering security while torrenting. Here are the features that help while torrenting with PrivateVPN.

  • P2P servers: it has servers that support P2P file sharing and fast downloading.
  • Kill Switch: it prevents your device from connecting to a regular internet connection during VPN connection drops. 
  • SOCK5 proxy: it offers secure connections with torrent clients. 
  • DNS leak protection: this feature prevents DNS leaks while torrenting. 
  • Port Forwarding: you can enter the port number in your torrent client to use VPN for torrenting. 

PrivateVPN is a good choice for torrenting and supports P2P file sharing. Not only that, but it has a SOCK5 proxy and Port Forwarding feature that helps in making torrenting easier. We used the SOCK5 proxy, and it protected the device throughout torrenting. In short, PrivateVPN is reliable for torrenting and is better than most providers. 

Here is how to set up PrivateVPN for torrenting.

  • Launch the PrivateVPN app and select your subscription plan. 
  • Connect to a SOCK5 proxy server. 
  • Or you can choose a server from the P2P section of servers for fast speed and security.  
  • Open your torrent client and start downloading. 

Is PrivateVPN good for gaming?

Gaming requires high speed, and PrivateVPN is not the best at providing high speed. You will experience lags and interruptions while gaming with the VPN. The tunneling protocols may help in gaming, but it lacks WireGuard, which is the most preferred for gaming. 

  • VPN protocols: high-speed protocols ensure fast speed and better connections. 
  • Kill Switch: it prevents your device from connecting to a regular internet connection during VPN connection drops. 

We do not recommend gaming with PrivateVPN as better options are available on the market. It has no split-tunneling feature or gaming-optimized servers, which can be helpful. 

Is PrivateVPN secure enough for Tor Browser?  

It is a secure VPN and works well with the Tor browser. Using the Tor Browser alone is not a good idea, so we suggest using a VPN to protect your privacy and prevent ISP from monitoring your online activity. First will take a look at the security features of PrivateVPN that help in secure browsing.

  • Kill Switch: it prevents IP leaks during connection drops.
  • Robust encryption: high encryption helps secure browsing by masking your IP address. 
  • DNS leak protection: this feature prevents DNS leaks while browsing. 

You can connect to a nearby server and remember to enable the Kill Switch from settings. Now you can open the Tor browser and surf safely. We used the VPN, which worked smoothly with Tor without interruptions. Moreover, the speeds were good enough for browsing. 

Pricing plans of PrivateVPN- Is It cost-effective? 

The VPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers the following pricing plans. 

1-month plan US$9.90/mo
3-month planUS$6.00/mo
36-month planUS$2.00/mo

PrivateVPN follows the following payment methods;

  • American Express
  • Bitcoin
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • UnionPay
  • Visa

It has no free trial as of now, but you can avail of a refund if you are unsatisfied with the VPN’s service. 

PrivateVPN Customer Service.

Customer support is the backbone of a company; if a provider has poor customer support, their service will never succeed. Ensuring users about their queries is necessary. Luckily, PrivateVPN has a decent customer support service and offers the following support types; 

  • 24/7 Live Chat support.
  • Email.
  • FAQs.
  • Tickets.

The response time is quick, and the FAQs section has all the necessary answers. You can also contact the provider through email and the ticketing system, but the most convenient is live chat. When you start a live chat, an agent is assigned to you; they usually solve customer issues. 

Pros and cons of PrivateVPN 

Here is a table of all the features we liked about PrivateVPN alongside the things we didn’t like about it. 

It offers high encryption and secure tunneling protocols. Servers are fewer in number compared to leading VPN services. 
It has a no-log policy to prevent data breaches. There is no WireGuard protocol, and users can use 
The P2P servers to help in file sharing and torrenting. The logging policy is not audited. 
It offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is no Smart DNS.
It offers proxies like HTTP and SOCKS5 for security. Most servers are slow in speed. 
The Kill Switch prevents your device from connecting to a regular network during VPN connection drops. It is not suitable for gaming. 
It is a Stealth VPN and can bypass geo-blocks. It has no browser extension. 
Users can easily bypass Netflix US with PrivateVPN. 
You can pay anonymously through bitcoin. 
It prevents ISP throttling and provides unlimited bandwidth. 
Customer service is available 24/7. 

Final verdict.

PrivateVPN is a good service with servers in more than 60 countries and excellent features. It offers dedicated IPs, AES encryption, Kill Switch, and secure proxies. Moroever, it supports torrenting and streaming as well. We loved that it can easily unblock Netflix US and Amazon Prime. Besides, it is a Stealth VPN that can bypass firewalls and geo-blocks easily.

There are numerous providers out there with much better features. However, the speed is unsatisfactory, and users cannot perform gaming. It has a no-log policy, but it is not audited, so there is no guarantee that it is secure. Overall, it is a good service, but not the best.


PrivateVPN uses AES-256-bit encryption with secure protocols to ensure maximum security. Also, it is based in Sweden, a free and privacy-friendly country. 

No, PrivateVPN is not free; you must pay for a payment package to use the VPN. However, it offers a 7-day free trial which is completely free, and you only need to sign in with your email. 

Yes, the VPN can easily unblock Netflix, including the US library.

Yes, it may decrease your speed slightly, but you won’t feel the speed change. Users can still perform lag-free buffering and torrenting with PrivateVPN.