What Is A Dedicated IP? The Best VPNs for Dedicated IP Addresses

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While connecting to a VPN with a dedicated IP address, you can make your entire browsing experience worthwhile. After several days of thorough research, I’ve come up with another article about what is a dedicated IP? If you are a tech-savvy person that you know about it very well. VPNs like NordVPN, CyberGhost, Pure, Ivacy, and SurfShark VPN are the best VPNs with a dedicated IP address. 


The dedicated IP is of great importance. It comes with great benefits and increases the worth of the VPN having it. In this article, I’m going to share everything about a dedicated IP. So, if you’re interested, then let’s dive into it.

What is a Dedicated IP?

A VPN server assigns you an IP address that replaces it with your real IP address. With this, you remain anonymous while surfing the web. The IP address assigned by the VPN server is of two types:

  • Shared IP address
  • Dedicated IP address

A dedicated IP is a particular IP that your VPN assigns you when you sign up for a VPN. It is a static and unique IP address that your VPN service provider gives only to you. It is different from your original IP address and never changes.

Unlike the shared IP addresses, the dedicated IPs are used by a single person. What happens is that when you connect to a VPN, the given IP address is shared by many other users. You and all other users will share the same IP address. The internet traffic of the users will route through the same VPN server. But with dedicated IP, things are not the same.

The dedicated IP is a static IP that no one else can use. When you connect with a dedicated IP, the VPN redirects your traffic through that IP without accepting others’ traffic. The dedicated IP doesn’t compromise on privacy. This is the reason that they are less likely to get blocked from websites. Moreover, it also prevents CAPTCHAs and makes online transactions.

How Dedicated IP Address Differs From the Shared IP?

There is a significant difference between both the IPs. It is evident by the name that the shared IP are those which several other users use. But a dedicated IP is assigned to a single user. In a shared IP, you share IP; thus, yours and other data travel across the same server. 

The shared IP comes in handy while downloading torrents and P2P file sharing. It is easy to find peers and won’t cause any speed issues. While with a dedicated IP, your prime focus is to maintain a clean online reputation. 

Another difference is the device connection. We all know that VPNs allow many connections at a time. While shared IP will enable you to use six devices at a time, the other one only allows two devices at a time.

Is There Any Disadvantage of A Dedicated IP Address?

Yes! There are. Nothing is perfect in this world, and so the dedicated IP address. The static IP addresses have some significant drawbacks: 

  • They don’t come free. The VPNs who provide a dedicated IP address charge extra money for this service. The price can vary, but as it increases the entire cost of a VPN so, it is a disadvantage. Let’s suppose you are paying approximately $100 per year for your subscription. The price gets double if you buy the dedicated IP address. So, think wisely.
  • The dedicated IP address can interrupt your browsing experience with pop-up ads. While you use static IPs, the website you browse creates online preferences for you. As a result, you become the prime target of unwanted ads. Also, as hackers and trackers are behind these ads, they can track you, making you less anonymous.
  • The ISPs throttle all those IP addresses with zero volume history. They do so to maintain their reputation standards. But since you’re assigning with a new IP dedicated IP, it is possible to experience throttling.

The Best VPNs for Dedicated IP Addresses

Not all VPN service providers offer a dedicated IP address. There are very few that come with both shared and dedicated IP addresses. After combining a list of such VPNs, I tested them and confirmed them to be the best VPNs for dedicated IP addresses.

After testing, I have come up with the five best VPNs for dedicated IP addresses:

1- NordVPN

NordVPN offers both shared and a dedicated IP address for a secure VPN connection. It has an extensive server network that is spread in 59 countries. It allows the users to choose the server of their choice. By paying some extra amount of money, you can get a dedicated IP address. NordVPN’s dedicated IP address is available in four different locations. These countries include; Germany, Netherlands, UK, and the US. 

The service provider offers super-fast speed. Also, it is the best choice for streaming Netflix and other streaming sites. Moreover, it follows a strict no-log policy that guarantees your online protection. 

2- SurfShark VPN

Another best VPN for dedicated IP addresses is the emerging yet successful SurfShark VPN. Although it is new in the market, it provides excellent performance. It has more than 1700 servers present in 63 different states. These locations include; Japan, Germany, Singapore, Uk, and the US. 

The best thing about the SurfShark dedicated IP address is it doesn’t cost any extra charges. You have to pay once and will get the dedicated IP in your subscription plan. 

Charging no money for the IP address doesn’t mean it is unreliable to use. SurfShark is among the most secure VPN. It has a strict no-log policy and extra security features that boost users’ online privacy and security.

3- CyberGhost VPN

If privacy is your primary concern, then CyberGhost VPN should be your priority. It recently started to offer a dedicated IP address with an extra fee. But the IP address is more private and secure than any other VPn provider that is offering this service. The company allocates a token for the dedicated IP address. When users save that token in the VPN app, they’re assigned a dedicated IP address, which the company doesn’t know.

CyberGhost is a reliable VPN provider. It has all those essential features that are needed in a VPN with exceptional performance. It uses military-grade encryption and comes with a variety of advanced security features. These features include a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, ad blocker, Smart DNS server, and split tunneling. It is also a great choice when it comes to streaming and P2P file sharing. The company doesn’t store any logs that guarantee more online privacy.

4- IvacyVPN

The Singapore-based IvacyVPN offers a dedicated IP address in seven locations. These locations include Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, the UK, and the US. The cost of the dedicated IP address is added to the subscription plan.

Ivacy is the right choice for streaming. It has a decent server network. The speeds are reliable and allow to stream the blocked content and websites. With an Ivacy dedicated IP address, you can connect to a single device. But, as a whole, it allows simultaneous connection of up to five devices. 

5- PureVPN

Another VPN that offers a dedicated IP address is PureVPN. It assigns the dedicated IP address in eight countries. The countries include Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Malta, Singapore, the US, and the UK. The dedicated IP address in PureVPN doesn’t come free. The extra money is added to the subscription plan. 

The VPN is among the best VPN to keep you anonymous and allows you to bypass strict censorship. The price is quite affordable, and if you are not happy with the service, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

How is a Dedicated IP Address Useful?

No doubt, a dedicated IP address offers excellent advantages to the user. These advantages are both for individuals, and if you own a business and protect your business integrity.

If you have a business and look for a VPN with a dedicated IP address, your decision is right. With a dedicated IP address, you can guard the web server from DDoS attacks. Also, you can use a cheap internet usage plan. 

If you are a remote worker, then you should use a VPN with a dedicated IP address. When working from home with a single IP address ensures your privacy. Any snooping eyes won’t spy on your activities or business data and guarantees a secure connection between your boss and you. 

Furthermore, if you want to send quick emails, then the dedicated IP address proves handy. It allows fast communication and makes sure that your emails reach the desired destination timely. 

Is It Safe to Use a Dedicated IP Address?

Well! At first, it seems that the dedicated IP address is the best option. But, if we go in-depth, then we realize that it is not the best choice. You are not entirely safe with a dedicated IP address.

Not all VPN providers need to offer dedicated IP addresses. There are service providers that refuse to do so. Your identity is not as protected with a dedicated IP address as using the shared IP addresses. 

By tracking the customer account, the ISP can fetch the details. By linking the dedicated IP address and the user can identify them. Here it doesn’t matter if the VPN follows a verified log policy. Your identity can get revealed with a dedicated IP address.

To sum up, the dedicated IP address makes you more visible among the ISPs than the shared IP address. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, the dedicated IP address is a great way to browse the web securely with a single IP address. The IP address isn’t shared with other users and is different from your real IP address. These IP addresses have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is entirely up to the user to use it or not.

Particular VPN providers offer a dedicated IP address. Most of them charge extra money for it too. Those mentioned above are some of the best VPNs with a dedicated IP address. If you’re looking for one, then try anyone from the list.

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