Google1 VPN Review: Why Is The VPN A Privacy Hazard?

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This privacy software is for securing the security of business organizations. It mostly works for those who quite often use different Google Cloud Services. A normal reliable VPN and Google Cloud VPN differ from each other in many ways. Their functions and working process are also different.


Google One

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Google services are well known for providing users with various beneficial assistance, and recently they have come up with their own VPN service. Google1 VPN is a relatively new VPN service launched in 2020. The service is very basic; when we say basic, we mean it. 

As for now, the VPN is only available for Android and iOS. It is very secretive about its encryption and uses its own proprietary protocol. Moreover, the app design is pretty simple, and the privacy history is alarming.  

Besides, it is not sold separately, and users must purchase at least 2 terabytes (TB) of Google One cloud storage. Therefore, to solve the mystery of Google1 VPN, we have decided to take the matter into our own hands. This review will discuss Google1 VPN’s encryption, speed, streaming capabilities, privacy policies, etc. 

Who owns Google1 VPN? 

On October 29, 2020, Google1 VPN was launched. Google One is a cloud storage service by Google that has started offering a VPN service to its US users on purchasing the 2TB Google1 cloud storage. 

However, Google products are not the best choice when searching for a privacy-friendly VPN. The company is known for tracking its users to sell the information to advertising companies. 

The main reason why people use VPN services is to protect their data from reaching the hands of advertising and surveillance companies. And what is the more popular surveillance company than Google itself? In 2022 Google agreed to record and sell users’ data in an agreement with 40 states. This further clarifies the shady history of Google. Moreover, a popular VPN service, ProtonVPN, also passionately resisted the idea of using Google1 VPN. 

ProtonVPN stated,

VPNs have long been essential online tools that provide security, freedom, and most importantly, privacy. Each day, hundreds of millions of internet users connect to a VPN to prevent their online activities from being tracked and monitored so that they can privately access web resources. In other words, the very purpose of a VPN is to prevent the type of surveillance that Google engages in on a massive and unprecedented scale.

These are some harsh and, unfortunately, truthful words from ProtonVPN. In other words, using Google1 VPN is not the most recommended by experts. And although it is only available in the US, the company has stated to introduce the service in other countries in the future. 

What is Google1 VPN about?

Searching for a reliable VPN, the most important features we look for is robust encryption, security, no-log policy, and safe jurisdiction. A VPN can be named reliable if it passes the basic security standards. 

Google1 VPN is a new name in the VPN industry, and there is not much to unfold about the service. Many concerns about its privacy have been raised, and we did this review to solve the confusion about the VPN. It is a pretty basic VPN with limited features, and the service keeps most information private.  

  • Jurisdiction: it is based in the US, a country alliance with five-eyes Intelligence. 
  • Online privacy: the encryption is private, and Google1 provides no details. 
  • No-log policy: it has a no-log policy and does not store personal user information. 
  • Streaming: it does not unblock streaming sites, as the VPN does not allow location changing.
  • Torrenting and P2P: it does not mention torrenting, and there is no guarantee that it is safe for torrenting. 
  • Gaming: it is not suitable for gaming. 
  • Tor Browser: It has dark web monitoring, which helps in safely accessing the Tor browser. 

We did in-depth research to gather all the important information about Google1 VPN and looked into online forums for better insights about the service. Besides, we used the VPN to check out its logging policy, security features, and speeds. Read further to learn more about the VPN. 

Does Google1 VPN offer good security?

VPNs are usually used for security purposes and to keep your data private. We tried using Google1 VPN to see if it was safe enough, and luckily the VPN is very secure. However, Google is very secretive about what encryption it uses. One thing we can ensure is that it is secure. It protects your IP, and there were no DNS leaks. Besides, there is no long list of security features like other VPNs; it offers the following features.

  • Snooze: This deactivates the VPN for five minutes. It is like a scheduled timer; you can end the snooze before five minutes or add five more minutes if you want. 
  • Split-tunneling: users can choose if they want individual app data to remain unencrypted. 
  • Dark web monitoring: it scans the dark web for user credentials and notifies the user if it detects leaks. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing too unique that comes with Google1. The snooze feature is new, but other than that, nothing is too exciting about it. There is no dedicated IPs or Kill Switch feature, which is essential to maximize security. Moreover, it has no ad or malware blocker, so your device is always at risk of installing unwanted malware and viruses. However, the service is cheaper than other popular VPNs but is not sold separately, so it is not for everyone. 

Jurisdiction- are the headquarters in a safe location? 

The VPN is based in the United States, raising many heads regarding the security of the service. The US is a member of the five-eye intelligence meaning the government can request user data anytime, and the VPN has to fulfill the request. That’s why it is essential to look into the jurisdiction of a VPN before choosing a VPN. 

Google1 VPN promises to keep no logs of user data, but like other services, it stores some minimum information for privacy purposes. So in upcoming years, if the US government ever demands user data, the VPN has to give away the stored information. And as frightening as it sounds, we recommend using a VPN with better security. 

What logging policy does the VPN follow?

It has a no-log policy and states that it does not log, sell or use its customer’s data. However, the VPN is audited by NCC, ensuring it is safe. Besides, Google already has a lot of access to users’ data, and when you use Google1 VPN, you give access to most of your online activity. Google also uses various ways to track its customer’s activity, which makes it confusing if the VPN is safe. 

The VPN logs the following data;

  • How many times have you accessed the VPN? 
  • Bandwidth rate.
  • Tunnel uptime. 
  • Packet loss rate.
  • Aggregate data. 

The following data is not logged;

  • Network traffic, including DNS.
  • IP addresses.
  • Bandwidth utilized by an individual user.
  • Timestamps.
  • Usage Duration.
  • Data consumed.
  • Server error logs.

So, if some information is logged, there is nothing to worry about because your IP and other critical data are still secure. 

Past history of the VPN

It is a relatively new VPN launched in 2020, and thus, we couldn’t find anything disturbing about it. There was no record of data breaches or anything that could raise privacy concerns. Although Google does not hold a clean record of respecting users’ privacy, Google1 VPN has a strict privacy policy. It has a no-log policy and protects users’ data by encrypting it. 

What Encryption does Google1 use?

Choosing a VPN with robust encryption is important to protect your data and maintain your privacy. However, Google1 VPN keeps this information a secret, and no one knows what goes behind the scenes. It is alarming that the VPN is so secretive about its encryption while other services brag about it. 

VPN Protocols

Like encryption, we have no information about what protocol Google1 VPN uses. All it says is that the VPN uses a proprietary protocol. However, it promised to introduce IPSEC in the near future but didn’t tell when exactly. 

Streaming: Can Google1 VPN unblock streaming sites?

VPNs use obfuscating serves and Smart DNS technology to bypass geo-blocks and unblock streaming sites. They also help in preventing ISP throttling and other streaming issues. Most of the popular VPNs mention streaming on their sites and offer numerous streaming features. However, Google1 VPN is definitely not the right VPN for streaming.

The service does not allow users to change their location and automatically connect them to a server. So, if you are in India and want to access Netflix US, the VPN won’t change your location, and you won’t be able to bypass geo-blocks. Besides, the VPN states that; “You won’t be able to change your IP location to view content that is not available in your region.” So, it is pretty clear it is not designed for streaming. 

We tried using the VPN to unblock streaming platforms; our first stop was Netflix. Unfortunately, the VPN failed to bypass geo-block. On the other hand, sites like BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime have blocked the VPN from accessing. 

Torrenting: Does Google1 VPN support torrent clients?

Nowhere on its website does Google1 VPN mention Torrenting or P2P sharing. There is no guarantee that it is safe for torrenting, and as there are no P2P servers, we assume that it is not designed for torrenting either. We recommend using a different service that offers better security and supports torrenting on its servers. 

Gaming: Is the VPN suitable for gaming? 

If you plan on gaming with Google1 VPN, remember that the VPN is not very fast. Moroever, as it cannot bypass geo-restrictions, you won’t be able to access geo-blocked games. Besides, no security features like Kill Switch or proxies help in gaming. In short, Google1 VPN is not suitable for gaming. 

Google1 VPN Support with Tor

Accessing the Tor Browser without a VPN is unsafe. It poses risks of data breaches and IP leaks. We tried using Google1 VPN with Tor Browser. Here is what the VPN offers regarding security; 

  • Split-tunneling: users can choose if they want individual app data to remain unencrypted. 
  • Dark web monitoring: it scans the dark web for user credentials and notifies the user if it detects leaks.

Unfortunately, no kill switch can protect against IP leaks, but Dark web monitoring helps browse the Tor Browser safely. The speed was good, and there was no data leak. The VPN is a good choice for Tor browsing, but other services offer more security than Google1. 


Google1 VPN’s pricing differs from other services. If you want to get the VPN, you must purchase the Google One cloud storage premium or higher subscription package and get the Google1 VPN service. Unfortunately, the VPN is not sold separately, which is a bummer. 

2TB plan$9.99 per month.
5TB plan $24.99 per month.
10TB plan $49.99 per month.
20TB plan $99.99 per month.

It accepts the following Payment methods:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal

Unfortunately, Google1 VPN does not accept cryptocurrency and has no anonymous payment option. 

Customer Support: Is the VPN user-friendly? 

Google1 VPN is among the few services that offer call support. We tried contacting customer support, and it was a good experience. Customer support can be contacted through the following ways;

  • Call support.
  • Live chat.
  • Email support. 

We contacted the over-the-phone support and had to fill out a form regarding our query first. After filling out that form, within 20 minutes, we received a call from a Google support representative. He asked a few questions and tried to answer our queries. However, in the end, the call wasn’t very successful. It seemed as if the representative only knew some basic information and made us hold every few seconds. Overall, it was not the best experience, and we have had much better customer support. 

Pros and cons 

There are a lot of things that Google1 lacks, but in the meantime, it also has some benefits, such as; 

The split tunneling feature helps in selective encryption. There is no Kill Switch. 
It is easy to use. The encryption and protocols are unknown. 
Users get 24/7 customer support with over-the-phone service. It cannot unblock geo-restrictions. 
The server list is also unknown. 
It does not support gaming or torrenting. 
It lacks numerous security features. 
Google has a shady history of tracking and selling users’ data. 

Final Words.

Google1 VPN is a new product of Google services, and where it lacks many basic security features, it is crucial to understand that it is a free service that comes with Google One cloud storage. The main purpose of this VPN is not security; it is to attract more customers. However, the VPN promises to upgrade, add more security features, and introduce IPSEC protocol in the future. 

There is no information about its encryption, protocols, or server list. Besides, it cannot unblock streaming sites. The VPN states that it does not unblock geo-blocks. So if you are looking for a VPN for streaming, it is not the right choice. Overall, it is a fast and secure VPN with limited features. If you want Google One cloud storage, the VPN would be a nice tool to come along; otherwise, there are other services with better features. 


Unfortunately, Google One VPN does not allow users to change their location. It will automatically connect you to a nearby server, and you cannot change your location. 

It is an easy-to-use and simple VPN service with limited features. It is very secretive about its encryption and servers. However, it follows a no-log policy and offers fast speed. 

It is $9.99 per month with Google One cloud storage. Meaning if you buy cloud storage from Google, the VPN comes with the premium package. 

No, in order to use Google1 VPN, you must purchase Google One cloud storage. It cannot be brought separately. 

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