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The VPN masks your IP address and provides end-to-end encryption that enhances your digital privacy. Despite claiming to protect your IP address, VPN providers leak your IP address and expose your online activities. IPLeak mostly occurs when your VPN fails to do what it promised. 

If you also doubt your VPN credibility and want to see if it provides the desired level of online security, you should test it for IP leaks. 

Read along and learn how to check for IP leaks. 

Authentic IP Leak Test Tools

Despite being an excellent anonymity tool, a VPN leaks your IP address, which brings catastrophic impacts on your online security. To test your VPN for IP leaks, you should use tools like: 

  2. WhatismyIPaddress

These are the most authentic and trustworthy tools to use while testing IPLeak, otherwise, you end up with some affiliated tool site, which will misguide and manipulate the results to sell their own VPN.  

How to Check a VPN for IP Leaks?

To check a VPN for IP leaks, you have to consider different parameters. To do so, follow the steps below to check the VPN for IP leaks: 

  1. Open your browser and perform any task. 
  2. Check your VPN’s IP address by using any tool mentioned above. 
  3. Test the VPN for DNS leaks to confirm that your VPN isn’t leaking your IP address via DNS. 
  4. Run a WebRTC leak test or manually disable WebRTC to prevent your browser from leaking your IP address to all snooping eyes. 
  5. Check your Torrent IP while you’re downloading torrents as, at times, because of your Torrent IP leaks, snoopers know about your online behavior.

Compare the IP addresses provided by the VPN. If the obtained IP address is the same as your VPN, your VPN is perfectly maintaining your online security.

Best VPNs With IP Leak Protection 

Read more and find out about the VPNs that provide maximum online security by hiding your IP address: 

1. CyberGhost VPN 

CyberGhost: 7000+ optimized servers enhance your gaming, streaming, and torrenting experience. Plus, bypass ISP throttling. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. 

CyberGhost is another great VPN that protects against IP leaks. When an IP leak test was conducted, CyberGhost wasn’t leaking the IP address, which means that it is a reliable VPN to use. It also uses in-class AES-256 bit encryption and WireGuard protocol for robust online protection. Besides strong encryption, CyberGhost also provides strong privacy to the users. It uses various advanced features like a kill switch, ad protection feature, and others that keep you protected over the web. 

Moreover, the VPN provider also follows a strict no-log policy under which it doesn’t keep any data logs that include your IP address. Every year, they publish their transparency report to show their users that the company never shares users’ data with anyone despite receiving several requests because they don’t store it. So, with CyberGhost, you remain protected while browsing the web. 

2. NordVPN

NordVPN: comes with 5000+ servers, great speed while torrenting and gaming. You can also enjoy US Netflix From abroad. Compatible with all devices and OS. 

 NordVPN is a secure and reliable VPN protecting against IP leaks. When tested for IP leaks, no leaks were found. The VPN further maintains your online security by preventing DNS and WebRTC leaks. Moreover, it uses solid and uncrackable encryption and tunneling protocols to safeguard your data from snooping eyes. Furthermore, NordVPN uses a range of privacy-boosting features to enhance your digital privacy. Kill switch, split tunneling, double VPN, and dedicated IP address are among some impressive features offered by NordVPN to boost your online presence. 

The VPN provider also follows a strict no-log policy that prevents collecting and sharing users’ IP addresses and other data logs. NordVPN is feature-packed and uses a wide range of features like a kill switch to enhance your digital privacy. 

3. Surfshark VPN 

SurfShark: With 3200+ server networks bypass throttling and download and stream unlimitedly. You can access Netflix and download torrents with privacy. 

Another best VPN ensures that no one tracks your IP address and learns about your browsing activities so, you should try using SurfShark VPN. An IP leak test was conducted for self-satisfaction, and SurfShark VPN performed exceptionally well as no IP leaks were found. The VPN comes with built-in protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks that make it a safe choice to consider using. It is one of the best VPNs that are truly private and can be trusted without a doubt. It follows a strict no-log policy and neither collects nor shares your IP address and other sensitive data. 

To enhance your digital privacy, SurfShark VPN uses AES-256 bit encryption and OpenVPN and WireGuard protocol. Besides this, the VPN also offers a range of features to protect your online privacy. 

4. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN provides robust digital security and allows unlimited streaming and torrenting. Enjoy a fast, stable, and reliable internet connection from anywhere and bypass ISP throttling. 

ProtonVPN is another top-rated VPN provider that offers maximum online protection to users’. It hides your IP address and thus is a reliable VPN provider to use. The VPN provider successfully passed all the IP leak tests and proves that by no means is it involved in leaking users’ IP addresses. Moreover, ProtonVPN is a fully-fledged VPN that uses numerous features to cater to your privacy needs. 

Besides this, the VPN belongs to a safe jurisdiction of Switzerland and follows a strict no-log policy. It has also undergone a security app audit process which proves that by no means ProtonVPN keeps users’ data logs. As a whole, it is an excellent option to consider for boosting your digital privacy. 

5. ExpressVPN 

Whether it’s ISP throttling, latency, or lower ping times that annoy you, you can enjoy ExpressVPN’s stable and fastest connection. Also, provide support with Netflix and Torrenting.

ExpressVPN is an ideal VPN for streaming and torrenting. ExpressVPN is the best choice for these two activities because it hides your IP address and makes you utterly private over the web. By protecting against IP leaks, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, ExpressVPN ensures that no one can breach your online privacy. The VPN, in its privacy policy, has also stated that it refrains from collecting users’ IP addresses and handling it to any higher authorities upon request.

Besides this, ExpressVPN uses robust encryption and Lightway protocol to make you secure over the web. It also uses various security and privacy-boosting features like a network lock and ensures that by no means can anyone snoop or invade your online privacy. 

6. VyprVPN 

VyprVPN uses a proprietary Chameleon protocol that helps access the blocked torrent websites and streaming platforms. The speeds are reliable which prevents ISP throttling

VyprVPN is yet another best VPN that doesn’t leak your IP address while you surf the web. It also successfully passed the IP leak test its commitment to is towards maintaining users’ online security. The VPN uses strong encryption and Chameleon, OpenVPN, and WireGuard protocols to boost your digital privacy. 

With such strong encryption and VPN protocols, no one can view what you’re doing over the web. Moreover, like all other VPN providers, VyprVPN also offers impressive features essential for ensuring a safe and secure browsing experience. The VPN provider also has a verified log audit report that is enough to win users’ trust for being a reliable VPN provider.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy an anonymous and private web browsing experience, you should use a VPN to hide your IP address. The VPNs mentioned above come with IP leak protection and ensure that your activities remain covered bydoubtVPN providers. So, choose wisely and enhance your web browsing experience.