What Is Trojan And How to Protect Yourself From Them?

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Besides hackers, the internet is full of other malicious agents that are always after the netizens. Among these actors, one is Trojans that is a type of malware. If you are the one who doesn’t know what trojans are and how to protect against them, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’re going to share some useful insights about Trojans.

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What Are Trojans?

A Trojan Horse is a malware program that has some destructive motives behind it. It can be an app, browser, website, free tools, and game downloads. Trojans aim to get into your system to access your valuable data. They enter the system through a back door and access sensitive information. The information includes bank account details and credit card information. 

In general, they impersonate themselves as legal programs and, by tricking the users, infect the system when downloaded. Like phishing emails, they look like email attachments that have come from some real and authentic organization. In some cases, the hackers use the name from your contact list to lure you into opening bogus files and websites. Upon clicking, the infected program gets downloaded, and Trojans start targeting your device.

Trojan Horse is the most dangerous form of malware that can cause you significant damage. Cyber-attackers can also use them for committing some malicious crimes. Cyber-criminals enter your computer and access all your confidential files that result in identity theft. 

It is now clear that Trojans doesn’t download on the system. If you allow them, they access your system. You can prevent them by not downloading any such program or file which you find suspicious and unfamiliar. You can use some verified software to protect yourself from the attack of Trojans. 

Different Types of Trojan Horses

A Trojan is an individual infected program that’s designed to perform some specific task. Thus, they are of various types. Every Trojan goal might vary, but they all aim to steal your valuable data and financial information. The mentioned below are some types of Trojan Horses.

Trojan Rootkit

These malicious programs work by damaging your systems’ activities. They allow the malware to work without getting detected. It means that till someone realizes that the system gets infected by malware, it’s too late because the Trojan has already done the damage.

Trojan Exploit

It takes advantage of some security flaw rising in your system software. It consists of malicious code and, with its help, attack the software and gain direct access to the files.


It is a type of virus that first downloads and installs malware on the computer system.


Cyber-criminals use the programs to install viruses on the system, and the Antivirus software fails to detect them.


As the name indicates, the malware infects the system to gain access to financial data. It includes information related to online bank accounts and credit card details.

Backdoor Trojan

It is the most common Trojan type that allows hackers to take remote control of an infected device. The hackers continue to work on the infected system as per their goal. They can receive, delete, send files, display, and reboot the system. Hackers use such malicious programs to form a zombie network for exploiting a group of bogus computers and carry out criminal activities.

Trojan-Fake AV

As the name implies, they are the fake Antivirus software that enters the system by fooling the users. First, they assure the users that their system is under significant security threats. They also offer help to remove all those threats by selling their Antivirus services. In reality, there is no such service. Their primary target is to make money from you and, in return, provide you fake Antivirus software that is Trojans and affects your system.


Ransomware is not a Trojan, but to conduct these attacks requires a Trojan. When the malware infects the system, encryption locks your access to specific parts of the system. The hackers demand to pay the ransom to access those areas, and in return, they’ll provide the decryption keys. 

How to Protect Yourself Against Trojans?

Every problem has some solution, and the same goes with the threats of Trojans’ horses. Trojans are the most complex form of malware. They are challenging to detect and prevent. One needs to use some advanced measures to protect against the threats of Trojans. Using sophisticated software like a VPN, firewalls, and Antivirus software, you can enjoy the extra layer of security.

Below are five preventive steps that can help you in protecting yourself against Trojans. Let’s review them.

Invest in a VPN

The best available solution to protect against Trojans is using a reliable VPN. It does not hide your IP address and keeps your activities hidden but also encrypts the data. Data encryption has become vital in the increasing security landscape. Because of encryption, it becomes impossible for hackers to invade your privacy. Also, it blocks the adware, malware, and trackers, ensuring you complete safety and security over the web.

Use a Firewall

Most systems come with a built-in firewall; you need to enable it and see the wonders it does. A firewall acts as a barrier and monitors all communication between the computer and the internet. They know what type of information is getting onto your network and if it is suitable for the system or not. Upon sensing anything malicious like a Trojan file, they restrict communication flow and protect you from damage.

Install a Reliable Antivirus

Both Antivirus and anti-malware programs act as the first line of defense. By using these programs, you can protect yourself from Trojans. Whenever your system gets affected by malware, the Antivirus scans it and sends you alerts about the threats. By running the Antivirus program, you can detect those threats and fix them before they can cause you any damage.

Be Cautious

Cybersecurity education is imperative in today’s era. You should know how risky downloads can be. Downloading programs and apps from any ads, messages, or unofficial sites contain hidden malware. Without your consent, the Trojans get into your system. Thus, always download from the official website or app store. Also, please don’t click on any suspicious links or banners and give them access to your system.

Update Your System

Updating the operating system soon there’s a new update is another great way to protect yourself against Trojans. Not updating the software provides a backdoor to the hackers to access your system and infect it with Trojans. Thus, do update it from time to time.

Wrapping Up

Trojans are a form of malware that infects the system to gain access to your valuable information. The activities can be stealing your personal, financial, and business data. There are different kinds of Trojans, and users download them without knowing that they are the infected files and programs. 

You can always adopt some preventive measures to protect against Trojans. These methods include using Antivirus or anti-malware programs and using a firewall. But, the most effective solution is to use a VPN. Invest in a reliable VPN and protect yourself from the threats of a Trojan horse.

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