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Undoubtedly, Roku media players provide access to an enormous number of applications and streaming services. However, their capabilities are not without limitations. 

Your geographical location plays a prominent role in determining which content you can stream on Roku. Hence, in order to bypass geographical restrictions as well as ISP throttling, you will need a VPN to assist your streaming. 

A VPN is able to circumvent these limitations as it hides your data from your ISP and transmits it via a distant server in your preferred location. Hence, consequently, allowing you to circumvent geographical content restrictions. Moreover, you will get rid of ISP throttling.

List Of 6 Best VPNs For Roku

CyberGhost: 7000+ optimized servers enhance your gaming, streaming, and torrenting experience. Plus, bypass ISP throttling. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. 

NordVPN: comes with 5000+ servers, great speed while torrenting and gaming. You can also enjoy US Netflix From abroad. Compatible with all devices and OS. 

SurfShark: With 3200+ server networks bypass throttling and download and stream unlimitedly. You can access Netflix and download torrents with privacy. 

ProtonVPN provides robust digital security and allows unlimited streaming and torrenting. Enjoy a fast, stable, and reliable internet connection from anywhere and bypass ISP throttling. 

Whether it’s ISP throttling, latency, or lower ping times that annoy you, you can enjoy ExpressVPN’s stable and fastest connection. Also, provide support with Netflix and Torrenting.

VyprVPN uses a proprietary Chameleon protocol that helps access the blocked torrent websites and streaming platforms. The speeds are reliable which prevents ISP throttling

Best VPN for Roku? Short Overviews.

Roku does not work efficiently with all VPNs; you will need limitless bandwidth, fast speeds to prevent buffering, numerous servers in the area you want to connect to, and the ability to circumvent the Roku VPN restrictions in order to stream properly. All of these features are necessary for effective streaming through a VPN. For your convenience, we have compiled a shortlist of VPNs that fulfill the above requirements. They are:

1. CyberGhost


If you’re looking to avail streaming services on a budget, then CyberGhost VPN is the best choice for you. It features a very user-friendly design that makes it highly accessible to anyone regardless of their previous familiarity with VPNs. It also provides Netflix support. Some of its more prominent features are:

Speed: It utilizes L2TP-IPsec & PPTP VPN protocols that are known for providing unmatchable speeds. Its protocols and connection rates enable it to provide dependable, high-definition streaming of content from any platform.

Number of servers: You may access its services via more than 6500 servers located in 90 countries, allowing you to access content from a wide range of geographical locations.

Encryption: In order to provide you with unrestricted streaming services, it also employs military-grade AES 256 bit encryption.

Device compatibility: CyberGhost VPN consists of dedicated applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, as well as Linux. If necessary, you may also utilize the Smart DNS function to extend coverage to additional devices, such as game consoles and smart televisions. 

Compared to the other VPN services, establishing CyberGhost VPN on a router is the simplest and takes the shortest time. It further allows you to stream on up to seven devices at the same time, allowing you to access a variety of content simultaneously.

2. NordVPN


NordVPN possesses great streaming features and is a reliable option for you to access the geo-restricted content on Roku. It is capable of gaining access to some of the most renowned streaming platforms, allowing users to view a variety of media. Its streaming features are as follows:

Speed: The NordLynx protocol guarantees consistently fast streaming speeds. Furthermore, it also possesses the IKEv2/IPsec protocol that might serve as a great alternative.

A number of servers: It possesses about 5032 servers located worldwide in 59 countries.

Encryption: The VPN provider possesses military-grade AES 256 bit encryption that helps in preventing ISP throttling.

Device compatibility: It is supported by many different network routers and firmware, which makes it an excellent option for Roku. A SmartPlay feature enables you to have unlimited access to a range of media, regardless of whatever device you are using.

Nord VPN allows up to 6 connections on a single account, allowing you to share the connection with your family easily.

3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is an excellent option for all your streaming requirements with its stable connection as well as support for multiple streaming platforms, such as Netflix. It also offers adequate assistance for router installation, along with a dedicated app. This is why it is suitable for all Roku devices. ExpressVPN also offers DNS streaming services that help you access geo-restricted content. Its features that help in streaming are as follows:

Speed: The speeds offered by ExpressVPN are among the fastest you can possibly experience, and they’re more than sufficient for 4K streaming.

Number of servers: ExpressVPN has a diverse server network located in 160 locations worldwide in about 94 countries for you to choose from. It offers more than 3000 servers. 

Encryption: ExpressVPN offers 256-bit AES encryption that enables you to stream without any restrictions as you are free from your ISP’s surveillance.

Device compatibility: ExpressVPN is capable of unblocking BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now.

ExpressVPN allows you to establish up to 5 connections on a single account, providing freedom to access as much content as you want. It also offers specialized routers that are pre-flashed with software that makes it simple to route Roku via the VPN servers.

4. SurfShark


Since it offers unlimited bandwidth, SurfShark VPN is a top contender in the VPN market. With SurfShark VPN’s ability to unblock streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, etc., you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows no matter where you are.

Speed: SurfShark VPN does not significantly slow down your internet speed in comparison to most other VPNs. It is one of the most speedy VPNs for Roku available today due to its newest tunneling technology, WireGuard, which makes SurShark VPN one of the most reliable options available.

Number of servers: SurfShark VPN also possesses a wide server network with more than 3200 servers located in 65 countries.

Encryption: SurfShark VPN might not be as advanced in anonymity as others; however, it is perfect for streaming and encrypting your data traffic to avoid ISP throttling. 

Device compatibility: SurfShark VPN is compatible with most streaming devices, such as Android, iOS, Mac, PC, as well as your router. Moreover, it allows you to use all these devices at the same time with its unlimited bandwidth and connections.

SurfShark VPN allows you to have unlimited connections on a single account.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Roku?

Geo-blocks are used by the majority of streaming services available on Roku, including Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix, in order to restrict what you can view depending on your region.

This implies that if you reside in the United States, for instance, your access is restricted to the content produced in the United States. However, you may get around these restrictions by using a premium VPN service. VPNs disguise your IP address, making it seem as if you’re streaming from a different location. So, if you’re outside the United States and want to access the US Netflix library, all you have to do is connect to a server in the United States.

Using a VPN may also help you to avoid ISP throttling. It occurs when your ISP slows down your connection in order to maintain data traffic. However, your ISP will mostly throttle your internet connection when he sees you streaming on the internet. If you have frequent sluggish speeds and buffering as a result of your heavy streaming activity, a VPN may be of assistance.

Does Roku Support VPNs?

Unfortunately, Roku devices aren’t compatible with VPNs. Due to this, you will need to install a VPN on some other device and subsequently connect it to your Roku device. 

  • You can either install a VPN on an Android device that is capable of screencasting on your television and utilize it to watch geo-restricted content and bypass ISP throttling easily.
  • Another way is to set up a VPN on the linked WiFi router. 
  • You can also utilize a VPN-protected WiFi hotspot as an alternative.

However, the incompatibility runs further than that. Even after installing a VPN on your Roku device, you will face the following issues:

  • Changing the servers of your VPN on a Roku device does not mean that you will be able to access content from that server’s location. There is only a fixed region whose content you can gain access to.
  • Due to the fact that Roku accounts are bound to the region in which they were originally set up, you will need to create a new Roku account for each nation in which you want to view media.
  • Moreover, when using a Roku device, you will not be able to add numerous accounts to a single device or simply log in and out of an account. Hence, you will need to do a factory reset and set up your account again if you want to enjoy the content of another region. 

An alternate option for you to gain access to content from multiple regions would be to purchase additional Roku devices. However, that option seems pretty unnecessary and price-consuming.

How to Choose The Best VPN For Roku?

Through extensive research, the top 4 VPNs that have come forth as the most reliable are mentioned below. However, there are other VPN services available in case you are dissatisfied with these VPN options. You may even test the suggested VPNs through their free trial periods and come up with your own decision. If you decide to look for the best VPNs for Roku, bear in mind the following factors:

Stable connection speed: 

A fast and stable connection speed is necessary for streaming on Roku in order to prevent buffering and network dropouts when watching your favorite show or movie.

Server locations:  

The server network of a VPN is an essential element since it will decide what regionally restricted material you will be able to access on Roku. The greater the number of servers, the better will be your streaming experience as your connection won’t lag.

Device compatibility: 

When utilizing Roku, it is essential for a VPN to be compatible with multiple streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO+, etc. These platforms host several geo-restricted contents and are one of the top reasons that a VPN for streaming is required in the first place. 

Installation procedure: 

The installation procedure of the VPN should be straightforward. Due to the fact that you cannot directly install VPNs on a Roku device, any VPN that offers adequate assistance for router installation may be a suitable choice for usage with Roku.


VPN encryption prevents other parties from intercepting and monitoring your data network traffic. In this way, you can also avoid being subjected to ISP throttling as your ISP is unable to monitor your streaming activity.

Unlimited bandwidth: 

If you are looking to watch high-definition content on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, you will require unlimited bandwidth. It will ensure that you don’t run out of data before you’ve even finished your episode.

Simultaneous connections: 

It might be a better option to count your streaming devices beforehand and then choose your VPN that allows connecting to all of them simultaneously. This is necessary to ensure that all the connections can enjoy streaming without any hindrance.

VPN protocols: 

VPN protocols play a great role in determining the speed of the VPN. Hence, they are an extremely important factor.

How to Set Up a VPN on Roku?

Since you can not set up a VPN directly on Roku, you have three alternate options to choose from, depending on your ease of access. They are:

Setting a VPN on your router

Installing a VPN on your router is one of the most effective methods to connect it with your Roku device as well. This way, just by connecting to your router, your Roku will get access to all of the VPN’s capabilities. Here’s how you can effectively set up a VPN on your router:

  • First, you need to check whether your network router is compatible with DD-WRT, a firmware that enables you to download new software, before proceeding. If not, use an alternative firmware that supports VPN installation.
  • Next, set up the compatible version DD-WRT, or any other firmware, on your router.
  • Consult the user manual for your router to learn how to flash firmware onto it.
  • Now, log in to your router using the assigned IP address.
  • Click on “Setup, choose “Basic Set-up, and then navigate to “Network Address Server Setting. 
  • Here, you have to turn off IPv6.
  • Next, click on the “Services” option and select “VPN, followed by the option “OpenVPN.
  • Then, fill in the information required.

Following that, you may make changes to your connection via the VPN’s interface. Once you’ve selected the server that you wish to use, you can register for a Roku account and begin streaming your preferred content without any geo-restrictions.

Setting a VPN on a virtual router

Instead of setting up a VPN on your router, if you prefer just to connect the Roku when necessary, you can opt for setting up a virtual VPN router or mobile hotspot on your device. However, each operating system has its own method of establishing a virtual router. Here is how you can set up a Virtual VPN router.

On Windows 10:

The screen mirroring option is available as well for streaming on Roku. However, as an alternative, you can set up a virtual router on Windows 10.

  1. Select “Settings,” choose “Network and Internet,” and then click on “Mobile hotspot” from the menu.
  2. Next, select “Wi-Fi” and then turn on Mobile hotspot functionality.
  3. Navigate to “Settings” again, click on the option “Network & Internet,” and under the Advanced Network Settings menu, select “Change adapter options.”
  4. Then right-click on [VPN Provider] Windows Adapter and then choose “Properties.”
  5. Click on the “Sharing tab” and then check the box that says, “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection box.”
  6. The hotspot you established will appear in the drop-down menu above the adapter labeled as Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter, which you may access by clicking on it. 

Once you’ve selected the option, your setup will complete and you can enjoy streaming on Roku.

On Mac OS:

Mac OS is also compatible with a virtual router. Here’s how you can go about setting it up:

  1. First, you need to retrieve the login details provided by your VPN service provider.
  2. Next, configure an L2TP/IPsec VPN on your Mac.
  3. Select “Sharing” from the “System Preferences” menu.
  4. Navigate to “Internet Sharing,” however, don’t turn it on just yet.
  5. To connect to a VPN, choose it from the drop-down menu and tick the Wi-Fi” option from the “To computers using:” menu.
  6. Next, go to Wi-Fi Options, and create a password for the wifi network.
  7. Now, find the Internet Sharing option and select Enable to establish a connection.
  8. Next, connect to the VPN by activating it.
  9. Finally, link Roku to your Mac through Wi-Fi.

There are a very few VPNs that are able to support virtual routing on Mac OS. Hence, you need to decide which VPN to use carefully.

Setting Smart DNS on your Roku device

You can also unblock geo-restricted media by using Smart DNS, which makes use of particular DNSs (Domain Name Servers). When you use smart DNS, just a portion of your traffic is sent to its servers. This entails that it will not adversely impact your internet speed.

Here’s how to set up Smart DNS on your Roku device:

  1. Navigate to the DNS settings section under your router’s dashboard.
  2. Next, in order to access unblocked media, you need to get two different DNS server addresses from your VPN provider that are situated in the country where the unblocked content is hosted.
  3. Then, input the two different DNS server addresses into the appropriate sections in the Roku configurations menu, and you’re good to go.

However, a significant drawback of Smart DNS is that it doesn’t use encryption, enabling your ISP to view your streaming activity on Roku. This would lead him to throttle your connection.

Should you use a free VPN for Roku?

A free VPN is never a reliable alternative for unblocking content, nor does it help in preventing ISP throttling. This is because free VPNs do not offer the same degree of top-tier VPN protocols, connection speeds, server count, or user-friendliness as premium VPNs.

Using a free VPN service on Roku will make it difficult to access prohibited content for the following reasons:

  1. Free VPNs often depend on a small number of servers that are located in limited areas. Hence, it limits your access to a streaming platform from any nation of your preference, thus restricting the content you may unblock. 
  2. Streaming sites are more likely to report and block VPN services with fewer servers. Hence, denying you access altogether if you use a free VPN.
  3. Even if you find a free VPN that enables you to access premium platforms like Netflix or HBO Now, the sluggish speed will prevent you from viewing your favourite content.
  4. Free VPNs often possess minimal bandwidth; hence, you may encounter a great deal of lagging and connectivity dropouts while using them.

Although the use of free VPNs is not recommended, there are some selected free VPNs that might provide you adequate assistance, when necessary.

Final Words

When it comes to Roku devices, you will need to seek aid from other devices that can be linked to them in order to access geo-restricted media via a VPN service. A VPN service will not only allow you to access global media, but it will also disable your ISP from seeing your online activity, hence, eliminating ISP throttling.

Roku devices are incompatible with VPNs; hence, you will need to invest extra effort in its installation and take secondary routes. However, once you have completed the installation, your effort would be worthwhile as it offers a plethora of streaming capabilities.

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