7 Best Free CouchTuner Alternatives – Tested and Updated

CouchTuner alternatives

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If you are a lover of movies and TV series and strive to watch media content for free, as soon as it is released, then you must’ve already been acquainted with CouchTuner. However, here’s a short rundown for those of you who aren’t.

CouchTuner is a free streaming website that allows access to a large variety of movies and series. It offers a user-friendly interface and allows you to stream media content from third-party servers. One of its various perks is that it doesn’t require you to indulge in lengthy registration procedures, account setup, and providing personal information.

You might be wondering if it has such perks, why would we provide you with alternatives to CouchTuner? Here’s the catch, just because it doesn’t have access to your credentials doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe to use. On the contrary, there are chances of you getting into trouble for using CouchTuner without security measures.

Here is a quick overview of some of the best safe alternatives to CouchTuner:

Name Website Features
User-friendly interface and organized categorization
PrimeWireprimewire.es www
Superior streaming as well as downloading features
Tubitubitv.comThe project partnered with a number of leading names in the industry, guaranteeing its efficacy
Popcornflixpopcornflix.comMultiple platforms to cater to the preferences of a wider audience
WatchSeriesHDwatchserieshd.ruSuperior high definition media content
Netflixwww.netflix.comAd-free streaming with original shows and movies
Amazon Prime Videowww.primevideo.comMore than 100 premium channels that you can subscribe to

CouchTuner is undoubtedly a front-runner amongst several websites when it comes to binge-streaming. However, its history with legal issues and privacy threats is too big of a warning to avoid.

Why Do You Need CouchTuner Alternatives? Is CouchTuner Safe?

The primary concern in the contemporary era is digital security and anonymity. CouchTuner invalidates these aspects by shifting the liability of streaming unlicensed content on the users. Due to this, it is necessary for you to opt for safer alternatives so that you can stream your preferred content in a more secure manner.

CouchTuner does not qualify as a safe website due to the following reasons:

  •  It hosts pirated content that has not been scanned for viruses or malware.
  •  In addition, the site includes an excessive amount of pop-up advertisements. 
  • It is highly possible that these advertisements and the third-party websites to which they direct users may consist of harmful code. 
  • The transmission of computer viruses also takes place through these advertisements. 

Considering the adverse outcomes of using CouchTuner, shifting to other alternatives with much better security plans is advisable.

Moreover, since CouchTuner’s original domain already got taken down once, all that is left now are several subdomains that are not as effective as the original. These subdomains are also constantly under government surveillance, which is why they keep changing. It is much more convenient for you to use alternatives to CouchTuner for undisturbed streaming. 

Nevertheless, even if you still want to use CouchTuner, you should still be equipped with alternatives that may come in handy to you any time you face any sort of issue.

How to Watch CouchTuner Safely

CouchTuner’s terms of service clearly indicate that users are entirely responsible for streaming pirated content. So, to prevent any legal issues, you must take specific security precautions. These are:

Antivirus software: Install the latest antivirus software and ensure that it remains active and updated with the most advanced features. In addition, you should also install firewall software on your device to prevent automatic downloads.

Browser sandboxing: This is another excellent security precaution to operate your web browser in a secure and segregated sandbox environment. In this secure, isolated environment, even if CouchTuner advertisements lead to a virus, sandboxing prevents the infection from spreading to the rest of your device.

Use VPN: VPNs are generally suitable for streaming content as they help you avoid ISP throttling. However, for CouchTuner, you can also utilize a VPN to hide your identity and activity from government surveillance. VPNs are therefore the ideal weapon against digital monitoring, guaranteeing anonymity while improving streaming.

Here are some of the most effective VPNs for streaming on CouchTuner:

  • ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN’s strongest suit is its powerful VPN protocols that not only prevent others from snooping in your online activity but also allow you to run your movies and shows without lagging.
  • NordVPN: NordVPN’s strongest suit is its unmatchable speed and ability to circumvent all sorts of restrictions and limitations.
  • CyberGhost VPN: The primary emphasis of CyberGhost is to restrict viruses and advertisements in order to provide you a secure and undisturbed streaming experience.
  • IPVanish VPN: IPVanish VPN’s strongest suit is its 256-bit encryption as well as privacy protocols that make it the most secure VPNs for CouchTuner.
  • VyprVPN: VyprVPN has its own servers; hence, it prevents third parties from monitoring your online streaming activity.

Using any of these VPNs can help you stream in a safe environment.

7 Best CouchTuner Alternatives

We hope you are now aware of the importance of safety while streaming on CouchTuner, with the necessary precautions that we just mentioned. But what if we told you that there are safer alternatives that wouldn’t require you to go through such long procedures to prevent malware? Instead, you can just install a VPN and use the following alternatives to CouchTuner in order to avoid ISP throttling.

1. Soap2day

Soap2day offers a wide selection of TV programs as well as a wide variety of classic and modern movies for you to explore. Much like CouchTuner, it does not store any content on its server. Instead, all of the media is provided by third-party contributors.

Soap2day offers the following features:

  • The interface is easy to use, owing to a decent search feature and a well-organized category layout.
  • There are no hindrances such as excessive pop-up advertisements or membership while using Soap2day.
  • Displays a separate categories for trending content, most-watched content, and highest-rated content.
  • It is one of the very few websites that provide access to the most recent movies and TV shows, enabling you to watch your favorite media content as soon as it is released.
  • It provides you with the ability to download media content and even makes requests for shows that aren’t already available on the website.
  • You can access Soap2day via a number of proxy sites, which means you have alternate options ready if one domain doesn’t work.
  • It offers high-definition movies and television programs.
  • You can even contact the website owners by their official email address given on the website.
  • There is FAQ support on the website for your queries.

Just like CouchTuner, Soap2day’s original domain has also been blocked due to violating copyright laws. It currently operates on subdomains as well. Hence, a safer alternative would be that you use Soap2day with a VPN for a more secure and enhanced streaming experience. 

2. PrimeWire

PrimeWire hosts dozens of movies and television shows, which you might have to pay for on other websites, absolutely free of cost for the purpose of streaming. It allows you to access media without creating an account.

PrimeWire’s features are as follows:

  • It allows you to stream high-definition movies and television programs without any sort of registration or subscription fee. 
  • Users can get premium media content and membership, but the decision to do so is entirely up to the user.
  • It offers material from all around the globe and does not restrict access to it based on your geographical location.
  • You can instantly watch movies or TV shows on PrimeWire as soon as they are released.
  • The site’s UI is comprehensive and simple to navigate.
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of material you may watch or download.
  • Moreover, it has excellent content filters, such as the most recently added, most-watched, release year, rating, genre, location, subtitles, and so on.

Despite its prominent advantages as compared to CouchTuner, PrimeWire holds some of the same disadvantages as CouchTuner. The content on PrimeWire is not legal as well; hence, you will need to take such extra precautionary measures while using it.

3. Tubi

Although Tubi’s library consists of a limited amount of movies and series, it is convenient as it offers free services. However, it does require you to create an account. Tubi is suitable for you if you are a lover of classics, as most of the content available there is relatively old. 

Its features are as follows: 

  • Tubi is accessible as an application on most of its compatible streaming devices.
  • It enables you to set up parental restrictions to keep an eye on the children’s activity in your house.
  • Various streaming devices such as Xbox, PlayStation, AppleTV, Chromecast, FireTV, as well as Roku support it.
  • It requires non-American viewers to connect via a VPN.
  • It has developed partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious studios, including MGM, Starz, Paramount Picture, Lionsgate, and others.
  • Tubi does play ads before and after your movies; however, unlike sites like Hulu that offer 3-minute advertisements, Tubi only asks you to sit through around 15 to 20 seconds of ads.
  • It consists of a “Not on Netflix” category that allows you to stream good shows or movies that you can not even find on Netflix.
  • Tubi is accessible in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, it plans to expand into other areas in the future years.

Tubi is another great alternative to CouchTuner that supersedes all its features. However, you should be cautious while using it as it consists of setbacks just like any other free streaming service. To avoid such setbacks, it is preferable that you use a VPN to maintain your security.

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a perfect alternative to CouchTuner because of the compact and organized structure of the website. It is also one of the most inclusive free websites that cater to a wider audience. It offers you a wide range of movies, television shows, musicals, documentaries, and other entertainment content. 

Its features are as follows:

  • It is a streaming program that works across many platforms.
  • Popcornflix offers you stunningly beautiful cinematography effects and possesses a seamless navigation mechanism.
  • It also comes with a separate application that you can download on both Android and iOS devices.
  • It doesn’t require you to register yourself; hence, you can instantly view your favorite movies and shows without any lengthy procedures.
  • It offers a diverse range of movies and series genres for you to select from according to your mood.
  • There is also a category for viral videos included in the library. You may view hilarious, silly, and uplifting clips of pets as well as people as an added bonus.
  • It has two additional platforms that expand its reach to a wider audience. These platforms include Popcornflixkids and FrightFlix for children and horror shows, respectively.
  • You will have no trouble finding your favorite items since everything is organized and accessible via simple navigation options.

Popcornflix is one of the leading names when it comes to free streaming; however, it does come with its fair share of drawbacks. In order to mitigate these issues, you should access it with an active VPN that will help you stay safe as well as provide HD speeds while streaming.

5. WatchSeriesHD

WatchSeriesHD, as its name suggests, is bound to offer you high-quality videos. It requires you to create an account to avail its full services. It is one of the top-most contenders in the streaming race. For all of you movie and television series fans out there, WatchSeriesHD is a must-have.

  • It offers a whole new video viewing experience that includes limitless high-quality downloads.
  • In addition to offering free services, WatchSeriesHD also does not display advertisements, which is basically every free binge streamer’s dream.
  • It offers a neat categorization of movies which makes it easier for you to locate your desired content.
  • You may subscribe to your preferred broadcasts in order to never miss a single episode.
  • It also includes Asian media content and anime that you may view in your leisure time without feeling confined.
  • Using the suggestion system on this website, you will have a more delightful experience.
  • There is no need to register; just search for your preferred movies or shows and start watching them instantly.
  • There are many categories to select from, and the material is accessible in a variety of languages.
  • It offers several server links in order to stream media, so if one connection does not work, you may use one of the other links that are accessible to view that video.

WatchSeriesHD’s advantages greatly surpass its disadvantages. However, one can never be too safe, which is why it is preferable for you to opt for security measures, such as installing a VPN for streaming.

6. Netflix

Now, on to some premium streaming services that will definitely offer you your money’s worth. You might have heard of Netflix, even if you have never accessed the streaming service. Netflix is one of the leading premium streaming services with media content in a wide range of languages and genres. Its popularity reaches the extent that it offers its own merchandise for users. 

Some of its features are as follows:

  • Netflix usually comes pre-installed in most smart TVs, and its application is available on Play Store/App Store to download as well.
  • It is completely free of advertisements; hence, you are sure to have a smooth streaming experience.
  • One of the most significant perks of Netflix is that it launches several popular shows that are only limited to its own platform. These are called the Netflix Originals.
  • It provides pocket-friendly subscription plans from which you can choose the most feasible one for yourself.
  • Netflix offers simultaneous viewing, allowing multiple people to share a subscription.
  • You can download content on Netflix and watch it even without an internet connection.
  • It is often referred to as the most flexible streaming choice due to the fact that it is compatible with almost every device.

Netflix is truly every binge streamer’s dream website; however, certain aspects of it have a negative impact on its overall reputation. For instance, Netflix offers content based on your geographical location. It is possible that a user in the United States can access the movies that are blocked for a user in the United Kingdom. To eradicate geographical restrictions on Netflix, you will require a premium VPN that unblocks geo-restricted content for you and also prevents ISP throttling.

7. Amazon Prime Video

One of the most popular streaming services, Amazon Prime Video offers a diverse range of media content for you to choose from according to your mood. Amazon Prime Video users may subscribe to more than 100 channels, including HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, CBS All Access, Cinemax, and others. It allows you to only pay a subscription fee for the channels you wish to watch, and you can also cancel your subscription at any moment.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • You can avail all of Amazon Prime’s features once you get a membership, along with its streaming service.
  • A few ad-supported programs are also available for free streaming on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Amazon Prime Video also offers original content that you can not access anywhere.
  • It offers you the opportunity to rent movies if you are not interested in purchasing the Amazon Prime Video membership.
  • Allows users to integrate other channel subscriptions into Amazon Prime Video, such as HBO or Starz.
  • You have the option of streaming on a maximum of three screens at once and creating up to six different user accounts on a single membership.
  • You and your family members can even watch the same content on two separate screens.
  • The platforms allows you to download your preferred movies or series for offline use.
  • It is compatible with a number of streaming platforms, especially with Amazon’s own gadgets, such as the Echo Show and Fire TV devices.
  • It includes 4K ultra HD resolution, HDR, and a separate application that you can easily download from Play Store.

For an uninterrupted streaming experience, stream content on Amazon Prime Video with an active VPN to avoid ISP throttling and geo-restrictions.

What Makes CouchTuner Illegal

CouchTuner does not provide legal video streaming services. The site’s proprietors have failed to acquire the mandatory copyright licenses in order to broadcast movies and series lawfully. Every single media content accessible on the website has been pirated.

Consequently, in many parts of the world, the rules governing copyright and pirated media are still ambiguous. Therefore, individual organizations and governments find it challenging to conduct legal proceedings against websites such as CouchTuner. However, it is uncommon for an online user who views pirated movies to be subjected to legal repercussions.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that it is considered illegal to download or host copyrighted content without obtaining permission to do so. Given that Couchtuner does not store media on its servers and instead embeds links from third-party sites, it is able to detach itself from severe legal repercussions.

Final Words

In a world where everything’s monetary value judges its worth, it is certainly pleasant to access your favorite movies or shows for free on CouchTuner. However, in order to provide you with free access, it overlooks a considerable chunk of security concerns that can lead to severe harm.

By using the above-mentioned CouchTuner alternatives, you can have entertainment at your fingertips at all times. All of these websites offer a smooth combination of safety and streaming experience.  It will never be a hassle for you to catch up on your preferred movies or series since each of these websites consists of a plethora of content to choose from.