Best Safe Torrent Clients To Download Torrents Securely

best torrent client

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Your torrenting activity is in safe hands as long as you incorporate a reliable torrent client that has proven its dedication to user privacy.

A safe torrent client serves as a bridge that allows you to navigate your way securely. But, a safe torrent client isn’t responsible for the malicious torrent links shared in a torrent swarm. A safe torrent client is just a means to get you to your destination and doesn’t pose any threat to your safety on its own.

However, the possibility of getting exposed to threats still exists due to inappropriate file sharing. Moreover, these threats might also lead you to grave legal trouble. Hence, to mitigate the privacy issues, it is ideal if your torrent client is compatible with additional security measures, such as a VPN, proxy, or antivirus software. To save you the hassle of searching for a reliable torrent client, here is a list of the best safe torrent clients that provide efficient privacy.

1. qBitTorrent

qBitTorrent is the perfect middle ground that you require when it comes to entertainment and safety. It combines fast speed, enhanced security, and a refined user interface to increase user experience. Some of its safety features include:

  • Open-sourced: qBitTorrent remains unmatchable in its reliability as it offers an open-source code that allows you to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities. It further proves that it doesn’t indulge in any ubiquitous dealings behind closed doors.
  • No adware and spyware: The absence of advertisements while downloading is every torrent user’s dream. Now, what if the possibility of spyware is removed too? Well, that’s exactly what qBitTorrent is capable of offering you, that too free of cost.
  • UI lock: Cybercriminals and copyright trolls are always lurking to get access to your torrenting activity somehow. Hence, to mitigate this issue, qBitTorrent uses a UI lock, consisting of a secure login ID and password to prevent third-party access.
  • Built-in search engine: qBitTorrent possesses a built-in search engine that lets you search for torrent links within the client itself. Since you are not accessing third-party websites, you can eventually block them from monitoring you as well.
  • Supported platforms: qBitTorrent is compatible with several major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. However, it still doesn’t support smartphone operating systems.

Despite offering all these security features, qBitTorrent is not free of loopholes and hence, requires assistance from security platforms such as VPN, proxy, or antivirus software. One of its major disadvantages is that it shows barely any effort to hide your IP address and prevent malware. Moreover, it doesn’t allow you to install any extensions; hence, limiting your ability to customize the client to your liking.

2. BitTorrent

One can argue that BitTorrent simply isn’t a part of the torrenting game; instead, it created the torrenting game. As one of the OG torrent clients, BitTorrent deserves acknowledgment for its lengthy (and still continued) reign. Some of its safety features are as follows:

  • No spyware: Since BitTorrent incorporates its own search option, you do not have to visit any third-party websites for download links. Hence, it lowers the likelihood of exposing you to spyware from a potentially hazardous website.
  • Encrypted connection: Even though BitTorrent’s encryption is lacking by a long margin in comparison to a VPN’s encryption, it still is an effort towards safe torrenting.
  • Private trackers: Many private trackers are more inclined towards BitTorrent as compared to uTorrent since it provides a safer environment to avoid sharing illegal content.
  • IP filtering: BitTorrent supports IP filtering, which allows you to manage the IP traffic that flows across your network, allowing you to torrent in complete safety.
  • Supported platforms: BitTorrent is compatible with a number of devices and operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Considering its period of establishment, it is understandable that BitTorrent isn’t much equipped with security features as compared to other options. However, what’s disturbing is the fact that it refuses to upgrade its security to keep up with the modern requirements. BitTorrent is, instead, more inclined towards increasing the entertainment aspect of torrenting. 

A major disadvantage of BitTorrent is that it supports advertisements and interrupts your attention span. Moreover, it comes with bundled software installation, because of which you have to remove unwanted files manually. These additional files have also been subjected to malware in the past.

3. Deluge

Consider Deluge as a blank canvas that is the primary source of your artistic expression, but first, you need to add some life to it with a bit of color. The said color, in this case, would be the additional plug-ins that you incorporate in this torrent client. Deluge offers an expansive room for customizations through which you can give it a distinguishable form since it possesses a spare user interface. Some of its security features are as follows:

  • Open-sourced: Deluge proves its transparency to users and allows them to verify and report any vulnerabilities in its open-source code. Hence, if Deluge were involved in some shady business, it would have been identified by users.
  • Encryption: Deluge offers its users with a reliable encryption process that allows you to hide your torrenting activity from other users. However, this encryption is limited to the torrent swarm and does not protect your entire device.
  • No ads or bundled software: The lack of advertisements and bundled software already adds several stars to Deluge’s user experience. However, since both are notorious for carrying malware, consider yourself protected against viruses as well.
  • Supported platforms: Deluge is compatible with major operating systems and platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

Considering its free services, Deluge provides enough security features to enhance the user experience. However, it still isn’t short of drawbacks. Deluge’s most prominent downside is that its interface might be a bit difficult to navigate for newbies. Moreover, its plug-in library isn’t as extensive as one might imagine, considering its lack of inherent features.

4. Vuze

Vuze is comparatively the most recent torrent client with all the latest torrenting features. It is also able to adopt whatever persona you require based on your experience since it consists of an “intermediate” or beginner mode and an “advanced” or expert mode. Some of its safety features are:

  • Built-in search feature: Vuze saves you from the hassle of spending hours searching for a reliable download link as it incorporates a built-in search engine that directly brings the right download links to you without threatening your safety.
  • Ratings and comments: Vuze allows you to download safe torrent links by going through the user ratings and comments. With the help of this feature, you may also avoid malware links as such links either lack or have a low rating.
  • Built-in antivirus protection: While the bundled software installation is a big nuisance, Vuze makes up for it by offering you built-in antivirus protection that scans your downloads to verify their safety.
  • Supported platforms: Vuze is compatible with these major operating systems and platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Vuze undoubtedly presents with you secure torrenting options, but what it provides with a fee, other torrent clients may provide for free. On the contrary, the free version of Vuze lacks in some critical aspects. It supports advertisements, although you may remove them with the premium version. It also consists of bundled software installation. Moreover, Vuze might be a bit burdensome on some devices that possess limited processing power.

5. uTorrent

uTorrent has long been a savior for the majority of torrent users, whether experienced or beginners. It possesses a user-friendly interface and is extremely easy to use. Consider uTorrent as just the right source of pleasure after exhausting yourself throughout the day.

uTorrent is bound to have a solution for all your torrenting queries; however, it does lack in the safety department. Some of its safety features are as follows:

  • uTorrent version 2.2.1: A number of torrent users have verified that uTorrent version 2.2.1 is safer, faster, lighter, and possesses lesser bugs as compared to other versions.
  • Built-in search engine: Like most of the safe torrent clients, uTorrent provides a built-in search engine. Since you are no longer visiting potentially harmful websites, there is no threat of malware infection.
  • Configure proxies: uTorrent enables you to access your torrents via a BitTorrent proxy which hides your IP address, keeping your torrenting activity anonymous.
  • Supported platforms: uTorrent is compatible with the major operating systems and devices such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

uTorrent tarnished its reputation heavily with its scandal of enabling cybercriminals and copyright trolls to monitor user activity. Since then, it has lost a number of dedicated users. Moreover, it includes advertisements that you might remove with its premium version and also consists of bundled software installation.

What is the most secure torrenting client?

Amongst all the above-mentioned torrent clients, qBitTorrent definitely takes the lead as the most secure torrent client. It keeps both entertainment and security hand in hand, providing the best user experience. It possesses stable, swift, and robust functionality while being completely free of spyware, adware, and malware of any kind. Moreover, since qBitTorrent doesn’t come bundled with unnecessary software upon its installation, it takes significantly less time to install, allowing you to get right on with your torrenting.

Moreover, qBitTorrent utilizes minimal resources on your device, and hence, doesn’t require a high-functioning system. Even though it has been in the market for over a decade, the software is still frequently updated to incorporate the latest demands and fix vulnerabilities. The newest upgrades have improved the software’s design providing a more organized and neat look to the interface. The fact that qBitTorrent is completely free and provides an open-source code is definitely a cherry on top above all of its various levels of security.

Is there a safe torrenting method?

Torrenting is definitely the most effective method to download large files on your device, but is it the safest? Not really, as there are a number of unidentified users in a torrent swarm, and you don’t know whether they intend to harm you or not. Hence, you need to employ some safety measures to ensure a pleasant torrenting experience.

Some of these safety measures are:

  • Use a safe torrent client that values your privacy and does not intend to expose your torrenting activity to ISPs and cybercriminals.
  • Use a VPN that hides your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic making your torrenting activity anonymous.
  • Download torrents with caution and observe user ratings and comments to avoid downloading illegal content or malware.
  • Use antivirus software to scan your downloads and prevent any sort of virus from infecting your device.
  • Use private trackers to eliminate the prospect of acquiring copyrighted content since it consists of limited users and is safe.

With following such security measures, you can ensure safety and privacy while downloading torrents. 

Is uTorrent safe 2021?

uTorrent has been one of the earliest torrent clients and still continues to hold the most number of users as compared to other torrent clients. Despite being an efficient tool for quick and easy torrenting, uTorrent has backed out on its safety, and hence, it has lost a number of users for this reason.

A few years ago, news emerged that uTorrent was installing a cryptocurrency miner on its users’ devices without their consent; hence, profiting by putting their privacy at risk. It proved to be a major security concern for all users. However, BitTorrent addressed the fact and the company issued a slew of advanced versions without including a crypto miner and fixing necessary bugs. This is not the only scandal under uTorrent’s name though. As mentioned above, uTorrent was also involved in leaking users’ torrenting information to cybercriminals; hence, it isn’t the safest choice out there.

However, uTorrent has fixed several vulnerabilities and these flaws seem to be a thing of the past now. Moreover, users believe that uTorrent’s version 2.2.1 is the most reliable version; hence, you should consider using that for added safety. 

Are Torrents legal?

The legality of torrenting has been an area of debate for quite a while. However, it isn’t as shady as it is made out to be. Torrenting can actually be a pretty fun and pleasant experience if done right. Firstly, you need to rest assured since torrenting itself is legal. However, most malicious users use it to distribute copyrighted or inappropriate material which makes it illegal. Hence, to put it simply, it is a torrent client’s responsibility to provide you access to torrent links without causing any harm, but it is also a user’s responsibility to not spread illegal content and to stay cautious while downloading content. The link works both ways.

Final Words

A safe torrent client is your best option to explore unlimited content and utilize your time watching something of your interest. The above-mentioned torrent clients are bound to enhance your torrenting experience either free of cost or with a minimum fee. Moreover, use any of these torrent clients with a VPN, antivirus software, or proxy, and you will be equipped with the ultimate safety shield.