34 Best Nyaa Alternatives For Better and Safe Anime Torrents 

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Best Nyaa Alternatives

You must have heard about Nyaa torrents if you are an anime fan. It was one of the largest public anime torrent indexes covering the genre. The site was the home of subbed and dubbed Japanese content available for free download. In addition, it also featured manga, music, and live-action videos and series from China and Korea. 

Unfortunately, like any other torrent website, Nyaa also faced downtime and blockades due to domain seizure and complaints from copyright holders. All these events led to its closure in 2017. The sudden demise of Nyaa was shocking for the anime torrent community. They were frustrated as they thought it was the end, and they could not ever access their favorite anime content. Although, with this heartbreaking news, many users search for other backup options that might cater to their needs.

The following article delves deep into the websites that serve as the best alternatives for Nyaa. Since using torrenting sites has its risks, it is best always to use a reliable torrent VPN in the first place. 

Quick List of best Sites like Nyaa

Since Nyaa was one of the most popular anime streaming sites, its downfall led to several alternative sites promising the same experience. However, since these sites were also free and provided copyrighted content, most of them are unreliable. Therefore, we have filtered the ones that are working in 2023 for you:

  1. AniRena: A popular anime torrent tracker with a focus on high-quality releases.
  2. TokyoToshokan: a community-driven indexing website that provides high-quality anime content.
  3. Anime Ultimate: A community-driven website that provides anime-related news, reviews, and discussions.
  4. AnimeTosho: A torrent indexer and tracker that specializes in anime content.
  5. AnimeBytes: A private torrent tracker with a vast collection of anime content and a tight-knit community.
  6. BakaBT: A private torrent tracker that focuses on high-quality anime content and a strict seeding policy.
  7. AnimeLab:  A legal streaming platform that has a significantly extensive anime content library.
  8. Anime-Planet: A reliable anime site with a large database.
  9. Wakanim: A streaming service that provides anime content dubbed and subbed in english
  10. ShanaProject:  A fansub group that releases timely and high-quality subtitles for various anime shows.
  11. 1337x: A general-purpose torrent indexer with a vast collection of anime content.
  12. SubsPlease – A relatively new fansub group that focuses on providing timely and high-quality subtitles for various anime shows.
  13. AniDex – A torrent tracker that specializes in anime content and has a user-friendly interface.
  14. AnimeHeroes – A popular website that provides anime-related news, reviews, and discussions.
  15. AnimeFLV – A decent streaming platform that 
  16. AnimeLayer – A Russian anime torrent tracker with a vast collection of anime content.
  17. Animepahe – A streaming website that provides anime content with English subtitles.
  18. AniChart – A website that provides up-to-date information on upcoming anime shows and their release dates.
  19. MyAnimeList – a reliable site with a vast content library consisting of new, old, and existing titles. 
  20. AnimeLand – A French anime and manga news and community website.
  21. MangaPark – A manga reading website that offers a vast collection of manga titles.
  22. AnimeFreak – A website that provides a vast collection of anime series and movies for free streaming.
  23. CartoonCrazy – A website that offers a vast collection of animated TV shows and movies for free streaming.
  24. KissAnime – A popular anime streaming website offering a vast collection of anime series and movies.
  25. AnimeDao – A website that provides a vast collection of anime series and movies for free streaming with English subtitles.
  26. Otakustream – a reliable website that allows streaming anime in various languages. 
  27. Animeshow – a popular anime streaming platform that provides content with English subtitles.  
  28. Aniwatcher – An easy-to-use platform that provides an extensive collection of anime covering up to 20 genres. 
  29. 9Anime – a reliable site with a vast content database.
  30. Chia-Anime – a popular site with a large collection of subbed and dubbed anime content. 
  31. AnimeFrenzy – a popular site with an extensive collection of anime and manga and a dedicated discussion forum. 
  32. Masterani – an easy-to-use anime-downloading website with an impressive content library 
  33. 4Anime – A reliable site with a vast collection of anime series and movies for free streaming with English subtitles.
  34. KissCartoon – A website that offers a vast collection of animated TV shows and movies for free streaming.
  35. Crunchyroll – A popular streaming service that provides anime and manga content with a premium subscription model.

While all these sites promise a reliable streaming experience, they have various downsides since they are free streaming platforms. Therefore to ensure you remain safe while online, use a reliable VPN for torrenting

What Happened To Nyaa?

Nyaa was arguably the best torrent site launched in 2003 and primarily focused on anime torrents. It enjoyed a great reputation among the torrent community until 2017 when it finally closed its doors and left all anime fans heartbroken. Several reasons contributed to its permanent closure, including DDoS attacks and issues between the anti-piracy organizations, the government, and ISPs. 

The website in 2011 received various lawsuits from Japanese companies over piracy concerns. As a result, some of the Nyaa users were even charged with hefty fines. The Japanese government launched a DDoS attack on the site, disrupting its operation. 

 All this continued until 2017, when the site’s domain name was deactivated. As a result, multiple Nyaa was unreachable to audiences in different locations, like Japan, the USA, and Australia. This ultimately led operators to decide to shut down the site permanently. However, things don’t end here. The situation worsened when a German-based Goodlabs set up a fake Nyaa site and tricked users into downloading malware and virus-embedded files on their computers. 

Various clone Nyaa sites that used a new domain name appeared online as time passed. However, due to the complaints filed by the MPA lawyers, courts in various countries, including India, decided to block its access. In 2021, the famous ISP Verizon also announced to block anti-piracy websites, including Nyaa. 

Since then, Nyaa fans have started using its alternative to resume downloading their favorite anime content. 

Best Alternatives To Nyaa – Detailed Insight

Finding a reliable anime torrent site can be a real struggle for those who are quite new in the torrent world. The following section looks deeper into the 30 top alternatives you can use instead of Nyaa. Compare each of them and decide which one is the perfect fit for you:


AniRena is a popular anime and manga torrent website that has become a reliable platform for lost Nyaa fans. The site has a large collection of Japanese anime and manga content and gets frequent updates from the community, making it a reliable source for anime and manga fans. While the site has a similar user interface as that of Nyaa, and has an active community of users which helps ensure a good seeder/downloader ratio.

The site is user-friendly and ensures a reliable user experience. However,  AniRena mainly focuses on providing anime and manga content in Japanese with Chinese subbed titles, so it may not be suitable for users looking for English dubbed or subbed anime. Also, it does not have a comment section for users to share opinions or give feedback which may be a drawback for some users.


SubsPlease is a relatively new website but is known as the hub of the latest anime content, mainly in Japanese language. The website interface and design are not as attractive as Nyaa, but when you use it, it won’t give you any chance of complaining. All the content is well-organized on the homepage and includes limited information like the added date and available formats that you can download. The homepage also features a dedicated search bar that helps find the torrent file you might be looking for. What’s more impressive is that SubsPlease provides a schedule of the upcoming animated shows and movies so you don’t miss out on any latest content. Though the site shows fewer ads, it’s still best to use an ad blocker and enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience. 


AniDex is another popular website with an extensive content database of anime and manga titles in different categories. The website includes subbed and dubbed anime content that you can download in different formats at no cost.  All the popular torrent files are listed on the homepage and provide the necessary details that a user might be interested in knowing. You can even use the efficient search bar or browse through the anime or manga category to the desired torrent file. Besides this,  AniDex has an easy-to-use interface that ensures a fantastic user experience. Overall, it’s a great site but it can expose your IP address. Thus, connect to a reliable VPN provider to protect your online identity and download torrents anonymously. 


AnimeHeroes is another great website for anime fans, similar to Nyaa. Here you can download classic and modern anime series with just one click. The website also offers subtitles in multiple languages and dubbed versions of some shows to provide a fantastic user experience. Besides this, the AnimeHeroes website’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find your favorite titles and episodes quickly. In addition, the site regularly updates its content library so new releases and old classics are always available for streaming or download.


AnimeFLV is another website similar to Nyaa, providing an extensive library of anime content.  The website features a vast library of subbed and dubbed versions of popular shows and movies. One of the best features of AnimeFLV is that it allows users to rate and comment on their favorite shows so that others can benefit from their experiences. This makes AnimeFLV an ideal resource for newbie fans and experienced users. In addition, the website is easy to navigate and includes a search bar at the top, making it easy to find a torrent file. However, the website may face geo-ban in different locations; thus, use a VPN to bypass the internet blocks. 


The AnimeLayer site has the same basic design as Nyaa, with its categorization system allowing you to find the desired shows and movies easily. However, what sets it apart from Nyaa is its extensive features, such as direct downloads, multi-language support, episode-tracking tools, and more. Furthermore, AnimeLayer also offers advanced search options, which make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for in less time. However, since it’s a Russian-based torrent site, it might face geo-blocks and remains unavailable in most regions. You must use a VPN to bypass the blocks and access the website. 


Animepahe is a torrent website similar to Nyaa, offering a variety of anime content. It provides an extensive library of subbed titles in various genres, easily sorted by season, type, or language. The user interface is also easy to use and navigate, making it simple to find exactly what you are looking for quickly.  In addition, the site offers streaming options for many popular titles and downloads in various formats, such as 1080p HD or 720p quality. Animepahe also provides forums where users can discuss their favorite shows or ask questions about any anime-related topics they may have.


AniChart is an excellent website for those searching for the latest anime series and movies. Like Nyaa, AniChart provides users access to a wide range of titles, from popular shows like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia to lesser-known indie films and OVAs. The site also offers detailed reviews on each title, allowing you to make informed decisions before watching something new. However, some of the torrent file links on AniChart might expose you to malicious or misleading content. Thus, use a VPN to download torrents safely through this website. 


MyAnimeList is a well-established name in the world of anime downloading. It offers users a vast selection of high-quality anime, with complete episodes and movie titles available to watch or download. The site constantly updates its library with new episodes, so there is always something fresh for fans to watch. One noteworthy feature of MyAnimeList is its user review section for each show and movie. This allows you to get opinions from others who have already watched them before deciding whether to watch the show.  In addition, it also has a discussion forum that you can join to interact with other users and talk about torrent-related stuff. 


AnimeLand is a well-established name when it comes to downloading anime. It’s been around for many years and offers a vast catalog of popular shows, films, and other content. The site’s intuitive interface makes it easy to browse through the collection and pick out what you want to watch. You can even create custom playlists with AnimeLand’s advanced sorting features and enjoy a seamless downloading experience. Like Nyaa, the website is free and won’t ask you to register for an account. However, since it’s free, it may expose you to various risks associated with torrenting. Thus, to enjoy a safe and secure downloading experience, subscribe to a secure VPN in the first place. 


Mangapark is a popular platform for those who enjoy watching anime. It offers a wide selection of content, from classic titles to the latest shows and manga series. The site provides access to thousands of episodes, allowing viewers to catch up on their favorite anime shows or explore new ones. Like Nyaa, Mangapark also lets you comment on the episode, which may help other users make an informed decision. Like Nyaa, Mangapark also lets you comment on the episode, which may help other users make an informed decision. All the popular and latest releases are organized on the homepage, ensuring you don’t need extra effort to search the content. In addition, it also features a dedicated search bar, further simplifying the search process. 


AnimeFreak is a free torrent website that provides a vast library of dubbed and subbed anime content. The website categorizes the content from most to least popular anime. One of the best features of AnimeFreak is that it lists the most viewed anime of the day, week, and month, ensuring that users can easily find the trending and latest anime content. You can also search for the desired title via the dedicated search bar or narrow down the search results by setting various filters like genres, seasons, status, and types. Another notable feature AnimeFreak offers is its Facebook, Reddit, and Discord community groups. You can join these groups and discuss the same interest or torrenting-related things with other group members. Overall, AnimeFreak offers an extensive content library that covers almost every genre and is a better option than Nyaa. 


CartoonCrazy is another viable alternative to Nyaa that offers a massive collection of anime movies and TV shows available to stream online and download in HD quality. It’s a simple and easy-to-use website with a clean and intuitive interface that doesn’t trouble the users and ensures a user-friendly experience. The homepage displays the recently added anime and includes a separate tab and a search bar to find the relevant torrent file. However, CartoonCrazy shows several annoying and unwanted ads that may be riddled with malware and can unknowingly download to your device. Thus, use a trusted ad blocker and anti-malware software and maximize your digital and device security. 


KissAnime is among the biggest anime streaming websites hosting links and embedded videos, allowing you to watch TV shows and movies in HD quality for free. The website covers all the latest anime content and lets you watch them instantly. In other words, you can stream anime content online without downloading it. In addition, it frequently updates the content library so you can stream the latest and trending content. Also, the website provides a schedule of upcoming movies and TV episodes, giving it an edge over Nyaa. However, the website might be blocked in certain regions. Therefore, connect to a VPN provider to spoof your location and easily access the site. 


AnimeDao is an excellent torrent downloading site primarily focusing on anime-related content. Here you can watch and download the latest and oldest anime TV shows and movie titles for free. The website does ask you to sign up for an account, but it’s not mandatory, as you can stream the content by visiting the site. When you access the site, the homepage shows all the recently added and popular torrent files you can choose from. In addition, it also includes random anime torrent files, which are rare to find on other sites, including Nyaa. However, on the downside, AnimeDao doesn’t host any content on its servers and instead links you to non-affiliated servers, which may contain copyrighted content. Thus, to protect your privacy, it’s best to connect to a VPN in the first place while using AnimeDao. 


OtakuStream is a top-rated anime downloading site that you can use instead of Nyaa. The website features a vast content database of popular anime shows and movies with subtitles and good audio and video quality. The best feature of OtakuStream is its community for general discussions. You can join the group and seek help from others in finding a torrent file or share tips on safe torrenting. Besides this, the site has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures a fantastic user experience. The homepage shows a list of recently added and trending anime content, ensuring you can find the latest content without hassle. In addition, it also includes different categories and an advanced search bar that further simplifies the search process. 


Animeshow is a well-known name among anime lovers. The website features anime TV shows in numerous categories, including action, comedy, drama, adventure, and more. Most streamed content is high quality, i.e., 1080p, and ensures a great streaming experience. Unlike Nyaa, Animeshow has a much more organized and attractive interface. The homepage includes popular and recently added anime content. Also, you can navigate into different categories or search the content via the dedicated search bar. The best thing about this site is that you can find subbed and dubbed anime in one place and stream and download them without paying or signing up for an account. However, connect to VPN for additional protection and keep your torrent-downloading activities private. 


Aniwatcher is yet another website similar to Nyaa that allows you to view anime TV shows in all popular genres. The website features a huge library of the latest and random anime content in over 20 genres, making it one of the best anime streaming sites. It comes with subbed and dubbed anime content that you watch online for free or download and later enjoy watching on big screens. One impressive thing about Aniwatcher is it recommends anime titles based on your search and watch history. You don’t need to sign up for an account or try to search for the desired content. The homepage includes everything; all the content is sorted alphabetically, making it easy to find one. Also, you can use the dedicated search bar or scroll through various categories for quick search results.


9Anime is a free anime-downloading website that millions of users visit daily to watch their favorite anime content online. The website was launched in 2016, but in less time, it grew in popularity, and one main reason for this is its huge content database. It includes hundreds of anime TV shows and movies in multiple categories like action, comedy, adventure, drama, supernatural and more, making it a perfect fit for newbies and advanced users. 9Anime regularly updates its content library and provides the latest and most popular content worldwide. Besides this, the homepage features the recently added anime, upcoming schedule, and top anime of the day, week, and month. It also includes an advanced search bar and various filter options to narrow the search results. 


Chia-Anime is the best alternative to Nyaa that you can use to watch the subbed anime TV shows in all popular categories. It holds an extensive content database and includes something for the users. Here you can even find the older anime shows that got on-aired in the late 1990s, and you won’t find them anywhere else. The best feature of Chia-Anime is that you can even request an anime show and bookmark the available ones for later downloading. Besides this, the interface is great, and the homepage is organized, ensuring you won’t find any issues searching for your favorite content.  Though the website offers fast downloading speed, it’s best to use a VPN and download the torrent file with the fastest connection speed. 


Masterani is an online and free anime-downloading website that serves as a great replacement for Nyaa. It is a simple and easy-to-use site that hosts hundreds of the latest anime titles in all categories. You can easily find the desired content by scrolling down the homepage. The homepage features popular and latest anime content, ensuring you won’t miss out on trending animated TV shows and movies. Like most other sites, Masterani also includes an efficient search bar that lets you search the torrent file in a few clicks. Besides this, it provides a schedule of upcoming releases giving the audience another reason to continue using it. 


AnimeFrenzy is a website like Nyaa that offers an extensive library of anime and manga for fans to explore. It provides reviews, forums, and other features that make finding new content easy or discussing their favorite series with others. In addition, AnimaFrenzy allows users to easily search by genre, release date, or popularity to find exactly what they’re looking for. The website features subbed and dubbed anime that you can watch online and download in high quality. On the downside, using AnimeFrenzy to download your favorite anime title may expose your IP address to prying eyes. Always connect to a torrent VPN and keep your torrent-related activities private. 


4Anime is an anime torrent site you can use when Nyaa is down or unavailable. It is a free website meaning you don’t have to register or sign up for an account. Visit the website, search for the torrent file you’re looking for, and download it. You can download the English subbed and dubbed anime torrent files in multiple resolutions and enjoy watching them later on bigger screens. When you access 4Anime, it looks similar to Google, featuring a search bar. Upon browsing, it redirects you to the main homepage. However, it’s often reported that  4Anime often redirects you to suspicious web pages; thus, connect to a VPN and run an antivirus scan to protect against malware threats. 


KissCartoon is another website similar to Nyaa that offers viewers a large selection of cartoons, anime, and other animated shows. Like Nyaa, KissCartoon has an extensive library with titles from all over the world, ranging from classic Disney favorites to new releases. It also provides users with high-quality streaming options that can be enjoyed on any device. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for anyone to find the show they’re looking for quickly. However, on the downside, KissCartoon bombards your streaming experience with tons of adverts. To download torrent files without any interruption, always use a reliable ad blocker. 


Crunchyroll is the hub for anime and manga fans. The website provides a wide selection of anime and manga TV shows and movie titles across all genres. The best feature of Crunchyroll is that it lets you add a review on the watched anime series. This way, you can help other users decide whether to watch the title or skip to the next option. Besides this, it has an easy-to-use interface best suited for beginners and experienced users. However, the website offers free and paid versions, and some links found while using the free version leads to misleading, malicious, and inappropriate content. Thus, it’s highly advisable to download a trusted ad blocker and antimalware program on your device and download torrents without any risks. 

How To Configure A VPN  While Downloading Anime?

Configuring a VPN is an easy way to protect your online identity and data while downloading the latest anime titles. Here are some of the VPN settings that you must look into before downloading anime: 

  • The automatic kill switch doesn’t come with all VPN providers. Thus, you must navigate the settings menu, switch it on, and prevent accidental leaks. 
  •  Switch IP and DNS leaks and prevent your IP address or activity details from being exposed. 
  • Connect to a dedicated P2P server and enjoy downloading torrents quickly. 
  • It’s best to use the advanced WireGuard protocol and set your encryption standard to AES-256 bit to torrent safely and hide your data traffic from prying eyes. 
  • Turn on the torrent-specific feature like split tunneling that filters out the torrent traffic from the regular one and maximizes digital privacy.

By making all these necessary settings, your privacy remains intact while torrenting, and you can enjoy an optimum experience.

The Best Nyaa Mirror Sites

Since Nyaa went down in 2017, various clone sites have surfaced on the web. Some sites claimed to be the new Nyaa, while others used the name and served as malware. Below is the list of some Nyaa proxy and mirror sites that are still working reliably and providing users with a similar experience as the original site:

  1. https://nyaa.si/
  2. https://nyaa.iss.one/
  3. https://nyaa.lato.pw/ 

However, you must be careful while using proxy sites. In an announcement, Nyaa warned the users about proxy sites that how they can steal your information or trick them into downloading malware on their computers. To avoid the dangers that the clone sites might expose you, it’s advisable that you use a robust VPN provider with them.

How VPN Helps In Accessing Anime Torrent Sites?

A VPN on anime torrent sites ensures a safe and secure downloading experience. It reduces legal trouble, strengthens digital privacy, and mitigates security and privacy risks. 

A compatible torrent VPN will help in safely accessing the anime torrent files in the following ways:

  • A VPN hides the IP address, making your online activities anonymous and private. This way, you can prevent ISP monitoring. 
  • A reliable VPN encrypts the data traffic and prevents anyone from intercepting your data. This way, no one would know about your torrent-related activities.
  • The best torrent VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and specific P2P servers, ensuring you won’t experience slow and sluggish downloading speeds.
  • A VPN’s impressive range of features, like kill switch and split tunneling, further boosts security and privacy while downloading anime torrents. 
  • Many VPNs use anti-censorship or obfuscation technology that helps bypass censorship and restrictions and allows you to access blocked anime torrent sites. 
  • Some VPN providers are now offering built-in anti-malware and ad blocker protection. You can block ads and avoid downloading bogus files by enabling these features. 

For all the reasons mentioned above, it’s vital that you use the best VPN for torrenting before accessing any anime torrent website. 

What Are The Features Of Best Anime Torrent Websites?

Various features make the anime torrent website stand out among other websites. Below is the list of such features that you must consider while choosing a reliable torrent website:

  • The site must offer an extensive catalog of anime torrents (subbed and dubbed) in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages. 
  • The best anime torrent site has a simple design and intuitive interface that’s easy to use and won’t cause navigation issues for beginners and advanced users. 
  • It’s best if the torrent website provides relevant details about the torrent files, as this helps to decide whether the files are worth downloading. 
  • The site must offer high-quality links that you can download relatively quickly compared to other sites. 
  • The top torrent websites provide users with information on upcoming releases so they can stay informed on their favorite anime TV shows and movies. 
  • The anime torrent site must allow users to leave comments as it helps you to discover their experience with the particular file. 
  • The site must be well-organized, and the torrents should be neatly organized, so it’s easy to find a title. 
  • Many sites offer community forums where users can discuss various anime-related topics or ask or share suggestions. 

By ticking out all the above-mentioned features, you will surely choose a great anime torrent site that ensures a fantastic downloading experience. 

Final Thoughts

Nyaa was the most popular torrent site for anime lovers. It was famous for its impressive content library, discussion forum, and various user-friendly features. However, the site’s popularity was short-lived; after facing several legal challenges and domain seizures, it went offline permanently in 2017. The sudden demise of Nyaa made its fans disappointed as they were left without their favorite site to download anime torrents. 

All this led millions of anime lovers to scramble for other websites that provide similar services. Various anime websites like HorribleSubs, MyAnimeList, and Anime Tosho witnessed an increased visitor spike and soon became the best replacement options for Nyaa. You can also use some other websites as per your preference. But remember, all these websites come with the same risks and dangers. Thus, it’s essential that you use a reliable VPN provider to protect your online identity during torrenting. 


What happened to Nyaa?

Nyaa was the top anime torrent website, but it contained copyrighted content that was illegal to download and share. It received several lawsuits, its domain name got seized, and its operators shut it down permanently. 

Which website is the best replacement for Nyaa?

All the websites listed in this article are the best alternatives you can use instead of Nyaa. But it also depends on your preferences so, choose wisely. 

Do you need a VPN for Nyaa.si?

Using a VPN on Nyaa.si will be a great idea and will ensure a safe torrenting experience. It will hide the IP address and ensure your torrent-related activities remain private. In addition, a reliable VPN helps bypass the geo-blocks and enables users to access the blocked sites from anywhere. 

Is Nyaa shut down?

After suffering DDoS attacks, blockages, and lawsuits from the anti-piracy organization, Nyaa’s owner closed the site permanently in 2017. However, since there are a few clone sites, you can use them to access Nyaa’s content library. 

What is the alternative to Anirena? 

Nyaa is the best alternative to Anirena. But since the original website is no longer so, you can use its mirror site and a reliable VPN provider. 

Is Nyaa a private Tracker?

Nyaa is an anime torrent website that’s free to use. You don’t need to have any invitation code/link or make a donation to access the content library. Visit the website, find the torrent file you want, and download it.

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