6 Best PeerBlock Alternative For Blocking Unwanted P2P IP Addresses

PeerBlock Alternative

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Finding the best PeerBlock Alternative might seem like a hassle nowadays, especially since in theory, PeerBlock is itself an ideal privacy tool for torrenting.

A PeerBlock is open-source software that helps securely download torrents and ensure user anonymity within the P2P swarm. Since your anonymity within the P2P swarm is down to zero, copyright watchers can track you down and flag you with DMCA notices, even if you accidentally download copyright material. Similarly, hackers can also send malicious files within the swarm and infect your device with millions of others with malware.

Using a PeerBlock is supposedly a protective measure against such torrenting dangers. PeerBlocks come with a blacklist of known IP addresses associated with copyright  ‘watchers’ and known hackers, collected through various cybersecurity firms.  The blacklist filters out the malicious IP addresses, ultimately protecting you from malware attacks.

However, although the protection PeerBlocks claimed to provide, they soon lost their reputation primarily since they were neither secure nor supportive. People have now resorted to using VPNs and other PeerBlock alternatives since they are faster and more secure. But let’s backtrack a little; surely you are not downloading copyright content from torrents, so why do you need a PeerBlock alternative?

Why Use PeerBlock Alternatives? 

Torrenting always brings legality issues along with it. As 98% of the torrent content is copyrighted, the higher authorities, including the ISPs and copyright owners, are always searching for people involved in torrenting. So, if you’re a regular torrent downloader so, be prepared for fines and DMCA notices. Torrenter’s to circumvent such restrictions uses PeerBlocks. It prevents tracking and ensures hassle-free downloading. 

PeerBlocks have not been a reliable and trusted way for torrenting, and there are reasons for it. Below is an insight into the reasons for not using PeerBlocks:

  • Zero Anonymity: It doesn’t make you anonymous during torrenting since it fails to mask your IP address, making you vulnerable to data monitoring and tracking.
  • No Data Encryption: A PeerBlock provides no data encryption feature to the users. As a result, all your data traffic and online communication can be viewed with prying eyes. 
  • Limited Support: They don’t function on all major operating systems and devices. You can only use PeerBlocks on the Windows platform.
  • Slow Downloading Speed: PeerBlocks at times might block the wrong IP address and slow down the downloading speed. It means that most of the peers get blocked, even those that are not malicious, so it takes time to establish a connection, resulting in a drop in downloading speed. 
  • Doesn’t Keep Tracks of IP Address: The copyright trolls or the government agencies can track you by getting a new IP address and easily bypass the blocklist prepared by a PeerBlock.
  • ISP Throttling: Your IP address is visible to everyone in the swarm. If your ISP is also tracking your IP address, they can even throttle your connection for downloading torrents. As a result, you may experience slow internet speed. 
  • Fails to Block All IP Address: With increasing securing risks and vulnerabilities, the number of wrong IP addresses is growing daily. PeerBlocks claims to maintain a manual blocklist that doesn’t receive regular updates. Thus, it is impossible to block every malicious IP address. 

The reasons mentioned above increase the demand to look for the best PeerBlock alternatives to ensure torrents’ safe and secure downloading. 

 6 Best PeerBlock Alternatives

Besides using a VPN, there are other reliable PeerBlock alternatives that you can consider using. Below is a brief overview of the best PeerBlock alternatives so, let’s get started:

1. Use a VPN for Torrenting Instead of PeerBlock

Using the best VPN for torrenting is the most reliable PeerBlock alternative that you can use to boost your privacy while torrenting. It provides greater anonymity and online protection while you browse the web. Using a VPN is the best PeerBlock alternatives because of the following mentioned reasons:

  • Change Your IP: A VPN conceals your IP address and makes you utterly anonymous over the web. When you connect to a VPN, it changes your actual IP address by assigning you a new and temporary IP address. With this new address, it appears that you’re downloading torrents from any remote location, and thus, any snooping eyes won’t be able to track or invade your privacy. 
  • Encryption: The most impressive feature that makes VPN the best PeerBlock alternative is its ability to encrypt your data. Using military-grade encryption and secure protocols hides all the contents of your online communication and data traffic and makes it impossible for anyone to read and view your online activities. 
  • Fastest Downloading Speed: The torrent compatible VPN comes with P2P-optimized servers that guarantee fast downloading speed. These are special servers designed for torrenting. By connecting to any of these servers of your choice, you can ensure fast downloading and bypass speed throttling issues.
  • Support All Devices: Unlike a PeerBlock, a VPN can operate on all major operating systems and devices. You can use them for downloading torrents on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and other streaming devices. 

People used to use PeerBlock when VPNs weren’t very much famous. But, this is an era of using advanced privacy-boosting tools, and VPNs are one of them. It would be best to consider using the best VPN for torrenting to make your torrent downloading experience fast and secure. 

2. Simplewall

Simplewall is one of the best PeerBlock alternatives that is popular for its user-friendly interface and customization features. It is open-source, free, lightweight software. It is a perfect choice for beginners as you won’t need hours configuring the software setting.

The software comes with a pre-built list of malicious IP addresses. All you need to do is enable the filter button, and that’s it. The software will automatically block them all. Moreover, it also allows users to customize the blacklist and block specific IP addresses. However, like the PeerBlock, it also only works on the Windows platform. 

3. PeerGuardian

Another best PeerBlock alternatives on our list are the PererGuardian. It comes with an IP blocklist and blocks all the IP addresses present in that list. The most impressive feature of PeerGuardian is that you can customize the block IP list and can add any malicious IP address that you find. 

Like Simplewall, it is open-source software that is easy to use. Moreover, this software receives frequent updates within which it receives a new list of malicious IP addresses. These updates help users stay protected from even the recently discovered threats. Its biggest drawback is that it operates on Windows. 

4. IPList

The third best PeerBlock alternative is none other than IPList. It is a free and open-source firewall that has been updated constantly and helps users get rid of all malicious IP addresses while torrenting. It allows the users to create a specific IP blocklist along with IP safelist feature. 

However, it is only available for Linux users. The software uses  Netfilter to filter out incoming and outgoing connections to the user device. It therefore efficiently blocks IP Ranges along with IP addresses. Other than that, all its features are similar to that of PeerBlock. 

5. BeeThink IP Blocker

BeeThink IP Blocker is yet another best PeerBlock alternative that you can consider using. Although it doesn’t block all the IP addresses, you can still block country-specific IP addresses. Moreover, you can also look for information-specific IP addresses and can block them

The best feature about this PeerBlock alternative is that it monitors every incoming and outgoing traffic in your network. It also allows users to monitor network streams and utilize conventions, ports, TCP/Ip variables to channel network bundles. Like all other alternatives, it also works on Windows operating systems. 

6. Tinywall

Another best PeerBlock alternatives on the list are Tinywall. It is free software that works exceptionally well on the modern Windows system, primarily Windows 10.  

The tool basically is designed to improve the functioning of Windows 10 built-in firewall that works to block viruses, worms, trojans, and other malware attacks. While it does provide malware protection, it requires users to manually add software and IP addresses that they need to block which can be annoying if not hectic. 

Can We Use a Proxy or Tor As PeerBlock Alternative?

Many people suggest using a proxy or a Tor browser as a PeerBlock alternative. Still, it isn’t recommended to use them because they don’t offer the desired level of online protection. A proxy acts as an intermediary server that enables you to use the IP address of the proxy server and you are anonymous over the web. Similarly, by providing layered encryption and routing your IP address multiple times, the Tor browser hides your IP address. 

But the problem with the two is that they both don’t encrypt your data. Anyone who can trace you back via your IP address can know that you were involved in downloading torrents. Meanwhile, the Tor browser offers anonymity and privacy, but it isn’t the right choice to download torrents.
Also, the Tor browser has severe security flaws and vulnerabilities, so you should avoid it. 

As a whole, proxy and Tor browser aren’t the best option for downloading torrenting. You should consider using a VPN instead.

Is PeerBlock Reliable to Use?

A PeerBlock has now become an old method to protect your privacy. Using a PeerBlock now seems like risking your digital privacy.

They just filter out the wrong IP address but do not by any means protect your IP from online surveillance nor encrypt it. This makes it easy for the threat actors or other snooping eyes to track you and put your privacy at risk. Moreover, it offers varying downloading speeds, meaning it might take hours to download a single torrent file, which might ruin your experience.

Also, the firewall sometimes fails to block all malicious IP addresses and instead blocks the wrong IPs. With all this, a PeerBlock is not a reliable software to use today. But, to make your torrent downloading experience worth amazing, you can consider using the best PeerBlock alternatives. 


PeerBlock prevents your device from connecting to any malicious IP address. By doing so, they ensure that you safely download torrents. But, this isn’t true. They come with other significant security issues, making them not safe or reliable for downloading torrents. Like they don’t hide your IP address, encrypt the data traffic, and even slow down the downloading speed. All these issues lead to a search for the best PeerBlock alternatives. 

You can find several PeerBlock alternatives in the market. Some of them are also mentioned above. All of them ensure safe torrenting and prevent tracking and online surveillance. But, among all, VPN is the best PeerBlock alternative, and you should use it for greater online security. It is a single solution to all the problems that peer blocks come with. Moreover, it encrypts the data, which other alternatives don’t do so, and does use them to enhance your torrenting experience.