Which VPN Provides Dedicated IP? 4 Best Static IP VPN

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To retain maximum online anonymity, people use a VPN. It conceals your identity by hiding your IP address and replacing it with the one provided by them. Usually, a VPN provider assigns a dynamic IP address shared among other users connected to the same server and changes with time. But some VPNs do offer a dedicated IP address for the sake of maximum online protection. 

A dedicated or static IP address is usually a fixed IP address assigned explicitly to the users and does not change with time. The static IP address is different from your actual IP address and helps bypass censorship, maintain online privacy, and safely access online games. Moreover, they ensure fast connection compared to the shared IP addresses but come at an additional price. Since only a few VPN providers offer this feature so, here’s an overview of the best-dedicated IP VPN:

ProviderBest Server Location for Dedicated IP AddressPrice
CyberGhostCanada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US$5/mo
NordVPNFive locations including Germany, Dutch, France, Italy$70/Year
PureVPNSeven locations include Australia, Canada, Germany, Malta, Singapore, the UK, and the US$0.99/mo
PIA VPNCanada, Germany, the UK, and the US$5/mo

Using a VPN that offers a dedicated IP address comes with great benefits. Read along if you want to know about these benefits and how these VPNs help achieve those benefits. 

Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Address?

Since dedicated IP addresses are only assigned to a few individuals, it is believed that it maintains greater online anonymity while browsing the web. It is one of the main advantages of using a dedicated IP address. But, there are a few other significant advantages of using dedicated IP addresses. Below is an insight into the benefits of using a dedicated IP address:

Prevent Authentication

Nothing irritates a user more than going through the authentication process as you use a shared IP address. Whenever you connect to websites and services that use two-factor authentication, you have to prove your identity. With a dedicated IP address, you can instantly log in to these services without compromising your online security. 

Play Online Games

If you’re an avid gamer, you might know that to access the regional blocked games; you should connect from the exact location to ensure a hassle-free gaming address. With the shared IP addresses changing with time, using a dedicated IP address is a better option. By doing so, you can enjoy a stable gaming experience and remain utterly anonymous over the web. 

Access Online Banking Service 

If you use your banking app frequently and avoid visiting your bank now and then, using a dedicated IP address is a more secure option to use. With the dynamic IP address, your location gets changed, and the banking network might flag your activities for accessing the account from multiple locations. No one can doubt you with a dedicated IP address because all the activities are made from the same location. 

Access Geo-Blocked Content

At times, popular streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime block users with a common IP address. A dedicated IP address is not likely to get blocked by different streaming sites because a single user does not use it. Using a dedicated IP address, you can bypass the filters as it appears that you’re alone accessing their services. 

Easy Access to Websites

Using a dedicated IP address prevents you from becoming a victim of an IP blocklist. Websites block IP addresses used by numerous other users. It is mainly because they doubt you to be a hacker who’s there to hack the site or launch an attack. When you access the site with a dedicated IP address, it is difficult to suspect you since you’re the only person who has that IP address. 

Enjoy Fast Speeds

When you use a shared IP address, it usually takes time to establish a connection or connect to any website or service. It’s because apart from you, other users are also trying to connect to the service. All this causes the speed to slow down a bit. The dedicated IP address is faster as only one person uses it. It results in faster connection and makes your overall browsing experience worth amazing.

Four Best Dedicated IP VPNs

If you’re tired of searching for the best VPN with dedicated IP addresses, your wait is over. Below are the reviews for the best VPN providers that come with the dedicated IP address feature so, let’s dive into it. 

1 – CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another impressive VPN that comes with a dedicated IP address add-on feature. You can avail of this feature at the lowest price of $5 per month in five different locations, including: 

  • Canada
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • The UK 
  • US 

With CyberGhost dedicated IP address, you can have an IP address that you exclusively use. With this IP address, you can access the restricted network and can maintain your digital privacy. The VPN provider is a reliable and private VPN to use. It follows a strict no-log policy that doesn’t log any of your activity or connection logs. Moreover, the VPN issues transparency reports to ensure users live up to all their claims.

 It is safe to use, and the credit goes to its advanced security and privacy features. The VPN uses military-grade AES-256 encryption and a variety of encryption protocols like OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEV2 that safeguard your data from all snooping eyes. Because it has an extensive server network, it provides fast and consistent connection speed with no buffering or connection lags. The most impressive feature is the NoSpy servers that ensure both fast speed and security. Moreover, you can also stream and play online games as much as you want.

2 – NordVPN 

NordVPN is an excellent choice to consider if you’re looking for a VPN with the dedicated IP address feature. The VPN provider offers dedicated IP addresses in five different locations, namely: 

  • France 
  • Germany 
  • The Netherlands 
  • The UK
  •  The US

 You can easily get the dedicated IP address servers in these locations for an additional price of $70 per year. To avail the NordVPN’s dedicated IP address, you need to buy the NordVPN, follow the instructions to order the dedicated IP address, and connect and enjoy browsing. 

Besides offering a dedicated IP address, NordVPN provides a range of security and privacy-enhancing features that enhance your security. It comes with DNS and IP leak protection features along with a kill switch that doesn’t let your IP address get exposed in any case. 

Moreover, the VPN also uses strong encryption and security protocols to enhance your online protection and keep your activities hidden from the snooping eyes. Its fast connection speed and a verified no-log policy give users another reason to trust NordVPN and use it without any doubt. Because of obfuscated servers, you can even stream your favorite streaming channel and play games from other regions. 

3 – PIA VPN 

The next best VPN with a dedicated IP address is the PIA VPN. It offers the dedicated IP address servers in four locations, namely:

  • Canada 
  • Germany
  •  UK
  •  US 

You have to pay an extra $5 per month and enjoy its benefits to get this add-on. You can add this feature while buying a VPN subscription. Besides this, the VPN provides a port forwarding feature that redirects all the incoming connections to prevent the NAT firewall and enjoy more stable connections. It adheres to a no-log policy and has undergone a log audit process to prove its stance. 

The VPN provider also protects against VPN leaks to boost your online security. It offers above-average speeds to ensure a worthy user experience. Some other impressive features include a kill switch, Tor compatibility, and SOCKS5 proxy. The VPN is also updating their servers that help in accessing Netflix. With more than 29,000 servers in 78 countries, users can bypass the geo-blocked and IP blocklists restrictions and access the web safely. However, PIA VPN’s merger with Kape Technologies makes it suspicious to use.

4 – PureVPN

 PureVPN is yet another VPN that comes with the dedicated IP address feature. The website claims that it offers dedicated IP address servers in seven different countries, including: 

  • Australia 
  • Canada 
  • Germany
  •  Malta 
  • Singapore 
  • UK 
  • US 

You can have the dedicated IP address feature for $0.99 per month. It is yet another secure and reliable VPN that uses AES-256 bit encryption and secure tunneling protocols. The VPN does protect against VPN leaks and strengthens your online security and privacy. PureVPN uses various security and privacy-focused features to increase your online security, such as a kill switch, port forwarding, and DDoS protection. It works exceptionally well on Netflix and other popular streaming platforms and makes your experience worth amazing.

Is VPN with Dedicated IP Worth Using?

If you’re a privacy-conscious person and are looking for extra online protection and privacy, you can consider using a VPN with a dedicated IP address. It is of great advantage as it allows you to use an IP address that is not shared among other users. Also, with the dedicated IP address, you can prevent geo-blocks and IP blocklists. You can make your gaming experience better with a static IP address without compromising on your online security and privacy. Hence, yes, it is worth using. But make sure that you don’t rely on this IP address permanently. 

What Is the Difference Between Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses?

VPN providers offer two types of IP addresses, i.e., shared and dedicated IP addresses, and both differ significantly. As the name implies, the shared IP or the dynamic IP address is the VPN that assigns you while you connect to a server. They are usually shared by a group of people and are hard to track. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you any extra bucks. While on the other hand, a dedicated IP address is the one that is assigned to an individual user upon request. To use a dedicated IP address, you need to pay an extra amount. Since a single user uses it, it is more likely to get tracked.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using a Dedicated IP Address?

Using a dedicated IP address is not like always enjoying benefits. It does come with some issues that can somehow affect your browsing experience. As a single user uses this IP address, it is easy to track and know about your online activities. Moreover, using them is like bearing an extra cost because they aren’t free. You have to pay monthly or yearly to get a dedicated IP address. Lastly, if you’re already using a VPN service, it isn’t guaranteed that they’ll offer a dedicated IP address. For instance, Surfshark used to provide the dedicated IP address, but it has stopped the service now. If you want to enjoy the perks of a dedicated IP address, you have to use the best VPN with dedicated IPs.

Final Thoughts

A VPN is an efficient tool to hide your IP address. Nowadays, people who are more conscious about hiding their online activities can use a dedicated IP address instead of a shared IP address. Unlike the shared ones, they prevent IP blocklist, geo-block restrictions and allow you to play online games without any limits. The VPNs mentioned above do come with a dedicated IP address feature so, consider using them.

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