18 Best Cpasbien alternatives (All Working and Free) In 2023

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Best 1337x Alternatives

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The most popular torrenting sites are either disappearing or becoming difficult to access since they are the home to illegal and copyrighted content and got shut down by the government. Cpasbien is another torrent downloading site that was banned for holding copyrighted content. However, don’t worry since this is not the end and you can still download your favourite torrent using Cpasbien alternatives. 

Cpasbien was widely popular for having an impressive french content library that allows users to download movies, TV shows, software, music, and other entertainment stuff. It was among the oldest yet most loved torrent sites across Europe; however, the website was banned by an anti-piracy group a few years back over copyright violation. It was an utter disappointment for all the Cpasbien avid fans. 

If you are also among those users, then be at ease as there are some best Cpasbien alternatives still working out there that you can consider using. However, using these torrent sites with a reliable VPN provider is recommended for maximum online protection and safety. 

Heads Up!

Torrenting is the best way to download large files for free, but it comes with threats. Since these resources keep shutting down, fake and mirror sites keep engaging users with the same brand name. Most torrent sites contain malicious ad popups, which can lead to ransomware, data leak, identity theft, and more. Also, your ISP keeps monitoring users’ activity, sometimes leading to fines, copyright suits or Internet throttling.

Install the best VPN for torrenting for best privacy and anonymity + block ads and malware. Also,

Bypass ISP throttling

Block malicious scripts

Block popup ads

Quick List For The Best Cpasbien Alternatives

Cpasbien is one of the oldest and most popular torrent-downloading websites. But there are some dangers of using the site so, it’s better to look for some other reliable options. You can find some great Cpasbien alternatives that let you find out and download reliable torrents of your favorite content.

  1. QC Torrents: It has a large selection of torrents in all popular categories. 
  2. ZeTorrent: The website offers various user-friendly features, making downloading much easier.
  3. GKTorrent: It lists the top 100 torrents and ensures users won’t miss out on any latest releases. 
  4. BTDigg: It uses a search engine that enables users to find out the desired torrent file. 
  5. Torrent9: This french torrent site regularly updates the library so you can find something new.
  6. YggTorrent: advanced search option and an online forum where users can seek help from other users. 
  7. NexTorrent: It allows you to use advanced search filters to find a torrent file quickly. 
  8. T411: It frequently updates its library to ensure that users find the latest content easily.
  9. MonTorrents: It is a simple and easy-to-use site that allows downloading your favourite content for free. 
  10. FrenchTorrentDB: It has a vast content library of french TV shows, movies, music, and games. 
  11. TorrentGalaxy: It works like a search engine and research results from other sources 
  12. 1337X: It is a popular torrent site that allows users to download content at a fast speed.
  13. YTS: This site allows users to find and download movies of any time and genre. 
  14. TorrentFunk: It includes verified torrents and provides all the necessary details about them. 
  15. EliteTorrent: The site offers a vast content library of TV shows and an easy-to-use interface. 
  16. MagnetDL: It is a search engine that provides you with the direct magnet link of the torrent file.
  17. Demonoid: It allows users to download content in different categories and languages for free.
  18. Kickass: It includes hundreds and thousands of torrents in different categories and downloads them quickly.
  19. RARBG: It shows a list of the top torrents where you can easily find the latest and trending torrents.

Most sites mentioned above are free to use except for one or two. You can choose any of them that you find the best. 

Which Sites Can Be Consider the Best Alternative?

As Cpasbien comes with several security and privacy issues and frequent downtimes, choosing its alternatives can be challenging. After much research, here are some of the most crucial factors that you must consider while choosing the best Cpasbien alternatives:

  • Ad Annoyance: Free torrent sites shows ads that can infect your device with malware and viruses. Thus, choose a site that’s is free from ads or at least the ads shown are minimal that don’t ruin the users’ downloading experience. 
  • Security: Review the website’s privacy policy to know if it logs IP addresses or other data and how it’s being processed. Use the site only if you agree with the terms and privacy policy. 
  • Content Library: Since Cpasbien is famous for its french content library, ensure that the alternative sites offer an extensive french content library that fulfills all entertainment needs. 
  • Downloading Speed: People use torrent sites to download content quickly rather than waiting for days to watch their favorite content on TV. Hence, select a website that offers fast downloading speed.
  • Reliability: Determine the website’s reliability by checking its previous track records, monthly visitors, the number of seeders and leechers, and if it provides details about the torrent files. 
  • Available Regions: Some websites might be temporarily blocked or banned by the ISP due to strict torrenting laws. Choose the sites that are easy to access and use within your region. 

 While using the Cpasbien alternatives, it’s suggested to tick all the features listed above and enjoy a fantastic downloading experience.

19 Best Cpasbien Alternatives To Use In 2023- Detailed Insights

Since the original Cpasbien is no longer available, avid torrent downloaders are searching for its alternatives. If you’re one of them, here’s a detailed insight into the best Cpasbien alternative sites worth considering in 2023 so; let’s review them:


ZeTorrent is a popular alternative to Cpasbien that offers users a variety of content. The site has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find and download the content you’re looking for. It also offers a variety of unique features, such as support for magnet links and peer-to-peer file sharing, that make it a great choice for users. The site also provides a comprehensive list of torrents, including movies, TV shows, music albums, ebooks, games, and anime. Additionally, it offers a wide range of features to make downloading easier, such as previewing files before downloading, scheduling downloads, and more. However, some links on this site are fake or malicious, so use a VPN with built-in malware for better protection.

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GKTorrent is one of the top Cpasbien alternatives for downloading torrents. The site has a clean and user-friendly interface and offers many torrent files from different categories, such as films, TV series, anime, music, ebooks, games, and apps. It also has a dedicated search bar that makes it easy to find the desired torrent. In addition, the site lists down the top 100 torrents and ensures that you won’t miss out on any latest content. When it comes to usability, the site is well-organized and updated regularly, making it a great option for those who want to download torrents. Unfortunately, the GKtorrent is inaccessible in some countries but you can use a VPN to circumvent such restrictions.

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BTdigg is another alternative to Cpasbien, offering a wide selection of torrents from various categories. The website has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes browsing and downloading torrents easy. It also has a powerful search engine that helps users find the desired content quickly and easily. The site is regularly updated with new releases and content, making it an excellent choice for those who want to download torrents regularly. However, the website does come with some drawbacks, which can put users’ privacy at risk. Some of the torrent file links found on this site are unreliable and can download copyrighted content or malicious software. Always use a VPN with built-in malware and an ad-blocker to increase your privacy on torrent downloading sites. 

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Torrent9 is a reliable French torrent site that offers a wide variety of content to download and share for free. In addition to movies and TV shows, you can find games, software, music, and ebooks on this site. The interface is user-friendly, and the site is updated regularly with new content, ensuring the best user experience. Also, it lists the top torrents, further simplifying the search process. Besides this, torrent files provide the necessary details, which help the users decide whether the file is worth downloading. The downloading speeds are fast and won’t let the users wait long to watch their favorite content. Overall, Torrent9 is an excellent Cpasbien alternative. 

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YggTorrent is another reliable torrent downloading site that you can use instead of the Cpasbien. In addition to a vast selection of torrents, it offers various impressive features that enhance the user experience. Some of it’s notable features include a user-friendly interface, advanced search options, and the ability to create and manage your own torrents. Besides this, it also offers a forums section where you can discuss anything related to torrenting. However, on the downside, the website bombards your downloading experience with several ads. Hence, installing an ad-blocker or using a VPN with built-in ad-blocker functionality is advisable. 

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NexTorrent is one of the best instead of Cpasbien. It has a clean and easy-to-use user-friendly interface, making it easy to find and download torrents. In addition, NexTorrent offers a wide selection of torrents, including movies, TV shows, games, music, and software. The site also has an advanced search feature that allows you to filter results by size, date, and seeders. Furthermore, NexTorrent provides users a forum to discuss and share information about torrents. However, strict torrenting laws might make this site inaccessible in certain regions. Ensure you use a VPN to bypass the geo-blocks and enjoy a smooth downloading experience. 

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If you’re looking for a great alternative to Cpasbien, look no further than T411. With over 8 million members, T411 is one of the largest torrenting sites on the internet. That means that you’ll always be able to find the latest and greatest releases. It has an extensive selection of torrents, including movies, TV shows, music, software, and much more. It also offers a variety of filters to help make searching easier. However, the site does have some significant disadvantages, such as it shows pop-up ads. These ads can be malicious, so install an ad blocker and remove ads that spoil your downloading experience. 

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This site has many excellent features that make it a great choice for those in search of a new torrent download platform. The easy navigation and well-organized interface make it simple and easy to find the files you need. However, you should be careful: the site contains a lot of intrusive ads that can not only be annoying, but can also lead to malware infecting your device. Using a reliable ad blocker will help minimize these risks. In this regard, you can also consider participating in the SKY247 https://sky247india.com/promotions casino affiliate program. This integration can be an interesting opportunity for the site, adding another aspect to its functionality. Users interested in gambling will be able to have fun using SKY247’s services, making the site even more appealing and diverse to a wider audience.

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FrenchTorrentDB is one of the best alternatives to Cpasbien. It has an extensive database of French torrents and is very popular among French users. The site offers various categories, including movies, music, games, software, and more, ensuring an amazing torrent downloading experience. It also has a forum to discuss the latest releases and other torrent-related topics. Besides this, the site has a clean and simple interface and is easy to use. FrenchTorrentDB is free to use, but you can upgrade to a paid account to access the premium features, such as higher download speeds and better search options.

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TorrentGalaxy is a great Cpasbien option for torrents in various categories and genres, providing direct magnet links to third-party hosting sites. Its search functionality is noteworthy, with separate lists of ‘torrents of the week’ and popular files to quickly locate the desired content. However, the website shows pop-up and banner ads can be intrusive and malicious and can infect your device with malware. Therefore, a reputable ad blocker is advisable to use to ensure safety from these threats when undertaking downloads.

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1337x is among the oldest and most popular torrent websites. It has a huge collection of movies, music, software, games, TV shows, books, and other content that can be downloaded for free. The sites also provide detailed information about each torrent, making it easy to find the desired file. In addition, 1337x has a great selection of movies, music, and other entertainment material. It also offers an extensive library of software that can be downloaded for free. The site also has a “Top 100” list, which showcases the most popular downloads at any given time. However, the site is riddled with ads, so using a reliable ad-blocker is advisable.

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YTS Movies

YTS Movies is another excellent alternative for Cpasbien users. It has a large selection of movies in HD quality and offers detailed information about each movie, including ratings, reviews, and synopsis. YTS Movies also allows users to download the film in different resolutions depending on their internet connection speed. The site also offers subtitles for multiple languages, making it easier for non-English speakers to enjoy movies worldwide. However, other than movies, it provides no other content category. Also, if you access the website without any protection, it can expose your IP address. Thus, use a VPN and download torrents securely.

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TorrentFunk is another reliable Cpasbien alternative that’s worth checking out. It has a large content library allowing users to download movies, TV series, music, games, ebooks, and software. In addition, it includes quality anime content for people of all ages. One best feature of this site is that it verifies torrent files with a tick mark sign. This torrent site provides all the relevant details about the torrent file, like its size, added date, health, and the number of seeders and leechers. You can also benefit from the RSS feed feature and find the latest content from the top 50 torrents list. Another exciting thing about this site is its clean design and interface. The homepage is well-organized and has a dedicated search bar and different content categories making the search process easier. Use an ad blocker, so the intrusive ads don’t clutter your screen and spoil your user experience. 

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If you are looking for a Cpasbien alternative that specifically covers TV shows, then there is no better option than using Elite Torrent. It is a multi-language site that offers a vast catalog of TV shows of all time. You can find the oldest to the latest TV series on Elite Torrent, available in more than ten categories like drama, suspense, crime, and action. You won’t find any features on the website homepage except for a dedicated search bar, which might disappoint you but still ensures a great user experience. Whether it’s the design or interface, it’s user-friendly and won’t trouble you. The torrent files include the details, which is a plus point in trusting the site. Since it’s a Spanish site, it works in some regions.

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MagnetDL is a Cpasbien alternative that works like a meta-search engine and combines search results from different torrent sites. It allows users to download and share a wide range of content, including ebooks, music, movies, TV shows, games, and software. The website is free to use and offers a variety of impressive features, like the ability to search for files by keywords and category. However, on the downside, the website might be blocked in some regions. Also, it might spoil your downloading experience by showing several unwanted pop-up ads. Thus, download the VPN to bypass the geo-blocks and enjoy a secure torrent downloading experience. 

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Demonoid is another best Cpasbien alternative that offers an extensive content database for various categories like music, movies, TV series, anime, and more. But, there aren’t separate content categories that might disappoint the users. The best thing about this site is that it allows users to download torrents by setting filters like language and quality or using the RSS feed feature. Besides this, it provides a separate list of the top torrents, so you don’t miss out on the latest releases. You can even bookmark the torrent files and download them later. Also, there’s a live forum and chat features where you can connect to other users and ask questions if you have any. Previously, Demonoid had experienced downtime that lasted for two years. Additionally, the website is inaccessible in different regions. Hence, subscribe to a torrent VPN and get around all such issues.

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Kickass Torrent

With over ten million torrents, Kickass Torrent is a leading torrent site with a massive database of torrent files and magnet links. It offers a great selection of movies, TV series, games, anime, apps, ebooks, software, music, and more. The site has a clean interface and is easy to use and navigate. It enables the users to find their favorite torrent file by navigating through each category or using the dedicated search bar. The torrent files provide all the necessary information that a user might be looking for, along with the ability to comment and share your experience with the torrent file. However, the original Kickass Torrent is no more in function, but its staff team has set up mirror sites that ensure a similar experience. Use a VPN while accessing the Kickass Torrent and maximize your digital privacy. 

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RARBG is a popular torrent site that allows users to download movies, TV shows, music, software, and games. This Cpasbien alternative has a simple and clean interface that’s easy to use and navigate. All the content is categorized into different types on the homepage. You can find the desired torrent file by going through each content type. In addition, if you’re searching for the latest release content, you can easily find it in the Top 10 Torrent category. Since the website contains torrent links that can download copyrighted content so, the website is blocked in some regions. Using a trusted VPN provider while using this site is advisable to prevent copyright infringements and download torrents safely.

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How To Use The Best Cpasbien Alternatives Safely?- Quick Steps 

The safest way to download torrents on your device is to use a torrenting VPN. It prevents all torrenting-related issues, like legal troubles, data leakages, and malware invasion, and increases digital privacy. Below are the step-by-step instructions to safely use the best Cpasbien alternatives: 

  1. Subscribe to the best torrent VPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device and complete the setup process. 
  3. Sign into your VPN account and connect to the P2P-optimized server.
  4. Download and install a reliable torrent client like qBitTorrent or uTorrent. 
  5. Visit any Cpasbien alternative site, search for the desired torrent file, and download it. 

Warning: Not all VPN providers are ideal for torrenting, so always use a trusted and tested VPN instead of trying a new name.

Dangers of Using Cpasbien Alternatives

Torrenting is not a safe activity within itself. The Cpasbien alternatives are not entirely safe. They come with some dangers that, if not known or addressed timely, can result in more issues. The following are some of the most prominent dangers of using the Cpasbien alternatives:

  • ISP can track your IP address and learn about your torrent activities. If you live in a country that follows strict torrenting rules, they can even fine you or involve the government to punish you. 
  • The copyright owners might filter out your IP address and send DMCA notices for downloading and sharing the copyrighted content. 
  • The hackers can inject malicious codes within the ads, and when you click on it, it downloads malicious software on your device, putting your device security at risk. 
  • Since there is no protection in the P2P swarm, your IP address is visible to everyone connected. Anyone can know about your online activities by tracking your IP address. 
  • ISP can even throttle your internet speed for consuming much bandwidth, resulting in slow downloading speed and spoiling your experience. 

Considering all these dangers, it’s crucial that while using Cpasbien alternatives, you must use security and privacy-boosting tools like a VPN. It offers end-to-end encryption that mitigates all these risks and ensures a safe and secure torrent downloading experience.

How To Access Cpasbien Alternatives From My Location?

Unsurprisingly, some of the Cpasbien alternative sites might be blocked within your region. This is because torrenting is never a risk-free business. However, if you’re a true Cpasbien fan, this might be pretty upsetting for not accessing the alternative websites. There can be multiple reasons for this, like

  • The ISPs, upon the government’s request, have blocked access to the site because they might distribute copyrighted content. 
  • Torrenting is banned within your region; hence all access to all such websites is restricted. 
  • The website might be temporarily down due to server overloading.

However, you can easily get around these issues and download your favorite content from any Cpasbien alternatives by using a reliable VPN. Connecting to a VPN changes your geographic location by connecting you to a server of your choice. This way, your traffic appears to come from that location instead of the original one, and you can easily bypass the restrictions. 

By faking your location, a VPN also changes your IP address and ensures that all your online activities remain private and untrackable. Hence, if you cannot access any Cpasbien alternative, connect to a VPN and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free downloading experience. 

Can I Identify Fake Torrent Sites?

Several torrent sites claim to offer a safe downloading experience; however, they don’t. Most of them are fake; if you use them, they can risk your digital privacy. Thus, spotting fake torrent sites might save you from all these. Identifying fake torrent sites might seem tough, but the telltale signs might help you. Here are some signs you must look into a torrent site before using it:

  • Check for the numbers of seeders and leechers. A reliable torrent site will always have a decent ratio of seeders and leechers, which ensures fast downloading. 
  • Some torrent websites use a verification mark alongside the torrent files, which indicates that these links are verified by the website administrator and are reliable for downloading. 
  • Do check for the relevant torrent file details. The website providing file information like its upload date, age, file size, and seeders and leechers ratio is safe to use. 
  • If the website consists of WMV and WWA files, consider them fake and avoid downloading them. 
  • Many torrent websites include single RAR archived files you must open and extract from the archive. Such files mostly contain malware, and hence this indicates it’s fake. 
  • Always go through other users’ comments on the torrent files. Most reliable websites offer this feature which helps other users determine the relevancy and credibility of the file.

Besides all the key points mentioned above, it’s necessary to use your common sense, and if you sense anything suspicious about the torrent site, stop using it immediately. 

What Happens If You Get Caught Accessing The Cpasbien Site?

There’s nothing wrong with accessing a torrent site, but if it’s against your country’s law or you use it to do something illegal, then it is. Thus, it’s possible that the ISP, copyright trolls, and government surveillance agencies can track your IP address and catch you accessing the Cpasbien site. Here are the following scenarios that can happen if you get caught while using the Cpasbien site:

  • Your ISP might send you letters warning you about your activities and notifying you that strict action might be taken against you if you don’t stop. 
  • The copyright owners might request the ISP to provide your IP address and other details so they can send you DMCA notices for violating copyright laws. 
  • The government might penalize you, or in extreme cases, you might end up in jail for downloading and sharing copyrighted content.
  • The ISP might start throttling your connection to prevent you from engaging in such activity. 

Hence, connect to a VPN before accessing Cpasbien or any other torrent-downloading website. 

Why Do I Need A VPN For Torrenting?

There is nothing illegal about torrenting, but since most content downloaded via torrenting is illegal and copyrighted, this is where the issue arises. Even if you are not downloading something illegal, you will always be under the radar of ISPs and government surveillance agencies. They might even track your activities for this purpose without your consent. This violates an individual’s right to digital privacy hence use the best VPN for torrenting to protect yourself. 

Using a VPN is necessary if you are a regular torrent downloader. It keeps your identity and activities anonymous without compromising security or privacy standards. Here are the reasons why using a VPN is essential during torrenting: 

  • A VPN connects you to P2P-optimized servers. These servers are designed to ensure a fast downloading experience and prevent ISP from throttling your connection. 
  • A trusted torrent VPN offers torrent-centric features like split tunneling and a kill switch that further boosts your privacy. 
  • They follow a strict zero-log policy under which they don’t log or share your data with anyone; hence, your torrent-related activities remain private to you. 
  • A VPN’s strong and uncrackable encryption prevents ISP, copyright trolls, or hackers from viewing your torrent traffic and makes it difficult for them to identify your activities. 
  • A few VPN providers now offer a built-in ad-blocker feature that blocks all intrusive ads and ensures you can enjoy an ad-free downloading experience. 
  • You can even use the VPN’s dedicated IP address feature to add more privacy to your downloading experience. This feature is more helpful to users who reside in authoritarian countries or where torrenting is banned. 

By now, you might have a clearer understanding of how necessary a VPN is during torrenting. So, use VPN and enjoy all its perks while torrenting. 

Final Thoughts,

Unfortunately, Cpasbien is also among those popular torrent downloading sites that have been shut down over piracy concerns. This has left the loyal Cpasbien fans in great disappointment. However, the good news is that they can now use the Cpasbien alternatives and enjoy their favorite french content within a few minutes. Fortunately, some good alternatives still exist, allowing you to download a range of french TV shows, movies, music, and much more, regardless of location. However, for an improved and secure downloading experience, installing a trusted torrent VPN is better. 


Which is the best Cpasbien alternative?

ZeTorrent, QC Torrent, MonTorrent, and GK Torrent are some of the best Cpasbien alternatives that you can consider using. Besides this, you can choose from some reliable best torrent sites and download the desired content. 

Is Cpasbien safe to use?

Cpasbien was the most famous french torrent website. It has an extensive content library that includes a variety of content that caters to all your entertainment needs. However, the website went offline over copyright issues. Since then, many of its mirror and proxy sites still exist on the internet but are unsafe to use. Most of these sites are created by hackers to fool you and target you with phishing or malware attacks. Besides this, the mirror sites can go offline anytime without any notice, so it’s better not to use them. 

Is Cpasbien still working?

The original Cpasbien was shut down a few years back. However, according to recent news, the website has got a new name and function from another URL. The website is now known as Oxtorrent which holds an impressive french content library in different categories and genres. However, due to the high risk of downloading copyrighted content, it’s advisable to download a VPN provider in the first place. 

Are there any risks of using Cpasbien alternatives?

No matter whichever torrent downloading site you choose, it will bring dangers, and the same goes while using Cpasbien alternatives. The sites always pose the risk of downloading copyrighted content which might lead to legal troubles if the ISP or copyright trolls catch you. Also, the hackers might trick you into downloading malware and viruses on your device. The ISP can even throttle your connection and send you warning letters and notices for your activities. Therefore, it’s advisable never to use these alternative sites without using any safety tools. A quality VPN provider is the best tool to protect yourself while accessing Cpasbien alternatives. 

How does a VPN protect you during torrenting?

A VPN is the most effective tool to use while downloading torrents. It encrypts the data traffic and hides the IP address making the torrent-related activities private from all snooping eyes. In addition, a VPN offers a wide range of security and privacy-focused features like IP leak protection, kill switch, dedicated IP address, and split tunneling that guarantees maximum online protection during torrenting. 

Which is the best VPN for accessing Cpasbien alternatives?

Many VPN providers are out there on the web, but when it comes to torrenting, it’s better to stick to the trusted and tested ones. After testing several VPN providers, NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and Surfshark VPN are the best for accessing Cpasbien alternatives and downloading your favorite content. These VPN providers include torrent-specific features that are necessary during torrenting. In addition, they offer fast downloading speed and follow a no-log policy, ensuring a smooth and safe downloading experience.